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Aubrey Jane's Birth Story

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Sunday morning, 7/16/06, I had a few contractions while we were at church. They were good ones, so I was hopeful that MAYBE I’d be having a baby sooner than my induction date! They stopped after maybe 30-40 min. though and I had no others the entire day. At 10pm that night I went to the bathroom - as I was sitting I felt a little fluid leak - it wasn’t much and I just assumed it was pee. But then when I wiped I noticed some blood-tinged mucus. Since this is similar to how labor started with Ethan I was even more hopeful that labor would be starting soon. I got online for awhile, but around 10:30pm or so decided to go to bed, just in case tonight was the night. Before I did that though I finished packing my bags! I dozed off & on until midnight when dh came to bed and then noticed a couple of light contractions over the next hour. I was having trouble sleeping so around 1am I got up and came down on the computer. I chatted with an online friend for awhile, debating still whether this was it or not, lol. About 1:45am I again decided to try and sleep. I had had a few more contractions while on the computer, but nothing too strong so I figured I had awhile yet. I tried to sleep, but that wasn’t happening and I had a couple of contractions that were a little stronger so I got up. At this point contractions were stronger, but still not consistent. I could talk through them, but as time went on I felt the need to breathe more and talking became more difficult. I spent the next hour alternating between the computer and the tv, but couldn’t spend much time sitting. When the contractions would come I really needed to be walking around. At 3am I decided to call the midwife...since all my other labors started with my water breaking and I had to go straight to the hospital because I was GBS+....this time I was not + and my water hadn’t broken, so I wasn’t sure when I should go! Contractions were strong by now, but irregular....5 min, 7 min, 3 min, 9 min. The midwife called me back, asked about my previous labors and the contractions and we decided I’d call her back when they were 5 min. apart. Not long after getting off the phone I decided I needed dh’s help timing the contractions. I had let him sleep through everything else, figuring he needed a little sleep if this was the night. He got up around 3:20am and after timing a few informed me they were now 3 minutes apart! Sooooo, called the midwife back. She asked if I wanted to come in and I said yes.....we needed to arrange care for the kids and I figured it would be about 45 min. before we got there. Since the contractions were now so close together and strong I figured better to be safe than sorry - I was worried about being in “hard labor” on the drive over (it’s about a 15-20 min. drive). Dh called my friend Julie, who we had arranged with ahead of time to come stay with the kids if needed (or to bring to her house if her dh wasn’t home - thank god he was home so we didn’t have to wake them!). I called my parents to let them know we were leaving and got dressed. Julie arrived about 10 min. later and after giving her a few quick instructions we headed out. I was really nervous about driving as the contractions were so strong and I was really having to breathe through them - couldn’t talk. As we were walking down the stairs I was feeling some good pressure and felt the need to pee...wasn’t sure if I really had to pee or if it might be my water ready to break, lol! The drive wasn’t as bad as I expected...yes I contracted almost the entire way, but I was able to breathe through them. We got to the hospital around 4:15am and I was really in hard labor...contractions probably 1-2 minutes apart! We went to admitting and I think the lady checking us in was worried I’d deliver right there, lol! Tim said she called up to the L&D 3 times asking for someone to hurry up and come get me - contractions were one on top of another. Oh, and before I got into the hospital I felt that pressure again....and I either peed myself or my water leaked a little, lol. I didn’t care! So, nurse arrives and I get in wheelchair (reluctantly, but I knew I’d never be able to walk that far - would have to keep stopping for contractions. She booked it to the elevator, dh was running to keep up with her. She asked me a few questions that I attemped to answer in between breathing through contractions. We got upstairs and they wheeled me directly to my room. They had me strip from waist down and got the heartbeat monitor thing on me...it was 4:30am....again, the pressure and the need to pee or water leaking, lol. She wanted me to get on bed so they could check my cervix but I was reluctant...finally during a contrax she attemped to check me standing...and said I had a bulging bag but couldn’t tell if I was 1 or 10, lol. So, I finally managed to get in the bed. She went to check me and my water broke - dh said it shot out like a geyser, lol. And I was complete! The midwife had yet to arrive! They called the dr. on call to come and the pediatrician. The nurse was yelling into the call thing to the other nurse at the desk that I was fully dialated and delivering NOW, lol. I was yelling LOUDLY, just wanting it to be over, lol! They told me the head was right there, and although at first they wanted me to wait (for dr. I think), they realized that wasn’t happening and told me to push. I think it was about 3 pushes and out came miss Aubrey - 4:42am on Monday 7/17/06. The nurse did the delivery. They put her immediately on my tummy and waited for the pediatric hospitalitist (ped. on call) to come in. They didn’t cut the cord or anything, just left her....I don’t think they were sure what to do (there were 2 nurses in with me btw...the one who delivered, and she was great, and a younger one who was helping her and praising her the entire time, lol).....it was about 5 min. before the ped. arrived and let me tell you I wasn’t fond of that feeling of the cord in between my legs and baby still attached....and I was in shock that it had happened so quickly, lol! Aubrey was very quiet and I did enjoy having that time to just look at her, touch her etc. When the ped. came in she told them it was okay to cut the cord - it had stopped pulsating - so dh and the nurses did that and they took Aubrey to assess her. I think they gave her Apgars of 8 and 9. She weighed 7 lbs 9 oz and was 20 inches long - not bad for a baby that was one day short of 38 weeks! Another 5 min. and the OB arrived - before the midwife, lol. I personally think the midwife hit the snooze button, lol! When I called she was quite groggy so I know I had woken her...and it was a good hour (maybe a little more) from my phone call until when SHE finally arrived...and I know she doesn’t live that far away! No big deal though, as the OB was right in town and arrived 10 min. after she got the call. She delivered the placenta, but we had to wait until they (nurses) got my IV hooked up - they never even had time to do that stuff, lol. At this point I was uncomfy and ready to deliver the placenta, lol. She checked me out - no tears - just a couple of skidmarks, that didn’t need stitches. Midwife finally arrived after all this was done and she still looked groggy...even the OB made a comment, lol. Aubrey’s sugars were low due to my GD, so they had me nurse her right away...it took a few minutes to get her latched on, but once she did she nursed great. Unfortunately, that colostrum wasn’t enough and her sugars went down even more. I hated the thought, but I allowed them to give her formula because I knew they needed to get the sugars up....but I asked NO BOTTLE please, and was thrilled that the pediatrician didn’t even hesitate and said okay, I’ll finger feed her. After about 40cc of formula sugars went up to a comfortable level and I was able to nurse her from then on out. She was stuck quite a few times, but they eventually stabilized and we could stop the heel pricks.

