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Originally Posted by loomweaver
Now all I need is a super train table buy!!
I scored a Thomas the Tank Engine train table (with the two-sided top) for $20 at a "divorce liquidation" home sale recently. Plus they threw in the "Sodor Grain & Feed Station" for free!

Now I'm scouring consignments and yard sales for a roundhouse ...
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oh, an ERGO at a yard sale? we're all moving to Asheville!!

Once I found this $1 book on raising angora bunnies that sold for $90 on Amazon! Pretty good, eh?
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Things that quickly come to mind...
huge, full bag of Depends for $0.25 (for gm)
a Scandia Down quality down comforter for $7 (looked new)
Brita pitchers for $0.25
cashmere and other expensive sweaters (think boutique, Irish handknit, etc) for $3
my most useful find was probably the wooden laundry drying rack for $1 that I use everyday

But the best was when I was single and lived in a downtown condo, where most of the bldg occupants were either retired or busy professionals. I would always take a look in the garbage room when I dropped my trash down the chute. Some of the memorable finds:
king size down comforter in excellent condition,
large rubbermaid container of unused art supplies
picnic hamper
leather briefcase
expensive perfumes (which i would use a bathroom sprays)
clothes in excellent condition (which I brought to the thrift store and claimed the deduction)

All this is in contrast to the small Italian village we lived in where each family made one little bag of trash a day, and there was no such idea of thrift store since everything was used until it fell apart.
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Originally Posted by root*children
storm are you in Asheville? Well, I prefer yardsales in the neighborhoods that are more known for being family friendly... usually larger ranch homes, big yards, etc. They seem to produce the goods
HI from west Aville. I think that's it, I usually only notice yard sales when I'm walking so I don't get to different neighborhoods. Probably a good thing, I need to be HAVING a yard sale instead of bringing home more stuff I don't have room for.

IME the thrift stores around here aren't that great. I do have alot of trash finds to brag about though. Most recently dh scored me some old cast iron that cleaned up nicely.
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DH had a company dinner coming up and I found a Liz Claiborne dress at Goodwill for 3.99.
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Okay, storm... I'm in West Asheville too. I like to go yardsaling in East Asheville, tho, and if I have extra time I'll go in West Asheville, but just along Haywood (not on the other side of patton - they all suck), or north asheville via Merrimon or Charlotte. I found the ergo (price being withheld because you would all immediatly turn green with envy at the ridiculously cheap price) off Riceville road, which I usually wont' go that far into East Asheville (I usually only go as far as Haw Creek), but it was one posted on the Ashevillemamas yahoo group last week, and nearly all Ashevillemamas yardsales I've been to have been good
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Well, it's no $.37 diaper cover, but I found a VERY cute onesie on my circuit today--posted a photo of it on my blog. Not a steal, but too cute to pass up!
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today we scored a beautiful first edition children's book for dd for $0.25

and I'm really really hoping that there'll be some great finds at a garage sale we're going to tomorrow...
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BBB, any good stuff at that garage sale?

So, you know that totally cute onesie I found last weekend? We found a similar one yesterday (same brand, same technique, but with a lion) for sale for $20.
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That is SO cute frog!! I love batiking! My friend just found a whole batiked dress for a toddler at a yardsale for 50 cents! I wish I could find some batiked shirts for boys (larger than toddler!)
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I am in awe... it's been ages since I got up to the city to the thrift store, but when I was up last summer I found an original CYE Sings hymnal dated 1962 that I mentioned on my weblog and was offered upwards of $100 for. {pd. $2} I am keeping it though, as it has a lot of the hymns I grew up on that the modern church movement is seemingly ripping from the books...
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yeah, the garage sale:

scored a *big* little tikes truck for dd (she's seriously into trucks at the moment) for $0.50....it was filthy dirty, but after 15 mins of cleaning it looks good as new - she's been playing with it all week.

beautiful baby clothes for the one on the way - I spent $5 in total and got blankets, sleepers, overalls etc (all really really good quality). Again, they needed a good launder and press, but now they look sooooo great - Gap etc

I'm off to the consignment store tomorrow...wish me luck!
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I found a HUGE bag of assorted legos at a thrift store for $2.50. Ds thinks that was the best score ever.
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Some of my greatest finds..

