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Originally Posted by SnoozinSusan
My son is almost 10 months old, he falls asleep for naps & at night nursing.
I kept saying I would break the habit but I never have. We both love it & it works for us.

If you had to wean a child from nursing to sleep how did you do it?
I think I have to start (
My 17 month-old nurses to sleep and I love it. She's recently been teething and unable to fall asleep nursing - she has to be worn on my back in Mei Tai instead most of the time in the past couple of weeks. I really hope she goes back to nursing to sleep soon! Nursing to sleep works soooo well usually. Plus with on older, distracted nursling, I feel like it's one of the few times she gets a really good nursing session in.
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Thank You Ladies

Thanks for the support.
I am all for the nursing to sleep
I love those quiet moments that we spend together
& although Jake is only 10 months (well almost), I can see that the baby days will slip away before I know it.

It is nice to know there are other breastfeeding mommies that do this too.
I go to another board & it seems like nobody would ever admit to nursing their baby to sleep.

Now I just have to help my husband understand
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Good for you, mama! Seems to me that *I* have an easier time falling asleep if I am nursing my DD to sleep. Interesting benefit, lol! If she's already in bed sleeping when I climb in I kind of just lay there all insomniac-like. Like last night.
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Originally Posted by rmzbm
Seems to me that *I* have an easier time falling asleep if I am nursing my DD to sleep. Interesting benefit, lol!
Shakespeare was aware of this phenomenon.

"Dost thou not see my baby at my breast, That sucks the nurse asleep?"
Shakespeare. Anthony and Cleopatra. Act V, Scene 2

And Juliet's nurse nursed her for three years! (See Dr. Jack Newman)

Originally Posted by luv2eatamango
I refuse to see this as a sleep association or bad habit or whatever. This is my child and this is nature. And this is the shortest time that flies that you have with your precious child.

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Originally Posted by Momtwice
Shakespeare was aware of this phenomenon.

"Dost thou not see my baby at my breast, That sucks the nurse asleep?"
Shakespeare. Anthony and Cleopatra. Act V, Scene 2

And Juliet's nurse nursed her for three years! (See Dr. Jack Newman)
Oh yes! Thanks for reminding me of that! I guess I didn't "invent" that benefit! :
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My son stopped nursing to sleep at naptime when he stopped napping. I'm not sure when he stopped nursing to sleep at bedtime- nursing to sleep eventually changed into nursing in bed and then snuggling to sleep, and then to snuggling and then rolling over and going to sleep. He weaned a few months after his 4th birthday- I guess he nursed to sleep until he was 3.5 or so.

Enjoy that baby while he's still little! They really do grow up too fast!
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My ds1 could not nurse due to a cleft lip and palate and I WISH I could have nursed that kid to sleep! DS2 nurses just fine and does so to sleep all the time. He's 13 months and can be rocked to sleep by someone else if I am not home and he is tired. It's really worked out well. He's also pretty "easy" in general and I just follow his cues so there's no worries.
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I kind of worry about this, too. I had my daughter on a routine that didn't include being nursed to sleep by 9 months old, and she was sleeping through the night without nursing before then. But my son...this is a different story. He is coming up on his 1st birthday, and he is still nursed to sleep just about every single time. The only exceptions are when I have DH walk him around the house, when I'm wearing him in the sling while we're out, or when we happen to be in a car when he falls asleep. His bedtime/naptime routine, unlike his sister, *IS* nursing to sleep. That's it! DH says things from time to time about how we need to get him to the point where he's not so dependent on me. But I can't see it happening any time soon, and I've just kind of been ignoring DH's comments so far. And all this after I swore I wouldn't nurse any future babies to sleep, but lay them down partially awake! LOL!
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I love nursing DS down to sleep, first because it works and second because I like to then keep him on the boppy and stroke his hair while he sleeps.

He's almost 9 months old.
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Ds is 23 months almost 24 and he nurse to sleep at night and nap time. I enjoy our special before bedtime nursing.
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My 2 1/2 year old is still nursing to sleep at night (and through the night, and to wake up in hte am ). I recently officially weaned from all daytime nursing, when we did that he stopped taking naps every day (still conks out midafternoon a couple times a week). I htink I timed it well-he's doig fine, I eel better, and he sleeps much better at night.

