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Is this normal? Touching his tushie.......

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Ds is 2 yr.and 8 months. Yesterday he said something about poking his tushie. (I don't recall if it was with his fingers or something else. Dh said ds said his fingers,but I thought something else and now I don't know.) Anyway, after that he said he would poke it in DEEP. This seemed odd to dh and me and very explicit. By now(the next morning it's full blown in my head and i'm afraid someone's been doing this to him. Btw,I asked ds last night if anyone had said that to him or done anything to his tushie. And he said "yes". I said "who?" and he said "daddy". I totally do not think this is possible. But of course,this morning (both kids were awake several rtimes last night so I didn't get much sleep) I'm thinking anything is possible.But I still really doubt it could be dh.So I'm thinking of any people it could possibly be.
But mostly I'm wondering is this normal toddler/almost preschooler behavior. Also I forgot to mention he is very verbal for his age............. Any thoughts? I thought of calling the ped. to ask,but I'd rather hear from mdc'ers first. Thanks,KIm
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I forgot to add dh said that ds tries to put the paint brushes in his tush in the bath. That seems a little odd to me....
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My 2 year old also went through a phase of trying to stick things in his anus. I am as sure as I can be that no one has ever done anything to him, haveing never been very far away from him at that age. I do think it is a pretty normal thing.

It might be a signal that some abuse is happening. I am not sure what other things to watch for with abuse, but as with anything I don't think just one sign means a child is abused.
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I was not abused as a child, and I remember having some pretty explicate fantacies about things like that (I don't know if fantacies is the right word - it is hard to talk about childhood sexuality without using adult terms).

I think there is an adult ideal that children are unsexual ("innocent") that stems from our own conflicted feelings about sex. But they think of all kinds of things. Imagination in kids . . .

I wouldn't worry unless there were signs that something is wrong.

Good luck
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I remember when my sister and I were very young and would take baths together sticking our (own) fingers in our anuses. I think it's most likely a normal part of childhood exploration of his body, but I'm not any kind of expert in the subject.
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