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7/18 Welcome Back! Weekly check in thread.

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Hello May Mamas. It's good to be back up! How is everyone doing? I missed you all.
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Yay! Glad everything is back! We're doing well, I have a biter on my hands, ouch! I think it's too early for teething, don't you think? But she is CONSTANTLY sucking on her hands, and chewing!
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So happy to be back!!!

Glad to have the yahoo group to chat with y'all but I find those msgs a little hard to follow, and more importantly, I miss my smilies!
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Hi, everyone! Where is this yahoo group? I missed it.

My babe is gorgeous and wonderful and I am so in love. Things are slowly adjusting with dd1. She's a really exhuberant child and I've just decided to let her be who she is with this baby. Gentle is just not something she does and if the baby isn't upset, then we need to keep our mouths shut. We were making her feel really insecure.

My only issues...I'm still really sore. My pubic bone hurts. I have virtually no core strength because of my diastasis (about 2 fingers). I really think my muscles tore above my naval. I heard a few pops at about 8 months and thought it was my water. I'm doing what I can with exercises. I got Lose Your Mummy Tummy and I think it's great, but I'm pretty sure there is some surgery in my future. Not to be vain, but just to get to where I can hold myself up again.

Though, speaking of vain, some idiot woman at the hair salon said to me, eyeing my belly, "Your baby is seven weeks old, and you're pregnant again?" It was such a stupid thing to say I just decided to not feel bad about it. But deciding and actually doing are two different things. *sigh*
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Sydnee - I think they must be able to feel the teeth starting to form long before the official "teething time' b/c I have the same thing going on. she's always chewing on her hands and drooling like mad. I thought I'd just see what the doc says about that issue tomorrow. Mine's 9 weeks, I don't remember how old yours is.

dharmama - I agree with you about yahoo... I turned it on to show each topic as a thread, but damn is it hard to figure out who posted what when!!! are we going to get kicked off of here though?

KatSG - the description of the 'pop' made me cringe. that's gotta be hard when you have a babe to pick up all the time! I hope things start to feel better for you. oh, and that woman's comment must have been one of those things where it comes out, and you just hadn't put quite enough thought into it and you just can't take that back. how dumb.

as for us, things are good. nights are good, she's always doing at least a 5 hour stretch, and it's really funny, she's fallen asleep for the night at 10pm EXACTLY 3 nights in a row. LOL talk about your biological clock!!

does anyone actually have a nap "routine" during the day? someone asked me when she takes naps, and it's sort of (but not totally) random IMO. also, all that take about AF coming back made me think about how often I nurse her. during the day she really only wants to eat about every 3-3.5 hours. she'll eat a couple of times in the evenings, then nurses to sleep. wonder if that's enough to keep AF away?
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Kat ~ I started a yahoo group last week before the server went down. it's here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MDC_May_Mamas/
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Originally Posted by KatSG
Though, speaking of vain, some idiot woman at the hair salon said to me, eyeing my belly, "Your baby is seven weeks old, and you're pregnant again?" It was such a stupid thing to say I just decided to not feel bad about it. But deciding and actually doing are two different things. *sigh*
Why why why do people feel compelled to make comments like this? :

In the "people are idiots" category...dd is chunking out nicely. She was 6.4 at birth and got weighed at the ped's at 10.6 (exactly 8 weeks old). She's got those nice chunky baby legs now. So some woman stops me yesterday when I'm out with her, and says, "Oh, she's so little! She must be just two or three days old!" She was sitting up, wide-eyed, totally alert...definitely not a newborn! When I said she was 8 weeks, the woman looked very concerned and went on and on about how tiny she was. Of course, today someone stopped me and said, "8 weeks? Wow, she's so big!" : you can't win.

BambooMama...my little one's naps are completely random (if she naps at all!). Her night pattern is a little more predictable. I think they get more into a regular napping pattern when they're a bit older...unless you're "scheduling" them, of course.
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Yay, I finally got in! Hubby needs the 'puter, BBL...
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Though, speaking of vain, some idiot woman at the hair salon said to me, eyeing my belly, "Your baby is seven weeks old, and you're pregnant again?" It was such a stupid thing to say I just decided to not feel bad about it. But deciding and actually doing are two different things. *sigh*
that is just : and rude.

when i was in the hospital the man who brought my meal, who clearly had special needs, asked me when my next baby was due (i was holding ds). i just smiled and explained that my belly was still big from where the baby was and he looked embarassed.

oh and then a couple of weeks later dh and i went contra dancing and two women asked me when i was due. i just smiled and pointed to ds sleeping nearby in his carseat.

and when dd was about 6 weeks old we went out to eat. my mom held dd while i ran into the bathroom. there was a long line and a woman told me to go ahead of her because "i know how it is when you are pregnant." i said thanks and went ahead because i really had to go badly but once i got in the stall i totally

i totally can understand why someone might think a newly post-partum woman is pregnant, especially if they see you w/out your babe...hips are wider...full breasts...poochy belly etc. but to say it when they know you have a newborn.

that's just stupid. and rude.
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Hi mamas!

