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Back labor vs. Back ache???

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I'm wondering if any moms out there who had back labor could help me out. I woke up this morning to my usual BH contractions, they weren't anything out of the ordinary. But since about 10am, I've had a nagging back ache that comes and goes. I am not experiencing 'contractions' in my back-there is no regularity to this pain, but it is annoying and has seemed to get worse as the day has gone on.

If you had back labor in the past, what did you experience? Was it regular 'contractions' that began in your back??? Or was it like a back ache that lead to something else? Should I be worried?

My doc thinks I'm 35 wks, I think I'm 37. Thanks in advance!
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Just popping in to check on my friend/stalker recipient Jenn. She's Slingwhearin'mama. Anyway, I'm wondering if your baby is posterior? Sometimes when they're laying posterior your body tries to get them in a better position.

Hands and knees
Never ever ever reclining at this stage of pregnancy
Floating in water, belly down
Sitting on birth ball
Good posture
etc etc etc

So it could be labor, but most likely your babe is posterior. Even if it is labor, you'd want to move him asap.

Best wishes!
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This doesn't exactly answer your question, but with my first two I had backache throughout my pregnancy, enough to have me stay home from work which for me was really rare. But babies were in good position and I never had back labor. Well, this time I have had no backache, but when baby is headdown (maybe 25% of the time now) it is posterior. So I don't think one necessarily leads to the other.

- Krista
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I had back labor with my DD. My memory is a little fuzzy, but I believe my back pain was only during the contractions.
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Not sure I'm much help either. I have a bad back so I have pretty steady back pain. But I have carried all my babes more in my back and have had had horrible back labor. I remember the pain in my back being constant but worsened a bit during contractions.

Sit up straight when sitting (stretch your head to the sky)
Don't sit for long periods at a time.
use a lubar pillow
And when you sleep use a pillow under the arch in your back to support your spine and between your legs when on your side!
A cold pack might help or a warm shower.

I'm hurting bad right now so I feel your pain. (((hugs))) Something else that helps is scheduling a massage appt asap. Have dh go in with you so he can learn massage tecniques for labor!
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I had minor back labor with ds. I remember it was only during contractions and basically felt like a ctx that wrapped around my pelvis to my back (like a big, thick belt.)

During this pregnancy, I've had back pain, esp in my lower back/sacrum area. I've been adjusted a few times (by a chiro) and it gives me instant relief. Apparently, my lumbar vertebrae twist sideways and my sacrum moves posterior.

So, if you are up for it - I would recommend a chiro appt.
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