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ut oh, is the midwife going to make it? Baby announcement

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i'm in labor, and i'm taking it easy at the moment as my water has broken and they contractions are getting intense. midwife is caught on the interstate in a heavy rainstorm.
i had gotten through (oooh, that one hurt) cleaning my house, made rice cripsy treats, and baked a cheesecake, and had just made the bed and put a vinyl tablecloth on it. i was nursing my dd to sleep and "pop". at least i had a towel handy and i was running a bath, so i stuck the towel between my legs and walked to the bathtub and let it all out when i stepped in.
so, i've slowed activity (no squats either) until the midwife gets here.
i'm heading outside to sit, and the next time i log on i hope to have an announcement.
what got this going? i give the credit to dh if you catch my drift

midwife made it! despite heavy rains, getting behind a truck hauling a refridge, she got here at 5:30pm and 10 minutes later i was ready to push. pushed for 30 minutes, beautiful baby boy born at 6:18pm, Dean Derroch, 21 inches long, 15 inche head, 14 inch chest, and get this....he weighs 10 lbs, 8oz! Midwife and i laughed as she kept redoing it. But, it keep reading 10,8!
kids went to a neighbors at about 5pm, and she brought them back to see the pushing. They are super excited! And fascinated. My oldest just asked questions the whole time. But we sent them back after the placenta was birthed for a few hours.

baby was posterior until i pushed. it was born anterior. we think he turned while i was pushing, i pushed on the bed on hands and knees.

Great birth, faster labor than i expected. Happy to have that baby out.
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How exciting! That's how my labor started too! All parts crossed that the midwife gets there ASAP!!! Looking forward to your announcement!
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OH you're in labor! I'm so jelaous. I'm definately enlisting dh's services tonight I can't wait to hear your news!!
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Dangit DH and I did it last night- nothing. Gonna have to do it again mwahahaha
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DH and I had the discussion about making some 'us' time tonight. After our last foray, I told him not to even try to make me enjoy it. If I do, great! Otherwise I'll be thinking happy cervical ripening thoughts. He even offered to do it twice tonight. Ain't he a sweetheart. :
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Originally Posted by soapdiva
Looking forward to your announcement!
: Good luck!
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Good luck with whatever happens!!
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Had a baby boy at 6:18 this evening. i posted a quick update at the beginning. Dean Derroch weighs 10 lbs 8 oz. Pushed on hands and knees. Whew! He's beautiful and i'm glad he's out!
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Congratulations!!! So glad everything went well.
10.8 - you rock, mama!
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Congratulations!!! 10 pounds 8 ounces-WAY TO GO MAMA!
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Congratulations mama!! 15 inch head! holly cow!
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congratulations on your new baby boy !
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Congratulations mama! Sounds like a wonderful birth
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: Congrats! Glad to hear he turned while you were pushing. Any pictures?
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Congratulations!!!! Glad you had the labor and birth you wanted. Gives me some hope for my #4 coming any day now *fingers crossed*
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Congrats on your BIG boy!
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Cobgratulations mama!
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Congratulations on your big boy! So glad your midwife made it - what a great birth story!
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thanks Mama's, for the well wishes and congrats!

I can't get over his huge mouth! I've never lost a nipple in a newborn's mouth before...i call his the "cave". He's an eating machine and a meconium factory! Milk should be in by tomorrow. I love those bf bm's...smells like popcorn to me.

I got a good photo of all 4 of my cubs, but i don't know a way to share it. It does look great as a background on my monitor.

Mom's in waiting...looking forward to hearing your announcements.
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