Nap routine... Dree seems to be slowly working herself into somewhat of a routine, she seems to go down for a longer afternoon nap and seems to fall asleep around 10:00 every night and doesn't wake to nurse until 1-2am (the only reason I know what time it is, is because I stayed up way late several nights in the last two weeks).

I can't believe the comments about postpartum moms. Yikes! Some days I swear I look great (though more padded than I was before as I went from a 10 to a 14) and other days my belly really hangs out. I've been trying to remember to hold my tummy in, but you know how that goes.

I can't seem to make myself do the exercises in the Mummy Tummy book.
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hey mamas..

ah..the old when are due comment..i was still getting asked that when ds#1 was 18 months old...i learned just to smile and point at him..

things are going great...judah went to the dr..he is now almost 12lbs..and my ped. gave me no problem with not vaxing...can't wait to see what wic says...

my dr DID however argue with me that cloth diapers didn't make envirmental sense in our area sense we have so many old coal mines to use as landfills...:

bf'ing is going strong except he will only take my left boob at night..totally refuses the right one..kinda strange...
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Well, things here are pretty good.. Grant's 2 mnth check-up went well last week. He was 14 lbs. 4.5 oz and 25" long! EEKS!

Here's one for ya though (I've x-posted this is life with a babe too):

For the last week or so Grant has been seriously trying to eat his hands! Any idea how to ascertain whether it may be early teething pain or him just trying to satisfy an oral fixation? If it were to be teething, how early are Hyland's teething tablets allowed?

I feel so bad for the dude! At times he looks like he's just getting such a high from sucking, biting, etc. on his closed fist. But then with all the slober and such, he goes for his mouth with such vigor sometimes that the slipperiness (is that even a word?) of the slober causes him to slip out of his mouth and punch himself in the nose. So much for the enjoyment huh?

Anyone else's older dc acting out since the new babies arrival? It's either that or my dd is bi-polar. Angel vs. Damien!! I'm hoping it's multiple personalities since I'm so tempted to take Damien out at the knees these days! (Please know I'm only kidding and just venting!) LOL
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Originally Posted by dharmama
So happy to be back!!!

Glad to have the yahoo group to chat with y'all but I find those msgs a little hard to follow, and more importantly, I miss my smilies!

Ouch Kat! I know you'll feel so much better when you get your core strength back. My pelvis still hurts sometimes and when it does eek! : What a thoughtless comment. People are so nutty. : Don't let their ridiculousness bother you.

BambooMama DS doesn't really have a nap routine per se. He's up for a couple of hours then down for a couple of hours. Times vary day to day.

Amanda everytime I tell someone how old DS is they get this look of incredulity on their face like I've been feeding him steak and potatoes all day everday or something. I've definitely seen chunkier babes and we're trying to catch up! He's so long I guess it throws people off. People are weird.

Erin I remember you telling the contra dancing story. I'll bet those ladies are still embarrassed when they think about how tasty their feet were.

*andflipping* what a weird thing for your ped to say about CD. That doesn't even make sense.

Momto1 Sayon's doing the same thing. Sure makes those fists look tasty.

So if you guys have been keeping up with our diaper rash saga I think I may have figured out what's going on. I think Sayon's a bit sensitive to dairy. Not really allergic I don't think. I've never seen blood in his stools or anything like that. But it seems like when I have it his rump flares up. A few hours before this last rash came raging on I'd had some pizza and DH and I shared some chocolate mousse cake. : I'm doing an elimination diet and we'll see what happens. His butt is looking better today but we'll see how it goes.

Also, I decided to go to the ped to meet with him and everything just so I know what all I'm dealing with if this person is to be his ped for a minute. I'm going to flat out tell him no vaxes, not up for discussion, sorry (well, I'm not really sorry : ). But I do have a list of questions to ask him about why he feels vax are needed, etc. I'm also going to see if he'll give me the package inserts to the vax. I feel like I need to know something about this person, what kind of vibes I'm getting and everything, even though we hope to never have a serious enough problem to warrent a trip to the ped.

