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Help I'm going crazy!!!

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I love my 3 stepchildren but right now were waiting for the court order to come back to see if we get full custody. There mother dropped them off 2 months ago on our doorstep and drove away in a cab mind you she's done this hundreds of times before. She'll usually call in a week and ask to get them but the problem is budgeting for food because I have 2 of my own and they always came here with lice. After a week she called and we refused to give them back until court was over because it wasn't fair to these kids.She picked the oldest up at school 2 weeks after we had them and we haven't seen her yet.

I'm going crazy because these children are not having a definite place yet and thier law guardian hasn't done her job well at all. I either want these kid here or back with there mother because these 3 shouldn't be split up. I am so adgitated how the court system could let this go on.I just wish there mother wasn't mentally ill and wasn't suffering from lyme disease so the kids could be together. She all the sudden falls asleep because of her disease,feeds them slices of bread for meals,has her 5yr old in diapers so she can run around the house and not potty train her(she is now potty trained after living with us). It's just a bad situation and I need some inspiration from anyone who's delt with a crazy ex.

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Hi! Welcome to MDC! I don't have any wise words, I just wanted to send
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Man, its frustrating dealing with court isnt it? I feel for you. I dont have any advice just some support. Wait! I do have one idea, beat up an old pillow?

Is there anyway you could pick up your dsd and bring her home? What does your lawyer say about that?
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I just wanted to give you support and wih you the best. I hope that your lawyer can get it straightened out quickly.
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Thank you to everyone who gave me words of encouragment. I talked to the law guardian today and I can't say much because the mom uses this sight but I will say it's good news...thanks to all

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