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What kind of baby clothes do I need?

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What do I need to have? We don't know what we are having, and I plan on borrowing lots of clothes from friends. We live in Colorado and usually have pretty mild winters. Right now I have some of those dress looking things that seem great, we are CDing and BFing. How many onesies do I need? Long and shrot sleeved?

What did your newborn mostly wear in the beginning?
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HONESTLY?!?! With your first baby only buy 3-6 onsies, 3 light sleepers, 1 heavy sleeper/sack and 1 or 2 outfits that you REALLY MUST HAVE! It seems that everyone you know will give you some outfits and onsies and a few sleepers. If you haven't purchased Cloth Diapers... that is where you should spend your money... especially the covers!
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Yeah, I don't think I had to buy any clothes... My boy was even a preemie and I got people giving me preemie clothes right after the birth, plus newborn clothes. He was set! I finally had to buy stuff in 3-6 month size. And I had to take alot of preemie clothes back, since I was given so much (he was 2.5 months early, so wore preemie clothes for about 2 months).

But as far as what clothes you'll want to make sure you have (given to you or purchased), definitely onesies onesies onesies. And sleepers. I loved sleepers. A good quality sleep sack is really nice too.
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My daughter was born in June in TX. She stayed in sleepers almost 100% of the time. She was so cold all the time and just loved being super hot. I hate onesies. Hate them. I had maybe 5 for her and hardly used them ever. I've got maybe 2 each for the new babies. I also hate pant/shirt sets and dresses. I loved rompers and sleepers. That's all I ever put her in. I didn't use any clothing that anyone got me, sold it all. I don't like the sleep sacks, buntings, or gowns either. Couldn't stand them.

I guess I'm not much help, huh? I personally would just get lots of beanie style hats and sleepers.
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DD was born in Jan in CO, she also just wore sleepers. They were so much easier then pants and shirts, and she was cold so I always had her in a sleeper and a blanket.
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My DD was born in July in CT. She wore onesies and socks for the first 3 months. I would say forget the hats until you know how big their head is. My DD had such a large head at birth that NONE of them fit at all. Not even the stretchy one they put on her at the hospital. Now DH won't let me buy any even thought we are having fall babies. He wants to measure their heads first.
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My DS was probably just a weird baby, but he was born in June in AL, 2.5 months premature (read: very little fat), and he was always HOT during the winter!!! That's why we needed onesies in winter. Going to church, I sometimes had to change him into a onesie while there, then put him back in a sleeper to go outside and get in the car. He'd be SCREAMING from overheating in a sleeper, even a thin one! And I couldn't use blankets on him during the summer at all. I see newborn babies wrapped in blankets here at this time of year, and I'm just amazed because my son couldn't do that! Weird, huh? He never did get much fat on him during that time either. He was always preemie skinny. Finally got to 7 lbs around his Sept due date.

Oh, and one thing I forget in an earlier post... Do NOT get anything that fastens in the back. That's a royal pain. Sleepers that snap all the way up from foot to neck are the easiest, IMO. Some people like zippers too. The only ones I had, I didn't really like, but it's probably just one of those personal preference things like everything else!
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Hmm...well...for me personally...
4-6 sleepers (I love Hanna Andersson zippers...check on Ebay for used ones)
6 undershirts or onesies (Carter's are awesome & affordable)
2-4 hats (the Hanna Andersson or Under the Nile pilot caps are my favorite)
6 pairs of sox (Gap does some nice ones...the usually come in a pack of 2)
2-3 sleep sacks or nightgowns (really helpful for quick midnight diaper changes)
3-6 long sleeved shirts or kimonos (Under the Nile are awesome...Gerber are affordable)
1-2 cardigans (that button all the way down the front)
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I'm putting in a plug for Zutano clothes. They are my favorite leggings for putting over CD's and I REALLY like their cozy line of fleece clothes for fall and winter. I already have 2 pairs of overalls, 2 cardigans, and 2 hats on order for the boys. If you like great prints and vibrant colors rather than icky baby pastle everything check the out. BTW they last FOREVER and wash better than most clothes I have bought for DD.
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