I'll be so glad when we can afford private insurance. Well, sort of. That's a whole different can of crazies. But at least we'd be able to really pick who we wanted to see instead of having the illusion of choice by having to pick from a random list.

I hope everyone is well!
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Sydnee, Phoebe is always sucking on her hands (or anything she can reach with her lips) and drooling like crazy! I've wondered if it's possible she's teething already too, but it sounds like something babies just do at this age.

Kat, I hope your body can get back to normal for you soon. At least you have a wonderful baby to distract you while you are waiting.

BambooMama, there's no clear pattern to naps here either. She sleeps when she's comfortable, I guess, snd that could be at any time of day depending on what we're all doing that day.

Amanda, that always amuses me how one person says she's small while another says she's big. And there is no clear consensus on who she looks like, either. But everyone always seems so confident in their opinions one way or the other.

I can't believe some of the rude comments some of you have gotten about your shape! People can really be stupid...

Speaking of stupid, filling old coal mines with sposiese is the stupidest reason I've heard yet for not using cloth, andiflipping.

mcb, I'm glad you are making progress with the rash. But I'm probably not as glad as Sayon!

We are having a lovely time. Last night I cried because I can't believe how amazing and wonderful these last 2 months have been. Phoebe is better than we ever imagined in every way. I love being her mother. I love waking up next to her every morning, when she beams at me like she's saying "Yay! You're here again!"

She's getting a little better at trying the bottle, she has an awesome nighttime skeeping pattern, and her butt has been rash-free for weeks. Her right tear duct appears to still be clogged and looked the worst ever today, but it doesn't seem to bother her and the other eye cleared up on its own, so we'll just wait and see.
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Sydnee-- we have a drooly hand-biter too! I was also wondering if it was teething (my mom told me I got my first 2 teeth at exactly 4 months) but it's starting to sound like it's an age thing since soooo many May babies are doing the same thing!

KatSG-- so sorry to hear about the pubic pain and the incredibly stupid and insensitive remark. People are soo stupid!

Bamboomama-- we don't have a schedule but we're starting to have a routine: he eats, plays for a while, fusses, then we rock until he sleeps. His naps last anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 hours, depending! Then he's up again, plays some more, fusses, eats, plays, fusses, sleeps.

NYCVeg-- I get the same thing with Geo. Some people think he's gigantic and some think he's tiny. :Shrug: People are weird.

Dharmama, UNBELIEVABLE! Those comments are out of control. I just don't get what goes through people's minds-- maybe nothing! To paraphrase Joey from Friends (guilty pleasure of mine: Friends on DVD) "If only I had something in my head that could control what I say...."

andiflipping: Whaaaaa?? that is one crazy rationalisation for sposies!

Momto1, glad to hear the weigh-in went well! Our next apt is August 1 and I'm curious to see how we're doing.

mamacatsbaby, sooooo glad to hear you're finding an answer to the rash problem! You sure have tried everything else-- hope the elimination diet works (not much fun for you, tho!). Keep us posted on how the ped visit goes, esp the vax issue.

ecoteat, glad to hear things are progressing well on the bottle front!

We're getting ready to go on vacation for a week (aack! a week without Mothering! What will I do????). Depending on what happens with the ILs we may end up cutting it short.

Geo is just getting cuter everyday. It took me awhile to really fall deeply in love with him-- the first 3-4 weeks were so, so, so hard. Now I can't imagine not having this gorgeous babe in my life! He's starting (since just yesterday) to reach for and grab things. It's so amazing to watch him develop.

I'm gonna order me some cloth dipes on our return from vacation. Anyone use Mother Ease? Any pros / cons? I'm planning to get the one size -- one of the package deals-- and maybe some CPF as backups.

Well, the only thing I'm really desperate to have happen (besides the evacuation of the ILs from Beirut) is GETTING RID OF MY HEMMORHOIDS! They are making life so unpleasant!
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Hi everyone. So glad to have our thread back. I must admit, I tried to join the yahoo group, but I am so computer illiterate I just didn't have the time to figure it out. Life has been very busy. When I had 3 little ones, I thought I was busy then - but now, I don't even have a word for what I am! It seems that all day long someone is needing me (in fun ways too of course), and I just can't get anything done. Housework? Me time? Time w/dh? Not happening. But, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

I too am at that totally-in-love-w/baby stage. The other day I woke up & realized dh had taken care of the other kids & let me sleep. I looked at baby who had also just woken up and said "We slept late!" and she gave me this big smile. It was so awesome. Now that she is smiling, she seems so much more like a little person. I love this age.

