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Cedric - what do you think?

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I'm torn with the name Cedric. : I like it, but I'm not entirely in love with it... and most people raise their eyebrows when I bring it up. So what do you think, REALLY?

~ Amber
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Hey Mama,
It really is about what YOU like.you get to choose.I'll be honest,it wouldn't be my first choice but that is because in the UK the only Cedrics that I knew were grumpy old men
Also though if you don't 'love' it maybe you haven't quite found the name you really really want.KWIM?
I'm probably not much help,sorry.
go with what you love
good luck
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I think it sounds kind of renaissance-y. Kinda cute!
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I think of http://www.ceddybear.com/ aka Cedric the Entertainer. BUT I don't know where you are, and perhaps no one in your community knows who the heck I'm talking about.

We named our son something somewhat unusual, but most people love it. When we go see Dh's family though, people sometimes snicker though because there is a huge convention center named the "________ Center". Everytime I said my son's name, one of Dh's buddies would chime in "Center!" He thought it was hilarious. I thought it was annoying. So just imagine hearing "The Entertainer" when you hear your child's name.
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I love it!
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I like it! It reminds me of Harry Potter. I can imagine a thoughtful spirited little boy, with curly hair, for some reason...
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Love it!! I like names that are not common,but not too off the wall either. My bb is going to be named Seamus,and most people either hate it or have never heard of it. But if you really love the name, don't let people's reactions get to you.
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I agree that it really only matters what you think. Although I do admit that as soon as I saw it I thought "Cedric the Entertainer". Now I can't even remember what he looks like but I guess he's the only Cedric I've ever heard of so that is the only association I have with the name. Keep looking and thinking and keeping your options open and the right name will come.
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I too immediately thought of Cedric the Entertainer, so you do have to figure that might be the first thought that pops into peoples minds when they hear it.

That said, if you really like it, who cares what other people think of it. There is no name out there that's universally liked. And every name brings up thoughts of something else to someone (either someone they know, someone famous, or the name sounds like something). If you don't really love it, though, maybe you'll find something you do love before your baby comes.
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I'm not in your DDC, but I had to chime in on this name. Cedric has been on our very short boy's name list since before ds2. I just like it, for no particular reason. Dh likes it because of a very nice old farmer named Cedric that he knew as a child. Ds1 likes it because of Harry Potter, in fact it would be his pick of our three boy names.

Just to let you know that every name has it's fans.
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totally makes me think of Cedric the entertainer...
but I like it and it's original
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Thanks for all the comments, ladies. We've come up with a list of five other names... and it's anyone's guess what we'll pick. If it's a boy, we may have to actually look at him first, before we name him.

Again, thanks!
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