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how many electrical outlets?

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OK we are building a new house. Our current apartment is way short on outlets and we have cords and powerstrips everywhere. I want to avoid this if possible. So, how many outlets per room or per square foot is recommended?
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I'm not sure that there is any one recommendation for this.

But I will tell you how many ours has. Our house is approx 2200 sq ft (4 bed/2 bath, 2 story). I just figured we have approx 34 outlets. Our upstairs is a HUGE hallway, and that alone has four outlets evenly spaced apart. Our kitchen has five.

Out of those 34, we (2 adults, 3 kids) use about 60% I'd say on a regular basis. IMO, there is excess in the kitchen (two on one side are only two feet apart, two on the other side are only two feet apart) and the hallway. Even vacuuming, the cord is long enough on a regular vacuum to not need so many in the hallway even.

Good luck. Maybe talk w/ an electrician? They may be able to give you an idea of how many you will need and use.
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OUTLET LOCATIONS: The positioning of outlets must be consistent with local codes. In addition to code requirements, the following guidelines should be used for locating outlets:

Outlets (except in the kitchen) should average one every 6' (1.8m) of wall space.
Kitchen appliance outlets should average one every 4' of wall space, be located over countertops, and include at least on countertop outlet between major appliances.
Hall outlets should be placed every 15'.
An outlet should be placed no further than 6' from each room corner, unless a door or built-in feature occupies this space.
GFCI outlets should be placed as described earlier in this chapter.
One switched (not hot) outlet should be provided in each room.
Consider furniture placement and positioning of portable lamps when placing lighting outlets. Room-centered furniture may need floor outlets.
An outlet should be placed on any wall between doors regardless of space.
The height of all outlets should be noted on the electrical plan. Exceptions to standard dimensions should be noted at each outlet or referenced on an interior wall elevation. Normal code height for wall outlets is 12" to 18" from the floor. Countertop heights are normally 4'-0" above the floor line.
All individual outlets should be labeled with the appliance or device served.
At least one outlet should be placed above each bathroom countertop or vanity table. A minimum of two outlets should be in each bathroom.
Provide an outlet for each fixture, device, or appliance in the plan.
An outdoor weatherproof outlet should be provided on each side of a house. Position a waterproof outlet for a patio, pool, and a grill. Position outside outlets for decorative lighting and entry doors, garage, and security lights.
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Just a suggestion: If you are having a long peninsula or an island in your kitchen, have an outlet built into it. We've had those in a couple of houses and it makes that counter space much more useful.
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My dad went outlet crazy when he finished our basement when I was a kid. I think the maybe 12 x 20 basement had about 15 outlets. We never regretted putting in any of them. It was great to have an outlet wherever you needed it. He thought ahead to what would be used in the space, for example, an A/c unit in the high basement window had an outlet right there for it. If you have any high wattage electrical applicances you think you'll use, putting a plug right there on a seperate circuit. If you aren't putting in Central Air, plugs right under windows for A/Cs, etc.

I love having plugs in closets personally - especially pantries so you can do things like plug in chargers for things without having ot have them lying out and about.
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Your electrician should know your local code. We had to put in more than I wanted. Some are in crazy spots! The one rule I HATED most was that we could not put any in closets. I love stuff to be hidden away and often keep radios, clocks, etc. in the the closet. No more! Our closets had to be outlet free.
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Thank you so much!!! I live in JAPAN so it is sometimes hard to find out simple information such as this.... it is not a language problem either. My Japanese is fine and DH is a J. native. My mom in the states will be sure to ask and I wanted to make sure I knew what I was talking about when I mail her the plans.
Need to sit down with DH tonight and make all the suggested changes!
Thanks again! This is a HUGE help for me.
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We just built a little over 1 year ago and I agree that our local building code required us to install more outlets than I feel we really needed. But dh is a licensed electrician so he was more than happy to go hog-wild with them!!! Enjoy your new home when it's done!!
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