Is anyone else feeling like they are keeping their babies to themselves? You would think that w/4 kids I would be glad to let other people hold & help w/baby, but it is not so. I never want people to hold her, other than dh of course. In fact, when I do let her grandparents hold her, as soon as she fusses I scoop her back up. And I have no intention of letting anyone watch her for a while, despite offers. I think it has a lot to do w/the difficult pregnancy & labor that I had, as well as the fact tht she is our last baby so I want to savor every moment. Or, maybe I am just s.

Sydnee, my baby is doing some major hand chewing & drooling too. My kids have all been early teethers & they would do this stuff for a couple months before the teeth emerged.

Bamboomama, we have no discernable routine for the daytime. We are on the go some much that I think it has been hard to establish one. But nights are settling into a nice routine - fuss from 7-10 (that part is not so nice), sleep until around 2am, nurse, sleep until 5 or 6am, nurse, then sleep for a couple more hours.

Mamacatsbaby - sounds like a good plan w/the elimination diet. My ds is allergic to dairy & we didn't figure it out until he was 5 years old. If you need more info, I highly recommend the book "Is This Your Child?" by Doris Rapp.

MaryLizah, how are your inlaws doing? Do you have any contact w/them? That must be so terrifying. I think of you all often & hope that they are safe. On a lighter note, have a wonderful vacation! Where are you going, if you don't mind my asking?

I haven't read "Lose Your Tummy Mummy", but am hearing such great things about it I may check it out. Is it realistic? Meaning, can I fit the workouts into a busy day? I sooooo want to lose this extra 20 pounds, like yesterday.
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on no mcb! Good luck with the dairy elimination. No fun. :

Max- I don't have much trouble allowing others to hold Dree... but dh is working A LOT so it's nice sometimes to be able to let someone hold her while I just sit and watch her interact with others. And it's great to be nearby while someone else is holding her but have her keep looking my way and coo. Otherwise I love having her close and snuggling. I love those smiles.

Sounds like we have a lot of babies lovin' their fists! Sometimes Dree sucks on her fist and other times it's her finger or thumb. She just fell asleep sucking her thumb. Ds wouldn't suck on anything except boob, I swear it's amazing how "easy" of a baby Dree is compared to ds. But somehow I love it both ways.

I've been worried about how Dree and I will do during my friend's wedding ceremony tomorrow but I think it's gonna be just fine. Last night I tanked her up nursing before I left to get a pedicure (my first- and trust me, it was bad- the guy doing my mom's feet told me I won the plaque for the most skin peelings/callouses ) and she just snuggled with dh the whole time. And I was only a mile away so dh could bring her to me at a moment's notice. My mom's house is only 2 miles from the church where the wedding is so dh can hang out there and bring her to me as needed during the wedding party pictures and then come to the wedding with dd1 and dd2 (ds is staying home with grammy, he's all boy and church once a week is all he can handle in that department).

Okay, I've rambled long enough.

Anyone want to share pics?

Audrey: http://www.babysfirstsite.org/newtic...6.sigmaker.png
Jeremy: http://www.babysfirstsite.org/newtic...9.sigmaker.png
Elana: http://www.babysfirstsite.org/newtic...8.sigmaker.png
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*max* : Thanks for the thoughts. We talk to the ILs every day. I'm very much hoping that we'll be able to get them evacuated sometime next week. Keep your fingers crossed for us! We're going to Auvergne, it's in the middle/south of France and it's a beautiful region with lots of great scenery and even better food (I looove me some cheese from Auvergne!). If we weren't so stressed it'd be great...

I'm pretty cool about sharing Geo, but if he starts to fuss or cry I better get him back instantly or I have to restrain myself from yanking him out of the person's arms. This includes DH!

bbm: good luck with the wedding! The pics are soooo cute.

And to everyone: have a great week next week!
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max I'm with you I don't like sharing baby time. Funny thing is she seems so big to me when I'm taking care of her. When others hold her she looks small and fragile and she's in the 90% for everything.

My 2yo is struggling. She loves the babe but is acting out in other ways and is driving me CRAZY! I wish so bad I could hold her more too I think it would help her alot. Sounds like I'm not alone in that way though.

bbm I love the pictures way cute kids!
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