Looking back, dh says that I was in denial that I was really in labor. He said that my contractions were probably closer together than I thought when I called the midwife the first time. I guess he’s right and I probably should have gone in after my first call. I now wonder if I was fully dialated, or close to it, when we left the house at 4am, lol! I’m guessing yes. I have to say this was my easiest labor and delivery. I amazed that I was able to labor by myself at home! I did it mostly by pacing around the house and breathing. And I’m thrilled that it went so quickly when we did arrive at the hospital, even without a dr. or midwife, lol. And I think because the delivery was so easy, that is why I’ve had an easier recovery. Besides being tired, I really feel good 5 days post-partum! Oh, and I’m happy that I didn’t have to bring the kids to my friend Julie’s house. If we had to take the time to get the kids up and loaded into the van, drive them to Julie’s and get them somewhat settled, I think I would have probaby delivered in the car, lol!
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Wow way to go mama! Glad things went so quick and easy and you are feeling great!

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Thanks for sharing your story! Congratulations. I'm so glad things went well for you and Aubrey.
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Blessings to you and your family, especially little miss Aubrey (great name!). Enjoy your babymoon, Mama!
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Thank you for sharing!! Congratulations!!
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Congratulations on the birth of Aubrey! Sounds like things went well despite a sleepy midwife, LOL. I think laboring "alone" can speed things along, or at least it did for me.
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Wow! What a great birth story. Good for you, mama!!

And welcome to the world, Aubrey!!
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Welcome baby Aubrey! What a great birth story!
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Wow! What a birth!! Congrats in the sweet babe!!
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What a story! Thanks for sharing! Congrats!!
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Congrats!!! I'm SO HAPPY for you that you had such a great birth experience!!!
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What a great story, thanks for sharing

congrats to you all and welcome to the world Aubrey

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Great story momma!!! Congrats to you and DD!! Welcome Aubrey... Happy Babymoon!!
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Welcome little girl! Can't wait to see pics of the first baby girl!
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Congratulations!! What a wonderful, fast! birth!!
Enjoy your new little girl!!

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Congrats to you and baby Aubrey! What an exciting birth story. Enjoy your babymoon!
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Congratulations Mama!
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Congrats Again! What An Awesome Birth Story!
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Great story! Thanks for sharing, and congratulations!
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