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Hey, I just realized I get to play too now! I finally hit my local Goodwill (not a lot of thrift stores around here ). There wasn't much there--a few things I wanted, but didn't NEED--but as we were leaving, I spotted a bunch of higher-quality children's books at the cash register. I got a bunch of great ones for my DD, including There's a Nightmare in My Closet and Rabbit Stew, both of which are laugh out loud funny, and two I Wonder Why books, and one brand-new-but-missing-dust-jacket copy of Welcome to Kirsten's World (American Girl book), all for .50 each. I traded the two I Wonder Why books on the TP for a couple of homeschooling oriented books I wanted, and I think I'll be able to sell the Kirsten book on eBay for a couple of bucks profit.

So cool, I can't wait to go back! There are a few other Goodwills and SAs nearby, but those will have to be an event, they're a bit farther away.

This is so fun
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I got a babystyle nursing shirt for $1.86 today

and if I had a girl they had a ton of Janie and jack dresses for $3
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Pottery Barn Find

Once at Goodwill, I found 3 pieces of play kitchen furniture from Pottery Barn Kids. Goodwill had them marked at $19.99 each. The set sells for something like $500-$600. Another lady managed to buy it before me, and she had no idea the deal she was getting. It was almost 2 years ago, but I still think to myself..."if only I had gotten there 20 minutes earlier!". They were mint! Who would donate something like that?!
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My Breast Friend

Oh yeah, I also found a EUC My Breast Friend nursing pillow for 50 cents! They didn't even know what it was.
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Originally Posted by root*children
Last saturday, I found an er go at a yardsale :nana: Along with a M&D Magnetic Puzzle, and loads of gorgeous girls clothes for $1 each (Baby Lulu, Hanna, Cornelloki, Strasburg). Gotta love livin in a crunchy town where people have too much money to spend!
OOOOOOOOOOOh! can I go with you if i'm ever in ashville on weekend:
dh works there sometime, and we also rent a house in saluda with a beautiful view....I would LOVE TO MOVE THERE
nak, sorry
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I found a pair of brand-new-in-package NowaLi mocs for $2 today!!! I'm debating whether to save them for DD2 or eBay them. I don't think they'll fit her for very long, so I suspect I'll end up selling them. They're so darn cute though, I really want a pair for myself!

It's funny, until the other day I had never even heard of them, and the company is literally based 10 minutes away from me. When I spotted the mocs in the sock piles today, I nearly passed out! I sure wish I had access to some of the stores you guys shop at though!
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i cannot specify my exact finds because the thrift store here rocks jeans are $2 and everything else is $3 per grocery bag full, so ya all the boys clothes are like brand new, i mostly shop there for them, sometimes for myself.
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Today I got two pairs of Naot shoes, in my size, in very good condition... a black linen-blend Coldwater Creek dress... some cute capri-length pants... and a nice leather wallet. All for $4.

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Originally Posted by skellbelle
I scored a Thomas the Tank Engine train table (with the two-sided top) for $20 at a "divorce liquidation" home sale recently. Plus they threw in the "Sodor Grain & Feed Station" for free!

Now I'm scouring consignments and yard sales for a roundhouse ...
I don't bother with thrift stores here, I think the employees take all the good stuff and put out the crap, cause I have never found anything but a couple pieces of furniture that was *that* good of a deal.

But this deal - I would be SO thrilled if I could find a Thomas table for even $100! Plus you got the station free Seriously jealous here (my toddler won't play with the play room full of toys, only his train set and Thomas and friends sets, major Thomas nut)
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I know! I NEVER, EVER see train tables at yard sales or consignments. I couldn't believe that somebody would actually sell one - and esp not for that price! But this was a "everything in the house must go" sale - the entire house was open and everything was up for grabs.

And, yet - I actually passed it up, the day of the sale - my Thomas nut just turned 9, and was talking about packing up his trains for storage. (I promised him I'd never get rid of his Thomas stuff - that I'd store it away til he has kids. ) After I got home, I thought about it for awhile and realized - I'm saving all the stuff anyway, why the hell was I passing up a TABLE for $20?????? Fortunately, the guy had printed up a flyer and I had his phone # - I called him two days later and asked if I could still buy the table. (I think the reason nobody nabbed it was b/c it was actually in the utility/storage/furnace room - no one bothered to check that room out, but I'm just nosy enough to poke EVERYWHERE.) When I went back to pick it up, I also grabbed a like-new pop-up princess castle tent for DD ($5). I was sooooooooooo tempted to take the Pottery Barn dollhouse/bookshelf too, but I just couldn't justify it since DD already has a fabulous dollhouse.

