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Am I the latest??

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I'm 9 days past EDD today. Anyone else as late or later than me? I really hope the baby comes this weekend, but I've been hoping the baby was going to come for a few WEEKS now. : Overdue mamas stand up!! What are you trying if anything to get baby to come?? I'm getting a sweep from MW tomorrow. Anyone else?? :
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i'm 7 days past mine going by the mw's due date (14th). my due dates were earlier. i started prodramal labor on my due date and if like my other pregnancy's, will go on for about 8 days which puts me at saturday which is today so i guess i'm 8 days past. i've had several hours of contractions every day since then. i'm hoping to go this weekend.
i guess the prodramal labor just started a little later than usual.
i'm not doing anything extra to get the baby out. just staying busy. i normally hike lots, keep a huge yard push mowed, etc and that never really seems to effect whether labor starts or not. i went into work fri morn to do an upgrade, and my coworkers were kind, just a little suprised i was still working and not home taking it easy.
i had a meltdown fri evening, so i think the end is near. my oldest (6yrs) talked to the baby this evening and said, "if you aren't ready to come out that's ok, but we are all ready for you."

Hope you have your baby today! This is my 4th too, i wonder if they just need to stand out a little.
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2 days late....ready and waiting. My mom says the babe is enjoying his free ride I think she's right.

Im not really trying anything to make the babe come, and Ive been refusing to let my pushy midwife put EPO up me. I figure he'll come when he's ready-which Im hoping is soon. But if I go past 41 weeks I might start to worry because my MW wont deliver me past 42...so I may have to start trying natural induction methods.
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I had no plan to win this contest but geez... will I? I was 13-15 days past edd, depending on what midwife's date you use. Oh wait, I don't think I contributed toward the "prize" so maybe I'm not eligible?

It's fine either way - I'm just glad I finally had him!
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I hear you... I was 13 days over and it wasn't a fun wait! It wouldn't have been so bad except for all the questions about why the baby wasn't here yet...

Anyway she arrived in her own sweet time! Your little bundle will too, hang in there
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40w 5 days for me and counting. Happy to say there will be no trying to push things along until 41w2d, then we'll open the MW's bag of tricks.

MW had a birth yesterday after a long labor so I had my appt today (instead of Thursday) and she was a bit surprised to hear I was steam cleaning carpets She recovered quickly and said 'well, I guess you ARE feeling great!'

I was not ready for Noah when my water started leaking at 38 weeks (born at 38.5) and am kinda proud of myself for being happily 'overdue' now... in a week that'll be a different story, but for now, I'm still enjoying it.

violetbutterfly - hope your baby comes SOON!
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Donna---Thanks!! I'm at 41w4d now so MW has been trying to stir things up a bit. Will try again tomorrow...a sweep and some herbs. I'm so uncomfortable I'm a little ashamed to say I"m looking forward to NOT being pregnant just as much as the baby thing : Yes, I"m a selfish, selfish woman
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