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sore breasts normal?

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My entire breast hurts. The breast, the areolas and the nipples. I have lesions and blisters on the nipples so I understand why they hurt. But does the WHOLE breast normally ache? I'm sure I don't have a clogged duct or mastitis and I just had my 6 week pp check up. I'm working on my baby's latch problem and we just started full time nursing again about 2 weeks ago. Was bottle feeding and supplementing before that. So I guess I'm back at the start. I expected some soreness but is it supposed to hurt all over and how long does this last?
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That sounds really yucky!

Have you got an IBCLC certified lactation consultant you're working with, and have you contacted your local La Leche League leader? And have you talked to your midwife about it? It sounds like you really need some professional help. I would call someone right away.

What kind of pain is the pain in your breasts? I'm wondering with the lesions and cracking whether you've gotten a yeast overgrowth going on?

I hope some of the really experienced posters like DaryLLL can weigh in.

Congratulations for being so persistent in getting your baby to the breast - BTDT and it's a hard row to hoe!
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Lesions and blisters? Plural??!!! Yikes. Are they getting better? both breasts affected? So now latch seems good and things are improving?

Just one breast hurts? Is it engorged? If it isn't a hard lump in one area (plug or infection), or a deep shooting pain (thrush), but hard and tight all over, I'm thiking engorgement, if your supply and baby's ability to move milk is still just getting going.

Here is a link about sore breasts from LLLI. Look around the link to bfing q's for more info too.


Definitely call a LLL Leader today!

(Jane, you've been doing great with the questions too, sister! :bf )
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yep my LC is certified and very good and is helping me with latching. It's hard to get a deep latch cause dd doesn't open wide enough. My LLL leader referred me to this LC. I just wondered if that soreness everyone reports when they first start BF affects the WHOLE breast? Just holding dd to burp hurts if she bumps any part of my breasts. The breast tissue feels extremely sensitive and tender and achy. The areolas feel like they have rope burns and the nipples are often misshapen and bruised after nursing. I know this is a latch problem, but I thought that would just make my nipples hurt. Just wondered if anyone else had their whole breast hurt like this? How do you tell if it's a yeast infection? I mean the poor latching makes it look red anyway.
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oh yeah there is a deep shooting pain sometimes - I thought that was the nerves due to all this trauma. This pain is in both breasts. I'm gonna ask my LC and doc whether it's yeast. I hadn't thought of that. But the blisters & lesions are on one breast, which is the larger, rounder one and harder to get a good latch onto. I was engorged for a few days after I stopped pumping and supplementing. But since a few days ago, my breasts feel like they're filling and emptying with the feeds. Could the achy feeling be lingering after the engorgement? When my milk came in I was badly engorged but come to think of it, I was on a full cocktail of painkillers after a c-section so maybe it didn't seem so bad.
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Do your nipples stick out, or are they flat or inverted? I had similar problems, and was feeding the baby blood in her milk due to the cracked skin on my nipples. Try using a little Lansinoh between feedings, and keep the breasts from getting too wet. Are you still engorged? Take a hot bath, and put your breasts into the water and gently express just enough for comfort. Just a warning, that you can become more engorged from this, especially if you do it too often. Try feeding the baby right after the hot bath, that way the baby is not trying to eat on a hard breast. I say it is like trying to stuff a football in a monkey!!
I hope all is better for you today. Hopefully this helps.
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cracked nipples and deep shooting pain, sounds like thrush to me. Planty of info here on thrush treatment, do a search...

I hope you feel better soon!
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yep it is thrush

BIG BIG THANKS. Spoke to my LC and Dr. and they agreed it was thrush. You know, if you guys hadn't mentioned thrush, I never would have considered it. As soon as DaryLLL mentioned deep shooting pain, I could relate! And you know, my OB/GYN Dr. had done a breast exam 2 days before! I complained of pain but I guess I was too general. Well DaryLLL and Jane did a better job in my books!!! I suppose Drs are used to new mothers always complaining of some pain or other. Cause by the time I spoke to the LC, had telephone consult with Dr., got to the pharmacy and took the medication (I got Diflucan) it's been 3 days and I'm in more pain. Now it's like the cut glass feeling. Actually while I was working on the prescription, I got some OTC Micanozole cream and I felt instant relief on my nipple skin at least. I had been using cortisone cream and polysporin on my nipples (the OTC Jack Newman All Purpose Nipple ointment trick) and that hadn't been helping at all.
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You might want to have the babe checked for thrush as well since it was on your nipple it was in their mouth as well.. If you only treat one side of it and not the other so to speak it may come back..

I know what a pain in the @ss it is.. We went through it gobs with ds1...

Best of Luck and Warm Squishy Feelings..

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There should be a sticky in this forum about thrush. Maybe a thread that says: "Are your symptoms thrush?" with all the links to all the articles and all of the over-the-counter, home remedy, etc. suggestions. it's really hard to diagnose thrush, nobody seems to know a lot about it. I'm still in the middle of it and today one the lactation consultants I've befriended (!) sent me an article about how difficult it is for healthcare practitioners to diagnose and treat. I know I benefitted a lot from your help here.
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Treatment for thrush:


I wish we could get stickies in certain forums. I asked once, and it seems stickies are just for admin issues.
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I pm'd the moderators about starting a sticky/FAQ since it seems that everyone could benefit from one about some of the recurring issues, but haven't heard back yet.

And I've seen stickies in other forums that aren't just admin issues, such as the "heatlhy recipes" sticky in the healthy home forum.

I think it would be a great thing, and I volunteered to start putting one together, I hope the mods will agree.
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