These people have twin girls, and you would not believe the array of toys. It looked like 12 kids lived there!
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Spent $5 on a Aqua Pal bathing suit (worth about $50).
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Yesterday I bought a brand new Pampard Chef Stoneware 12 cup muffin pan! Those sell for $32! I also got cloths for everyone. The prices on clothes seem to have gone up at Goodwill, but that didn't stop me.
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garage sales... 3 pairs of jeans... levis, faded glory and eddie bauer for a dollar each. and a big bag of yarn in great colors (wool!!!) for a couple of dollars. Knitting needles . I barbie case for a dollar!! and a suitcase for a dollar so I could haul all my stuff home!!!!
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Last year I got a wooden toy kitchen for youngest grandchild at a thrift shop for under $3.00. It was for a nursery school originally, too heavy for me to get in the car by myself.I thought it might need to be re-painted but it cleaned up with soap & water. Has a removable plastic dish pan, burners painted on top, shelves for storage & under sink fridge. Dh made a cute graphic at work with the toddler's name on it & she loves it.

Basically, I buy almost everything we use from thrift stores, as well as books & mugs & other items for resale on ebay. Memorable deals include a beat-up old ex-library YA book for .50 cetns that sold for $212, overstuffed armchair for the living room that was faded but incredibly comfortable for $12. Later found a Sure-Fit slip cover to go over it for $5. Two very heavy wooden lawn chairs for <$3 each, very nice ceiling fixture for over the kitchen table that has 3 curved arms with milk glass shades for $10 at a yard sale. From a pile on the curb not long ago a big wooden doll cradle, little (Barbie sized) doll wardrobe with hangers, big container of Duplo blocks, laminator in carton. Bunch of tall wooden shutters Dh is going to make window boxes out of & a battered wooden stool. I used this like I saw in a magazine, turned upside down for storage of long rolls of wrapping paper. Small shabby chic effect dresser that's in the kitchen holding flatware & rubbermaid & boxes of foil, sandwich bags, etc. $10 at a yard sale.

I'd better stop. We have gotten a lot of amazing deals over the years.
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this week:
i found an exersaucer out in an alley, by a dumpster. it was dirty so i cleaned it and it's BEAUTIFUL! well, i think it's a brightly coloured piece of plastic, but ds is thrilled. and i'm thrilled to have somewhere safe to stick him while we pack up and move
i paid 30$ for a 100$ carseat, ds has almost grown out of the infant one that i paid 10$ for.
and, to top it all off, i got a house that's definitley worth at least 100k for 80k. 5 bedrooms, all new fancy schmancy appliances, very energy efficent.. not at a garage sale, but still, we got such a deal that i'm still reeling from it.
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wish me luck - I'm off the the thrift store and consignment this afternoon. Things I really need: soft shoes for dd, nb sleepers, fleece slippers for babe....

But who knows what might be there??? :
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Melissel - KEEP them!!! nowali's ROCK! Both my boys have them, and have had many pairs over the years. We always end up handing ours down to friends, but they would be great for resale. They'll still make you a profit even if you're little one wears them They are the only snug warm slipper we've found that actually stays on baby's feet!

Geez, all you looking for train tables, please come to asheville! They can't seem to get rid of them fast enough here, I see them all over at yardsales, consignment sales, thrift stores ... anywhere from $5 to $20. seriously. I've never bought one, one because I don't want to give up that much room, and two I have to wonder why so many people here *don't* want them
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I finally found a loveseat that I like for $50. I've been keeping my eyes open for one for about a year! I also bought dh some dress pants (4 for $15) but unfortunately only one of them fit. Still not too bad since we would have spent at least $15 for one pair on sale at a regular store. Also the loveseat was $15 cheaper today than yesterday (different person gave me a different price. I actually didn't buy it yesterday because the high pricer was working).

Train Tables - I was at BJs and saw new Battat brand train tables for $99. They came with tracks as well (115 piece set).
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well, I didn't find the things I *needed* to, but I did get a beautiful wool sweater to keep me and my pg belly warm and snug: it was $9, with an extra 25% off and I noticed a small hole where some stitches had droppped, so she took another two bucks off as well

2 minutes with a crochet hook later, it's all fixed up and now washed and hanging to dry! what an unexpected treat...
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Yesterday, at the consignment shops:

Softer-than-soft, hooded zip-up sweater (been looking for one for ages!), $4.
Fleece zip-up jacket for DS (needed for chilly school mornings), $3

Today, yard sales:

2 nice Gap v-neck t-shirts, $.50 each
long-sleeve gray ribbed snap-up Gap t-shirt, $.50
2 mini Madame Alexander dolls (from McDs), for DD's collection, black courderoy jeans with pink trim for DD, gorgeous embellished hooded zip-up sweater for DD, $1 for all


NWT pair of Chinese Laundry satin wedge sandals, FREE
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