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Diva Cup and cloth pads = lighter flow?? Is this possible?? - Page 2

Poll Results: Do you notice a lighter/shorter af with Cups and cloth?

  • 68% (41)
    Yes! AF is noticeably lighter and/or shorter than before!
  • 31% (19)
    No discernible difference.
  • 0% (0)
    AF is heavier that with tampons/sposie pads. (Had to make it a choice)
60 Total Votes  
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I just started AF today and this is my first time with using cloth pads and I am very suprised that my first day is so light. Normaly my first day is very bad. I put a cloth pad on last night expecting to wake up soaked because I knew it was due. Nope not at all infact their so comfy I forgot I had it on tell I went pee and I was in hurry had to get a few things from the store and then do my kids homeschool Needless to say I started sometime between point A and B and just noticed when I took a potty break after my girls school lessons. So by afternoon in full bloom noticed wow thier is what on what. Ok I am a believer and its only been one day. I was worried that I would have to change a lot and they would leak through. here I was probably bleeding the whole time and had no idea. Cloth Pads are much better. I am sure ordering a Diva Cup is in the works one of these days. I so know what my girls will be using come that time. I am going to try a Diva Cup so I know what it feels like. I would never use a product on my kids with out trying it out myself. I am not a tampon fan at all I hated those things because their uncomfy. I love my mamma pads so far.
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This is so interesting. I've been debating a cup for a while, but thought it wouldn't be a good option since I have a super-heavy flow with lots of clotting.

Now I'm rethinking the whole thing and will order one. What could it hurt to try, right?

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Will you please send me a link to the trading post? I'm having difficulty finding it on this site. Thanks so much!
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You need 50 posts and be a memeber for a certain amount of time to get into the TP.
My period is SO much lighter with CPs, it really blows my mind. Amazing. I started using them my first period PP.
You know what, I didnt have any cramps any cycle when I was using CPs. I went out of town, got AF and has to use plastic pads. My next period, I was SOO crampy that I couldnt really move. And that period was so heavy and long, I felt horrible.
Never again will I use plastic. Ever.
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Diva cup

I used Insteads for 10 years before becoming a Diva last month. I would never ever discredit Instead for so many years of providing an alternative to plugs and pads, but Diva leaves Instead in the dust. My quest for menstrual alternatives got desperate when I started the countdown to my daughter's first moon cycle. On day 2, she decided she hated pads, and after much research, and raving about Insteads, I was on the hunt for something more and greater and better. Her Diva came on day 2 of her period, but she was too unfamiliar w/ her body to succeed in getting it in it's place. After her cycle, she did a dry run w/ Instead and got it right, so she's now working on getting Diva to work for her before her next cycle in the week to come. I will NEVER EVER look back from Diva. The Keeper isn't an option for me due to latex allergy, but I purchased the silicone version of it, and plan also to order the original Mooncup. Cups are amaaaaaaaazing. I'm a Diva for life! I recommend them to every woman who feels imprisoned by her cycle! I am actually looking forward to my next cycle, as if it were my first one again! I've already had cycles for 20 years, and 2 kids later, I'm excited to be a woman w/ a cycle!
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I want to add for the skeptist. TMI but I am so suprised in using cloth that their are no blood clots. No nasty chunks and I am so suprised by this I think I am in shock LOL but this has me convinced. Why could I have not heard about this before I was 30 years old. I am so grateful for the internet and the information about chemicals on disposable products.
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To make a long story short:

With disposable products:
8 day long cycle
Taking 1,000 mg. of Motrin (literally) to take the edge off the cramps and Migraine headaches.
Laying on the couch for the first 2-3 days because I felt so awful.
Lots of "irritation" down below
Very heavy flow--we're talking going thru a super-plus pad every 2 hrs. for the first 2 days. After that, then maxi pads for the rest. I was sooo tired and anemic.
Tampons always felt like they were shredding me up. OUCH!

With Mama-cloth:
4 day long cycle! (cut cycle down by half!)
No Motrin or even Tylenol needed for cramps because they are rare and not so bad at all. No Migraines anymore!
No more laying on the couch because I really do feel fine.
No more irritation.
Wearing "regular"--not even super size cloth pads for first 2 days, then on to light pads.

I could never, ever go back to disposable pads! And the tampons got tossed out, never to return again. Some day I'll try out a Diva cup.
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Originally Posted by Pandora114
hmm would using cloth make the Lochia phase shorter PP as well??
I think so.
I had heavy bleeding for 2 days following ds2's (fantastic home) birth, medium for another 3-4 days, then pantiliner-type flow for another week or two. I'm pretty sure I bled more with ds1 and disposible pads.

Had horrific cramps and bleeding before I switched to cloth/diva cup. My old boss always knew when my period started because I had to call in sick.
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For some people, the change in flow might be due to pregnancies and childbirth and/or nursing as well. My period became lighter and much shorter (from a week to 2-3 days) after baby #2. Also, my period cramps disappeared at that time and have never returned... maybe a handful of times I've felt slight pain but nothing like pre-kids. I've used tampons since I was 14. I am hoping to switch to the diva cup or cloth soon. That would be great if my period got even easier to deal with. Right now I have 24-48 hours of heavy flow and dribbles the rest of the time. Before baby #2, I had heavy painful flow for almost the whole week my period used to last. I always put the "improvements" down to childbirth and 8 years of nursing (including tandem nursing for two years) toning up my uterus, LOL.
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My sis mentioned this product to me...I have yet to try it, but now I think its a must!! My periods are awful!!!! I cramp terribly , they are super HEAVY and last for over a week!! Any suggestions as to where to get this product?
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I think I vote before but didn't post, becuase I wasn't exactly sure if it was just a fluke, but my flow pattern has def. changed and is lighter.

I would like to tell a couple people about this because- heck, who wouldnt' want lighter flows...

I do remember getting info on something like the diva cup when I was a teen. And I was interested- but didn't have the money or a credit card to buy them. But I do have some issues that may be related to diva cup use, so the jury's still out on that one for me.

BAck to cloth, the thing I'm thinking that if I tell this to others they are going to say that it must be because my cycle changed after having a child... and I really couldn't counter that. Or that it changed because I'm getting older?

Is there any truth that the change might just have happened on its own--- after childbirth or just because I'm older?

Thoughts on ways to spread the love to non-crunchy skeptical types?

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