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Ugh, off and on contractions all evenign long yesterday. don't get me wrong, definitely not complaining - but it really slowed me down as dh and I were trying to carry in the babe's dresser and hang closet doors!

Anyone else?
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I've been having contractions for a few days now. They are definitely getting more uncomfortable, but not any closer together or more regular. I am not ready yet!!!
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I've only been having the painless kind of contractions, but I can certainly feel them. Mostly after working out or cleaining/moving furniture in the house.
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I have been having tons of prodromal labor for the last week. Lots of low cramping as well, hopefully this is all doing good things to my cervix so labor will be fast!! My poor family is suffering though as it makes me grumpy!

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I've been having them too. Nothing regular, just annoying me. I'm 36 wks so I'm ready to go. I'd rather be cuddling my baby!
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I was having some painful contractions, so I stopped doing pretty much everything! Well, okay, I guess I still do a lot, but I stopped doing anything heavy. I have quite a few contractions, but not anything that I'm concerned about yet. This baby has to stay in until August 3! My SIL is flying out here on August 1 to take our pregnancy pictures!
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I have been having contractions too nothing regular, but they are slightly painful, like cramps, but just in my belly no wear else....i have 3 weeks left and i'm ready when he is LOL
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I haven't recognized any contractions, but after a load of walking on a hot day, I have had what felt like pre-period cramps. So weird to feel cramps after 9 months without a single one! But with hands on my belly, I didn't feel anything from the outside, like tensing or anything. So I just hunker down with some water and a popsicle and put my feet up. Which seems to work.
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