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I'm finally back on my computer so here are some pics of my ds Elijah..


Sleeping on Daddy


Marley holdng Elijah


Daddy and Elijah


Elijah up close


Sleeping on the boppy
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SO precious!!
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Your babies are beautiful!
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Beautiful pictures! I love the one on the boppy ... with his little hand under the side of his face. And Marley and Elijah are adorable together!
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aww, i l ove pics of daddies with their babies! thanks for sharing!
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cute! cute! i love the smile he has w/ marley holding him
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Oh oh oh!! pix!!! yippie.....

Oh my what a sweet fat little babe!! Thanks for sharing!
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great pics

both your kids are beautiful!!

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LOVE them!!
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Thanks Mamas! Perhaps we should start a Pic thread. Everyone could post a weekly/monthly pic of our awesome June babies and other siblings. I LOVE seeing baby pics and I'm so glad that I can now share my own.
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Lovely Pics!! Your dc are adorable! I just LOVE that squishy face pic!
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Cute pictures!!! I was thinking the same thing EcoMama7!

Here are some of us:

Sleeping Beauty

Han Han

Haleigh & Hannah

One Month

Me & The Girls

Me & Hannah
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