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Hi, my name is Dana and I am married to a wonderful man named Stephen. We recently moved from Delaware to Florida due to DH accepting a job down here. I have my BSN and was working in Maternal/Child Health until June 2002. I am currently a SAHM with my 19mo DD Alexandra and we are expecting our second in April 2003. I am very excited about posting on Cloth diapering, toddler issues, and baby stuff ( soon).....
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Welcome to the boards Dana!
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Thank you Sherri for your warm welcome .....
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Glad to meet you!
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Welcome to the boards.
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Welcome to the boards.

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Hi Dana
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HI and Welcome......

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Hi Dana Enjoy the boards with us......and good luck with
your future babe
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big hello to you!
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Hello Dana! Yum, Florida, enjoy the sunshine! These boards are great, welcome
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Thank you all for your warm welcomes!!! Sunny Florida is TOOOO hot and sunny for me. I am from Chicago originally and we wouldn't see this kind of weather until June or July!!!! Being almost 9mo pregnant doesn't help either, we've already had to turn our air on!!!!
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Hello everyone, I have 3 girls ages 6, 5 and 11 Months. I use to get the Mothering magazine all the time, and have always loved it. I am a nurse. I have to say inside I'm more like an aspiring backwoods medicine woman wink1.gif anyway hello all.
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