A ride on wooden truck that rocks $20 (retail on website $195)
wooden box (almost 2 feet high) with the wooden "beads" on loops, magnetic parts, wooden pegs, etc- you know the kind often found in doctor's offices? $2.50
motherease diaper set- new $2
kooshies $.50 each
big bag of s-m cotton fitteds $32 (less than $3 each with doublers)
nikky covers $.50 each
wooden blocks - Melissa and Doug town type free
wooden train set- free
flensted mobile $1.99 for a "modern" style and $5.99 for "Christmas"
various posters $1 each (many still new and rolled in plastic) for my class
large box of teachers mags free
large box of adoptive mom mags free
Nordstrom mom of the bride dress $20 with tags still on saying $199 (I have enjoyed that dress for semiformal events now for about 4 years- LOVE IT!)
18 fuzzibunz and inserts $15 (half off after 4 pm- $7)
New Dr marten's mens shoes free
Probably a dozen digital cameras over the years- free (my dh use to work in a rental car company!)
oriental carpet with tag attached, said $499- paid $22

oh yeah, and I once found $100 laying on the floor of a store, and $400 rolled up outside of a trashcan.

I haven't gone out "hunting" in a few weeks though.
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WOW. I'm in awe, alaskanteach. Now I'm not sure if I want to post my piddly deals.

*My mom just brought home a like-new Belgian wafflemaker for dh for $1.
*Dd's blue plastic Little Tikes sit-in boat, that she plays with just about every day, was $4 at thrift store.
*Countless clothes and dress-up clothes for pennies.
*Fisher-Price play kitchen, with "working" phone and sound effects (_yay_) and basket full of play food, $20 at yard sale (marked $25, might have talked them down more but dd was sick that day and it was like 100 degrees out...)
*Little Tikes ride-on "bike"--free at curb after someone's yard sale. You can tell it was used, but still has plenty of life in it! Again, dd uses it every day.
*Huge set of wooden blocks--rolling cart with 4-5 different trays of different kinds of blocks (alphabet, painted, etc.)--I think my mom paid $15 for the whole shebang.
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Originally Posted by GracieBugsMama
WOW. I'm in awe, alaskanteach. Now I'm not sure if I want to post my piddly deals.
Well, I think those are the best deals I have ever found- IN MY WHOLE LIFE..

like I said, I haven't gone out in a couple of weeks, so nothing recently.

I would take any great find right now!
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I'm cheating a little because it wasn't a thrift store, it was at Gabriel Brothers (www.gabrielbrothers.com) but I got 4 floor pillows for 50 cents each.

They're not the best, they are comparable to the ones that sell for 10 dollars each at Joann fabrics but 50 cents is an amazing deal. My Goodwill would charge much more. They were marked down to one dollar and there was a half off sale.

Edited to Add: I've been wanting these pillows forever. I was planning to save up and get them at Joann's. My Goodwill couch is much more comfortable with pillows. It wouldn't have been such a good deal if I didn't need them
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Yesterday's best finds (all at garage sales) were a couple of diaper covers for a quarter apiece, and a bike for turtle, for which we paid a dollar. The bike's a little bit hit and from the 1960s--it makes her SO happy. We're going to find a basket for the front handlebars and she's going to bike to the store on it when we need only a few things.
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This weeks finds: We have a local email group called Abilene Garage Sale which works similar to Freecycle though it's stuff for sale. Anyway, I got my oldest dd a pair of jeans from Limited Too, an outfit from GAP, another outfit, and a pink duster from Children's Place for $14 total. It's all in excellent condition and perfect for school when it gets cooler.
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i love these thrift store finds threads-

my favorites:

a pampered chef clay dutch-oven thing, brand new, discontinued- $7
organic baby blanket, retails for 20 bucks- $1
biobottoms diaper covers- $1 each
babystyle pants- $2 a pair
brand-new Gap maternity pants, super super comfy- $10
plan toys water blocks, NIB- $4
handcarved train toy, retails for $50- $1
primigi boots- $3
crocs (in my size!) -$2
bumkins bib- $.37
zutano baby shirts- $2

i am having a baby boy after two girls, and i know that with 3 kids, thrift shopping won't be easy. in the past few months, i have bought nearly all the clothes i'll need up to 18 months for under $200. most of these things are really good brand names and look brand-new.

i love love thrift shopping- especially savers on dollar day.
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