One thing that might help your husband is knowing that especially as babies get older, they can often handle going to sleep without nursing *if mom isn't around*. It might take a little longer, but if htey trust hte person who is with them it can work out just fine

So after about he year mark I could be out past his bedtime. Usually he would be with his daddy, but sometimes we went out together and his grandmother watched him. Some times he waited up and just played until I was home to nurse him, sometimes he was tired enough to just fall asleep in someones arms or wherever.

It was pretty rare for us, as I really don't have much I like to do that can't be done in the day or earlier evening(ds is a late-to-bed, sleep in kinda guy) but hte times when something came up we had no problems.
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Originally Posted by GalateaDunkel
I don't even understand what's supposed to be wrong with nursing to sleep. Where did this idea come from?
I always heard that it may cause cavities?

But I nurse my 2 1/2 year old son to sleep anyway because it feels right. I do worry about his teeth though. I brush his teeth before bed, but then he nurses to sleep. He hasn't visited the dentist yet, and I am dreading it a little. I don't want to tell his dentist that I am nursing him either, as I know I will be met with criticism.

On that subject, does anyone know of any AP friendly dentists and pediatricians in the San Diego area?
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Originally Posted by ericswifey27
I always heard that it may cause cavities?
In studies breastmilk has been shown to NOT cause cavities. You have to brush well though, because breastmilk and food particles CAN cause cavities.

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Another nurse to sleep mom here. I've never seen a more practical, peacefull or enjoyable way to do it! If you love it, leave it alone - it's obviously working for both of you
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Throw me in on the nurse-to-sleep bandwagon. The books always say it's a bad habit to do, people tell me that becauase a book says to do it then it must be done. BLAH. Dr. Sears's books were the first to tell me otherwise, that it's okay to sleep wtih them, to comfort them with the breast, to nurse to sleep. I suppose there could be situations where it's practical to wean from night nursing (provided it's an older child) but heck, as long as it's wanted on both parties, do it!
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I have a Jake too! He's 14 months and nurses to sleep most nights. In fact, I'm on the laptop while in bed and he's nursing right now LOL

If we have somewhere to go, we just put him in the sling and we're off. It's also nice to have people over. Just excuse yourself from your company for a little while, nurse to sleep, put on the monitor and go enjoy some adult conversation.


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Ahmen We nurse for naps & bedtime. listen to the inate
Originally Posted by boobybunny
Not bad at all, my 21 month old still nurses to sleep at times. Please throw out the baby books and do what is in your heart.

Sometimes he does not need chi chi to fall alseep, sometimes he does.
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Originally Posted by SnoozinSusan
If you just search nursing to sleep on google you will find nothing but negativity. In the book healthy sleep habits happy child he states that it is one of the worst things that you can do.
"Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" is a crazy, horrible book. I have a whole vent on it in the nighttime parenting forum. The author also states that babies only need to breastfeed 4 or 5 times a day and the rest is unnecessary "sipping and snacking." Not to mention his lovely "there is no limit to the amount of time your child should cry when put down to sleep at night" advice.
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Originally Posted by SnoozinSusan
I am OK with the fact that he has to nurse to sleep. I Love our time together. My husband is ready or change, the fact that Jake will only nurse to sleep has meant that we cannot go out.
we either didn't go out or took her out with us. i think babes that young really need to be with thier parents almost always. it is hard when you have no husband-wife alone time but remember that it doesn't last forever.

btw my dd always nursed to sleep and i never thought anything of it. it's perfectly normal. think of it this way -- everytime your child nurses to sleep they go to sleep really happy! there is no greater peace that a child can experience than nursing and falling asleep in mama's arms. i think your doing a wonderful thing for your child by nursing him to sleep. please don't let anyone else tell you otherwise or use scare tactics.
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Listen to your baby's cues, he will let you know what he needs. It is up to mamas to provide for their child's needs until the child is able to do it on his own. A 10 month old cannot get up and go to the fridge when he's hungry, he lets mama know and she feeds him. If he needs to nurse to sleep, that's ok too. How many people want to take a nap after a nice meal? (Food sleepies ring a bell?) Many babies need to suck a lot. It brings them comfort and that's really ok.

Many babies eventually develop patterns that will allow mama to leave for a bit between feedings. Nurse baby to sleep and pay attention to when he sleeps and needs to nurse again.
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