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Oops! Double post. My ISP's wonky lately. Sorry.
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Originally Posted by mamamelia
think of it this way -- everytime your child nurses to sleep they go to sleep really happy! there is no greater peace that a child can experience than nursing and falling asleep in mama's arms.
I knew my son had fallen asleep in peace by the big huge smile I got every single morning; it made my day every day!
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Not sure if the original poster is still listening, but you mentioned that your problem is that you can't go out in the evenings? I have found that even though I *always* nurse my 7-month-old to sleep, he is happy enough to go to sleep other ways with his grandparents if there is no boob available. They rock him, sing to him, etc. and as long as I'm nowhere to be seen, he seems to forget he wants to nurse.
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i nurse ds to sleep but he's not even 3 weeks old and if i want any kind of sleep i have to pump him so full of milk he practically enters a milk induced coma. even if i wanted to when he nurses to sleep there's NO way to wake him up!
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Originally Posted by SnoozinSusan
In the book healthy sleep habits happy child he states that it is one of the worst things that you can do.
Actually, he doesn't. (Coincidentally, earlier tonight I looked to see what he had to say about it just out of curiosity.)

He states: "There is nothing wrong with nursing your baby to sleep when there is no sleep problem. Most nursing mothers in my practice do this all the time... Most mothers nurse their babies for soothing and comfort and their babies either fall asleep at the breast or they don't... I think that this intimacy between mother and infant is beautiful and nursing to sleep, in itself, does not cause sleep problems."

I'm not saying I love all of his ideas about sleep, but he definitely does not have a problem with nursing to sleep, or getting up for night feeds when a child is breastfed. Maybe you have an older edition of the book or something? It was revised recently, I think.
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My Dd is 10 months and I nurse her to sleep too. I don't think there is anything wrong with it. Although I must admit that sometimes I am jealous of people who can just put their babies down, but then I remember that they had to CIO for that. I can't/won't CIO so we nurse to sleep. Sometimes my dd will fall asleep after nursing. I'm pretty sure that when dd is ready she will go to sleep without her milkies.

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