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BF a 40 month old

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I am actually Tandem nursing a 40 month old and a 6 month old. They both have the same kind of poop, yellow seedy and loose. My older son has stopped eating solids for about a week now. He often complains his tummy hurts. I am concerned since he had always been small that he is just not getting enough to grow properly. I also suspect he is having tummy trouble which is why he is not eating. I have started taking Acidophilus and also slipping some childen- type of Acidophilus into his water to see if I can help him get better. He tells me the "milkies" make him feel better.

What is my question? Well is it okay for him to exist on BM alone? For how long? Is it okay for his poop to be like a infant's? Is there anything I can do for him to make him more comfortable? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Have a wonderful day,

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My boys tandem nurse too. My oldest was pretty much exclusively nursed until about 2 1/2. He is now 3 1/2 and usually wants food everyday, but it hasn't been that long since he would be perfectly happy just nursing.

I think that bm is much better than any other food supplement they would give him. I have read that it can be the only food until 3 years (I don't remember where, I'll look). Which seems to me like after then they do need some minerals or vitamins from another souce.

Even so I don't think that anyone no matter how old would be harmed by a week or two of just breastmilk, and no matter how old you are if all you eat is breastmilk, then you have breastmilk poop.

I would wonder if there is something else wrong though, if he keeps complaining about his tummy. Just no matter what a doctor advised I would be pretty sure that breastmilk is helping him not making it worse.
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ditto on that BM is the best for him... I would though look into why his tummy is hurting....
my ds is 34 months and still has seedy yellow mustard poos to when bm is all he has had....
let us know what you discover
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A suggestion: I'd contact a LLL leader, or someone with "professional level" experience with extended bf'g (which is probably what you're trying to do here ) about this.

And a pediatrician (preferably one sympathetic to EBF'g).

Because I'd think there was something going on and be very concerned if my still-nursing 40mo (I've got one, too ) stopped eating solids for a week.

Sending light & wishes for good health for your children ...
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Thank you


I think I will start with LLL and see if I can find a local ped. that would be able to understand and support EBF. I had called my ped on Monday and he said that there isn't much you can do (for the tummy trouble and the diahrrea) and just to keep him hydrated. The ped also confirmed that alot of kids are having similar issues in our community right now. I know my son doesn't have a problem with hydration with all the nursing. He has started to ask for food again thankfully but his poops are still the same. I guess it will take a bit to get thru the last of the bf poop. Maybe the Acidophilus helped.

Thanks so much for the guidance and have a wonderful day!

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With the same disclaimer as the others, that you check out with a LLL leader and or ped.....

I was struck in reading your post by the tummy aches, and around here there are some severe stomach bugs going around. If what your child has is a contagious illness, it makes complete sense that the child is instinctively nursing more and eating less. One of my children (weaned years ago) would eat SO little, maybe one piece of toast A DAY even after she recovered from the vomiting-for-a-few-days.
(This was scary but after about a week she is eating again...but still eating less than last month. This tummy bug seems to linger and ruin their appetite.) We've all had tummy aches lately.

Since nursing gives him mom's milk that is emotionally comforting, VERY easy to digest, sweet and tastes good, it would naturally be appealing to a sick (or well!) child. Nursing gives the child antibodies that destroys many "bad guys" like germs, bacteria, viruses, etc. Sounds like your child could simply be instinctively protecting himself.
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