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Pain Help please!

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Yesterday I had awful pain on my right side, followed by contractions all day that led to nothing. This morning when I got out of the shower, I started feeling pain on my left side, but this is much lower, like abdominal/ovary area. It's sharp and constant, difficult to walk. Anyone have any ideas? I'm reluctant to call my CNM b/c I'm planning a UC homebirth and I don't want them to try to take my baby. Please help!
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I couldn't say for sure, but I have been having sharper pains on my sides when elbows and knees are vying for space.
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I gave in and called the CNM, she said it's most likely ligament pain and to ice the area so the baby moves away from it. The sharp pain has mostly subsided, but I'm having major menstrual-like cramps now, which is worse than what I was having yesterday. God, I hope this is it!
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I'm always told it's "ligament pain" too. I finally stopped complaining about it because I get the same shrug and the same old answer. But the crampiness could be early signs of labor. I definitely remember that in retrospect with #2...but I ignored it completely...then my water broke! LOL.
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Tylenol can't hurt either (that's the first thing they do if you end up in the hospital). Good luck... keep us posted!
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Why do they lump all pain into round ligament pain, lol? Seriously, I hope you're not in too much pain and that all the crampiness is productive.
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I was having the same cramping about a week and a half ago. It was horrible. Then I started puking (sorry if tmi) Any ways I talked to my CMW and she said she has had 4 cases of the same thing and itseemed to be a flu bug of some sort. (2 of the other moms went to the hospital it was so bad) Sure enough it went away. Hopefully you are either feeling lots better soon or holding you little one. (((hugs)))
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So now I have bloody show. PLEASE tell me this is it! I can't take being pregnant anymore!
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ooooh, definitely getting close I bet!
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Oooh! How exciting! Keep us posted-sounds like it could be the real thing!
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I had bloody show and lost some plug two weeks ago.... Still waiting... Still 2cm dilated. HAving patience is so hard sometimes!
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Originally Posted by Meeshi Mama
I had bloody show and lost some plug two weeks ago.... Still waiting... Still 2cm dilated. HAving patience is so hard sometimes!
Grrr, you're not supposed to tell me that! I have no idea what I am dilated, I don't get checked and I can't reach to check myself. With DD I dilated to 4cm by 32 weeks, and 6cm by 36weeks.
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Good luck Meghan. The only time I have had a bloody show - I was in full blown labor a few hours later, so I'll keep my fingers crossed!!! As for ligament pain, my mw says that glucosamine helps with that.
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