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After-birth herbal bath / sitz bath

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Any links on where I can find either a recipe for some, or some pre-made concoctions ?

If it's premade, I'd prefer it be available in Canada.

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This is the one I used:

The postpartum herbal bath is wonderfully healing for both mom and baby. It also provides pain relief! The recommended herbs have astringent and antiseptic properties which soothe and heal sore bottoms, help dry up the baby's cord stump, and prevent infections. You and your baby should take one bath per day for the first five days. If you have stitches or any lacerations, you may want to take two baths per day for two to three weeks, or until healing is complete.

Comfrey leaves
Calendula flowers
Lavender flowers
If purchasing herbs by the pound, 1/4 pound of each herb should yield a sufficient number of baths in most circumstances. For episiotomy recovery and more severe tears, additional baths may prove beneficial.
Boil approximately one gallon of water or just use a large stock pot. Once the water boils, turn off the heat and add a large handful of each herb or the contents of one pre-mixed bag to the pot (siblings love to help with this!). Cover and let steep for at least one hour (longer is better). When ready, pour the herb water directly into the tub through a strainer and discard the herbs. For a homebirth, your herb bath can be made in early labor so that it will be nice and strong when you're ready for it. Upon return home from a hospital or birth center birth, have the bath as a homecoming ritual. Light some candles. Relax. Enjoy!
The mixture can sit at room temperature for up to 24 hours. If not used within 24 hours, strain out the herbs and refrigerator the fluid. It will keep for 2-3 days. You can brew up the next batch just after the current bath. Then, whenever you're ready for the bath, it's ready for you!
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Where would I go about finding the flowers ?
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www.greenbrierherbalist.com is in PA and she makes great stuff.
I have her PP herbal sitz bath. You make an herbal infusion with the dried herbs and flowers and add it to a low level bath.
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I was given a bath pouch to make from my midwives, similar to the one posted above, and I thought I'd offer this tip:
Make it ahead of time, and freeze it. When it's needed, it's convenient to just add it to hot water.
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I bought my herbs here http://www.wildroots.com/ but you could probably get them from your local co-op if you have one.

My DH would boil a big pot of it while I was taking my bath and then we'd just leave it on the stove for the next bath.
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I am also in canada and I just made mine up today and put it in the freezer. i ounce of each of the following Comfre (hard to find in canada) but you can leave it out planteen leaves and camomille flowers. simmer in large pot of water two hours. strain herbs and add one cup of sea salt. keeps in fridge for two days or can be made around 37 weeks and frozen. this makes two two 3 baths. when you prepare the bath add i bulb of peeled cut carlic to the water. works great I used it last time. I got my herbs at a health food store. if you would like to pm me if you have trouble finding the comfrey leaves in canada I can give you another recipie. I grew my own this time as they are really hard to get here now.
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Bumping up for more ideas - I finally found a store that sells bulk loose herbs locally.
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I just used lavender oil and epsom salts. It's all about the epsom salts! especially if you have tearing. Add a little to your peri-bottle too!
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Yes - I went through a LOT of epsom salts after both of my last births. For the life of me I do NOT understand how or why they help, but they do.
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