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Introducing Jaxon Zachariah

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Born yesterday, 7-18-06, after a fast and furious 2 hour labor!

My water broke at 8:30. At first I didn't know what that "pop" was. I was laying in bed checking email when I felt it but nothing leaked out. Then the more I thought about it the more I wondered if my water had broken. I stood up and thats when I started leaking. I had put towels on my bed a couple of weeks ago in case that happened so I grabbed one of them and put it between my legs and went to the toilet.

I called my midwife and told her and she said to call her when the ctx started. I got my kids up and told them I needed their help so the older two got the younger two breakfast and I started making phone calls. The ctx started up about 9:00 but were manageable. The kids helped me get my room set up and we started filling the birth pool with water. I called my midwife about 9:30 with ctx 4-5 min apart. Dh got here about 9:50, sil (took pics) got here about the same time, midwife showed up about 10:00. Birth tub was finally ready just after that and I was really needing it at this point! Ctx were getting really intense but I still felt chatty between. I think about 10:40 I hit transition but then I got a nice lull after that. My midwife suspected I had a bit of a lip so she had me lift up my uterus on the next ctx. That did the trick and the next ctx was super intense and I could feel him moving down. The next ctx I was pushing, I pushed twice, once for his head and once for his body. He was born at about 10:57. His cord was wrapped twice around his next so we slipped those off (my cord was super long, even my midwife was surprised) and he took his first breath soon after that.

Stats: 37.3 weeks, 8 lbs 11 oz, 21 1/4 inch long. Yep, big baby and I felt every ounce of it! LOL

He is now over 24 hours old, nursing great and sleeping well. Mom is doing great except for a few minor tears. I will post pics as soon as I can.
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Wow, mama!!!! Congratulations!! What an amazing story and such a quick labor. I'm so glad everything went well and that you and Jaxon are doing great. I love his name. Neat spelling.

Yay for you and your family!

Welcome to the world, Jaxon!
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Wow, I hope my labor goes that smoothly. Sounds like you and Jaxon did awesome. Congrats to you and your family.
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YIPPEEE!!!! congrats!
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Congratulations!! Please post pics as soon as you feel up to it!
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Yay!! Congratulations!
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congrats mama! Love his name!
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Congrats momma! What a great birth you had! Welcome to the world Jaxon!!
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Wow, cool, can't believe there are BABIES being born up in here already!

Congratulations and welcome, Jaxson!
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Congratulations to you Momma and welcome Jaxson! Sounds wonderful!
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Wow, congrats to you and welcome baby Jaxson!
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Welcome to the world Jaxson! Thanks for sharing your birth story with us. I can't believe we are getting so close~
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congratulations! and welcome to the world jaxson!!
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That's awesome! Congratulations. My computer crashed last week - I just knew there must be babies being born! Cool, cool, cool. I can't wait to see pictures!
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Wow - what a fast labor. So exciting to have all of your family there with you. Congratulations mama!
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congrats momma and WELCOME JAXON!!! What a big boy!!! We're so proud of you
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Happy Birthday Jaxon!! Congrats mama!
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Yay! Congratulations! What an inspiring story!!

I still can't believe it... : Our girls are ready to birth these babes!
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