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Oxiclean uses and amounts

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Hi all,

I went to Costco yesterday after years and years of not going and I went nuts. I got a membership too. I got 4 twelve pound packages of baking soda and a 14 pound box of Oxiclean.

I'm in hog heaven.

Do any of you guys know if there are any sites that list all the ways you can use Oxiclean (I'm assuming it's the same as how you can use baking soda in millions of ways) and how much to use per application?

The Oxiclean website isn't too helpful with JUST pointing out the information for the Oxiclean Versatile powder. Also, like Arm & Hammer and it's baking soda, it only talks about how it boosts the cleaning power when mixed with regular detergents. I want to use the Oxiclean by itself.

Also, do any of you know about the new formulation of Oxiclean? Is it still as safe as the original formula? Oxiclean, I read, is about 50-70% Sodium Percarbonate and Sodium Carbonate. The rest is a nonionic surfactant/detergent, and some cleaning boosters.

I'm thinking that I'll use the Oxiclean for stuff like tubs and toilets, and if and when I need a boost for my laundry, but I'd prefer baking soda next to my skin.

I can probably also use the Oxiclean in place of dishwashing powder or liquid. It will be a little stronger than baking soda and the Oxiclean will have an added boost of having a bit of detergent in it, but it's still environmentally friendly.

Any thoughts, information, or suggestions? Not sure how much to use anywhere...
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I dunno if it's natural, but that stuff is really, really good for carpet stains.
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I mostly use it for stain removal, too. Just a quarter scoop in a large bucket of HOT water. I use the same for cleaning stuff, just wear gloves as it takes HOT water to get the oxi dissolved and it works better when hot. I don`t use it in the bathtub, I use Dr. Bronners for that. My tub has directions for various cleaning and ammounts.
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: Yeah, we use it in lots of ways....

But, I do use Washing Soda & Borax for laundry boosters as we have dry skin.
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BusyMommy, if your fam has very dry skin, why not try baking soda instead for your laundry? Washing soda and borax are very drying! The pH of each one is 11, whereas baking soda is 8.0.

Skin ranges from 4.5 to 6. Newborns/babies are 7.

You may want to give it a try to use baking soda as a booster and not washing soda. I put some of the OxiClean into a bottle yesterday (which has washing soda in it) and just a dribble of the solution dried my hands out completely.

Just a thought and suggestion.
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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I'd never considered that.

I actually make our own detergent and add borax/washing soda to the mix + add extra.

Dumb question but do you just add the baking soda directly into the wash? I'm heading to CostCo today and they have giant bags.
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Yeah, I bought 4-5 twelve pound bags of baking soda the other day from Costco too!

As for baking soda, you just pour 1 cup into the water before washing, or if you're lazy like me and already have your clothes in the washer, you can just turn on your machine and use the water coming out to dilute your baking soda in the cup you use.

That seems to be a lot of borax and washing soda if you have a detergent mix PLUS more borax and washing soda.

Anyway go shopping and we'll discuss the dry skin issues. We may have found the culprit - we'll troubleshoot when you get back.
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Although it is fascinating to think how a sheet or shirt can affect skin b/c of what it was washed in. I know, I know...but still it is interesting. I used to linedry our sheets until we started realizing ds was allergic to some kind of pollen in our area in June. So, I was drying his sheets in the very thing that made him itch.
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Yeah, commercial detergents are actually already made with washing soda of some sort (and sodium percarbonate sometimes, some others use baking soda too) - this is the same formula of OxiClean. Washing soda (sodium carbonate) is used in dishwashing powders too! Other stuff they add to laundry detergents are perfumes, dyes, optical brighteners, and some phosphates (though most companies are using really small amounts if any).

The Free and Clear versions of laundry detergents are perfume and dye free. Still, with the washing soda and borax mixture you make yourself or regular commercial detergent, if you use a ton of it and it doesn't rinse out properly, it will leave residues on your clothing, which can potentially dry out your skin. A layman's explaining is the sweet iced tea phenomenon: it's like adding too much sugar in your sweet tea, if you keep adding sugar to the point where the tea and sugar ratio is equal, adding more sugar will eventually sink to the bottom since it has no more tea to dissolve in.
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By the way, I used OxiClean with hot water in a spray bottle to spray my tile and tub in the bathroom.

I always used diluted vinegar with tea tree oil for my tile and tub and scrub with baking soda, but yesterday I sprayed the OxiClean - 2 times in one day (I used more powder the second time), and the grout and tile are sparkling.

I have this sealant issue - it tends to discolor with mildew and even if I kill the mildew, the stain is still there. I am hoping that the OxiClean will take care of it. It hasn't gotten rid of the staining on the sealer yet (I think it lightened 5-10% only), but I'll keep trying. As for the grout, it's lovely.

Tilex takes care of most of the discoloring but it gives me a headache and it's not good for the environment anyway. Same with bleach.

I do love AJAX, but it has bleach in it too. The OxiClean has the same stuff in AJAX (sodium carbonate), but without the bleach, so I'm happy. Maybe I'll use the OxiClean for my tub and toilet from now on, like I did with AJAX. I'll just use up what I have of the AJAX.

I'm NOT happy with how drying the OxiClean is though. A little of the OxiClean solution dribbled from my spray bottle to my hands and my hands were SO dry. Baking soda never does that (it's because of the difference in pH). But still - good product, gotta use gloves, even if it's for a spray bottle.
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I've used Oxiclean with great results on stains, but will it deodorize, as well?

I discovered that I have a big pile of *formerly* clean clothes with cat pee on them, and I'm nearly out of vinegar, and I'm low on enzyme stuff, too....

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Yay oxygen bleach! http://www.laundry-alternative.com/O..._research.html

I sprayed it on my grout today too. I was actually using HP. However I think to really get it white a light scrubbing with an old toothbrush will still be needed.

Now I just need an old toothbrush...
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