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transitioning from SAHM to WOHM

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I have been working only part-time since having DS, who will turn 2 in May. We had crafted my work schedule so that I worked a.m.s and p.m.s and DH was with DS when I wasn't, so it was really nice. I also loved what I was doing (teaching college level). However, I lost one of my jobs due to budget cuts back in December. DH and I decided that i need to go back to fulltime work since I also lost my benefits.

I have been fairly positive about this all along, as I will still be teaching, but going into high school teaching instead. I had some great interviews last week and actually got excited.

However, I just submitted my formal applications and ugh, my heart just sunk. I think the reality of it all is starting to hit, especially the fact that I will be commuting and DS will be in childcare at least 7 hrs/day. My stomach suddenly hurts and I want to cry. It doesn't help that we don't have any family around to help with childcare, but at least I think I found someone I can trust and respect.

Does anyone have any helpful thoughts on making that emotional transition from spending your day with your child to working fulltime? Even when I was teaching both places, I was still with DS for most of the day. We have never left DS with anyone for more than 5 hrs at a time.

Thanks for any positive thoughts you might have.
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Lisa, I'm going to move this to the Working Mama's forum..I'm sure they'll have some helpful ideas.

Good Luck!
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I went thru this transition myself...it was difficult, but the fact that you have been working part time, should help both of you. It took me a LONG time to find the perfect caregiver. I tried three daycares, and realized that was not for my daughter, as she was used to running errands, baking, doing home stuff...I finally found a mother who has three girls, 7,9,11, all in school, and she is a home away from home. They do all the things I do with her!!!
In my humble opinion, this would be the best bet for you, as your little one is used to being home, daycare would be a big change!
Also, is there any way, that you can get away with teaching 4 days/wk instead of 5? I work 4 days, then off for 4, which I love. But i'm doing shift work, so I still work 40-48 hrs in those 4 days...but I feel that having 4 days off is important, because I feel completely like a sahm...not sure if that makes sense or not!!!
You will be fine, as will your little one. I almost think it's harder on us...because we know the way we parent and love our little one, and it's difficult to find someone who you trust will treat them with as much respect as you do....it's possible!!!!

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Just wondering when you all spend time working. I am also tranistioning. thanks!
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