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What is your opinion on this?

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My twin sister is due 2 days before me (see pg tummy pictures of us both, recently, in the Secret Squirrel) and I want to be her doula... she is having her first and I'm on my third baby here. Tell me what your opinion is on the chance that I can wait for her to have her baby before I have mine.

My first son was born at 39w0d but was naturally induced with membrane stripping (I had pre-eclampsia and my homebirth midwife did this to avoid me having to be transfered to hospital/OB care - and it worked).

My second son was born at 38w0d naturally picking his due date.

I generally kind of tend to 'cook' my babies faster (they measure ahead on u/s I have). My sister also measured ahead with her u/s this pg... so maybe it's a genetic/family thing? I'm measuring 3w ahead but it just feels like a bigger baby (looks it too) than my boys - with my second all I ever measured was 36w (my first measured 41w with massive swelling).

So with all of that... can you tell me your opinion? My friend who is a nurse laughed at me today when I said I was going to wait for my sister so I could be her doula. Am I totally kidding myself here?
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Personally, i wouldn't count on it. Not to say you won't go full term, but it doesn't seem to be your pattern. And, generally speaking, first time moms go beyond 40 weeks (maybe your sister's case or not.)

How would your sister feel about your having a newborn with you when you doula?
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I think she was fine with it... me taking nursing breaks... but if she has a more-than-a-day labor that she needs me for... not sure how long I could go without sleep having a new baby. (Not that 2 hour stretches are anything to hardly count... but not having even those might make me hallucinate! ).

ps. I do have a back-up doula for her should she need her... but obviously it's nothing like having your twin sister you know?
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Well, after I had my first 9 days early and my second 17 days early - I assumed that I "cooked" my babies quick, too. Then #3 came a week late. Sent THAT theory out the window!!!!
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Hmm...I don't know. Maybe with you being twins and all it might influence your baby to stay put, but given you've been early before...ack...I have no clue, lol!!!
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While it certainly sounds to me like your baby will be "done" sooner, I personally feel our minds have some control over baby's birth date. If you are feeling more like you'd rather have baby wait until your sister's had her baby, maybe s/he will listen, provided s/he is okay/healthy to wait.
I feel that's what happened with my second baby. The date I was told I was 37 weeks was the date I "told" baby he had to wait for, even though it turns out I was probably 4-5 weeks ahead of that! I think the mind-body connection can be very strong. I guess you have to decide if you can bring a newborn with you to her birth and still do your "jobs" as both doula, sister, and mother.
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