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the name game

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We still haven't decided, but here's what we're thinking:

For boy- Owen Benjamin (B is DH's name)

For girl- Erin Victoria
Erin Catherine
Erin Shelby

Any thoughts? We really like Erin Shelby, but our last name starts w/ an S too, so we're not sure if that's too many S sounds (though you really don't say a middle name out loud that often.
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I love Shelby. As long as your last name doesn't start with SH then I think it's ok.

But who am I to talk?

We are going to name our Calliope Rose and our last name starts with R.
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I like Erin no matter what, it was my top pick for a girl. I think Catherine is my fav middle name choice. Although they both have -in endings which kind of make them sound like a rhyme. But I still like it as long as your last name doesn't end with the -in sound.
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Erin Victoria gets my vote, but I like classic names
our boy is Henry Oliver
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I like Erin victoria,it goes well together
We are going for Genevieve mae for a girl and Oliver Henry for a boy.
It took a while but we finally agreed
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minimunkle: Genevieve is the top choice for us for a middle name. Aria Genevieve. But there are a few others on that list too so we will have to see what she looks like.
Do you know the Sarah McLachlan/Delirium song called Silence? Well, the chorus talks about "in this white wave I am sinking in this silence..." great song and so I love that Genevieve means white wave. You should check it out!

My last name also starts with an S but I agree that if it isn't with a SH sound you are fine. :-) Happy choosing!
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I like Erin Victoria alot! My parents were telling me the middle name isn't that big of a deal, but man, we're totally stuck on our little girl's middle name, as well.

Good luck, can't wait to hear what you've picked!
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