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Originally Posted by ColoradoMama

This one isn't funny, but sweet. When I was pg with ds, I was really upset one day and crying while laying in bed. Dd1 pushes my breast up in my face and said, "Nurse mommy, feel better." I always think about that one when I hear that people are stopping nursing before a year - I would hate to have missed out on that.
What a sweetheart!
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My funniest nursing story is the time I was laying in bed nursing my son and he started gently pushing the other breast. It was a little unusual, so I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was trying to get the milk from the other breast to go into his. At the time, I was nursing two and they each nursed from only one breast. Basically, he was trying to steal his sister's milk!
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My DD loves her ET doll. Well her other toys can be fed food or bottle. BUT HER favourite dolls breastfed....her on one side....and ET on the other.....so yup I breastfeed an alien!
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now that I'm blessed with the pregnant 'fullness' again dd loves to snuggle into 'mummy's boobies' and tell me about how the baby in *her* bellybutton is going to have the milk from her littie boobies, and the baby in *my* bellybutton can have the milk from mummy's "normous" boobies

She loves to poke my nipples and say 'Charlie ate that!' she always sounds so surprised
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This thread has been so fun to read. And some of your stories inspired me to ask my son about what he thought momma's milk tasted like. He looked at me blankly when I asked him that, so I tried to rephrase the question in a way that he could answer..

Gosh, I NEVER realized, and it sure makes me feel amazing that he said he likes nursie milk MORE than ice cream, stawberries, and blueberry pancakes (with syrup).

Of course, it could have been a flawed test since I asked the questions- he didn't come up with the answers himself, I gave him choices. But he consistently said mommies milk.

Oh, I needed to hear that too!

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Oh oh! I got a new one!

Last night me and Brian were sitting in bed and I was getting ready to nurse Roxie. Before she got latched on, Brian got the idea to tease her by pretending to nurse (he just leaned in close to my nipple and made puckering noises), and when she saw that she got real mad and started fussing! It was soooo cute!!
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In the full throes of post partum hormones, I had just finished nursing DS. He was asleep as we reclined on the rocking chair chest to chest with his head on my shoulder. I gazed adoringly at his beautiful, perfect, sweet, sleeping baby face (cue sappy music) and was just so totally in the moment when....BUUUUUUUURRRRRRRP! The gust it created actually blew my hair back!

So much for my Hallmark moment! I nearly peed myself laughing!
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