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7/23 Weekly check in

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Well, we haven't been archived yet. When we do, should we try to continue this in the archives or in Life w/Babe?

We are having a nice day today - it's my birthday. I woke up next to my little one, after having slept in (now that in itself is a wonderful gift!), and thought "I have the best gifts of all w/my dh & children." My kids gave me a great big birthday welcome when I got up and took me out for breakfast. Tonight dh & I are going to go out to dinner - alone. This will be our first time alone since baby was born. His mom is coming to watch the kids & the restaurant is literally just down the street, so all should be fine.

Hope you all are having wonderful days too!
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Aww, Happy Birthday mama!!!!!! Hope you enjoy your day!!! I just made a huge post on the other thread: Forgot all about today being Sunday!!
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happy birthday mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday Max!! Hope you had a great dinner out!!
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Oh and Sydnee...I read your post on the other thread!!

I'm so excited that you (and MCB) are Super Nanny watchers too. I totally cringe at all the shaming and naughty chair business but I *DO* think she offers a lot of great creative ideas that ultimately lead to more gentle parenting.

Want to know my other guilty pleasure lately? Wife Swap. : Ugh. I really need to get a life.
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I can't believe how fast the weeks are going.

Happy birthday Max!!!!
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Wow ~ a new week already. I can hardly believe that Kirsten is 2 months old already .

Max ~ Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful evening out.

I haven't had a chance to read the last thread yet.

We're doing great here, in spite of the heat and humidity. Our power was out all day Friday after a huge storm came through the St. Louis area. Luckily, it was back up by the evening though. My older two *need* their fans on to sleep and bedtime would have been torturous with them ! Kirsten is wonderful. So smiley and happy and content. I just look at her, with her chunky thighs and arm rolls and think I MADE her and my body is nourishing her STILL and it amazes me every time. The older two have actually started to play really well together. They went from constant arguing and bickering to DS saying, "Kay, come play with me!" It makes my heart sing .
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Happy Birthday Max! :

I'm just popping on periodically trying to score some points at Sleeping Baby for a new sling. Not that I have the money. :
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Happy birthday Max!!

Of course wyatt is waking up now that I sat down to check in-I hope everyones babies are getting fat

be back around later when I have a minute~~~
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Max, happy birthday!

Kristina, I heard about the storms in your area. We had some crazy storms in coastal Maine too last week--our power didn't go out, but those further down the peninsula lost it for 2 days. Luckily it doesn't really get that hot here! (It's 80 now and it feels sweltering!)

Last night the three of us went out to dinner for our anniversary, which was last Friday. Phoebe is getting really good at sleeping in the sling while I eat dinner in a restaurant! A month ago I was wondering if I'd ever be able to eat a meal without interruption or at the same time as dh. It's so nice now that she's content in the sling or in her bouncy seat while I eat! In a week or two we are going to drive down to Boston for a few days to stay with friends and see free Shakespeare in the Common--you can't start them too young on theater! (we used to live there, so it's really fun to go back as a visitor once you know where to park and the best ways to get around!). It will be Phoebe's first road trip and I'm looking forward to it. It will be fun, but it will also be a good reminder for why we didn't want to have kids in the city!
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Sayon's got the squirmsies. Happy Birthday Max! I hope you had a glorious one. BBL...
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Anyone else losing their hair? I could make a small wig with the amount of hair that's come out of my head in the last couple of weeks. OK fine, this is supposed to be normal and all but it's very disconcerting. My luscious head of hair is noticably thinner. Ugh, when does this stop? : : :
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Each time I've lost tons of hair... but this time I'm not noticing it much so either the hair loss hasn't started yet or my hair is so short that I'm just not noticing it like I did when it was long.
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I always loose a little patch on my front left side. Like seriously, I am bald in one spot.: It's not so bad this time, though.
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Oh yes, losing lots of hair here too. Between me & the dog, our house is pretty darn hairy. Or, as my kids like to say, "de-sgusting!"
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i lost a ton off hair after dd was born. so far, not so much this time.

i'm pretty sure ill be getting my period any day. : felt ovulation pains a little over a week ago and now i'm super crampy/gassy/heavy down low.

i didn't get my first pp period until dd was almost a year. this time i'm nursing 2 and getting it at 2 1/2 mos.
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Erin.. I've been having weird pains too. I got 6 months off with dd1 and 13 months with ds so I was really hoping for more like a year again. And I've been having crazy sexy dreams even though I have no drive.
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Ya know....as much as I'm like about getting it so early. In a way I'm kind of glad. At least I can start charting. And hopefully have at least some inkling of a sex drive again.

I just kind of assumed that I would get as long of a break this time as I did last time.

The other positive is that when we are ready to get pregnant again, at least my body will be ready! With DD it took us a year because I had been on the pill waaaaaaaay too long and my cycles were so wonky. With DS we were ready to TTC before I started ovulating so we had to wait a bit (just a couple of months...but still, you know how it is when you want to be pregnant NOW)!
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Happy belated b-day to max! Sunday was our first Anniversary. Yeah, so with Matt coming over a month early it now looks to everyone like I got knocked up on the Honeymoon!!!

We forgot about the top layer of cake which has been in our freezer over a year! We're going to take it out tonight, lol. I think its going to be disgusting... Its been taking up a quarter of our freezer for the past year... Mmmmmm. Anyone else do that whacky tradition? How nummy was your year old cake?
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Originally Posted by CindyCaz
We forgot about the top layer of cake which has been in our freezer over a year! We're going to take it out tonight, lol. I think its going to be disgusting... Its been taking up a quarter of our freezer for the past year... Mmmmmm. Anyone else do that whacky tradition? How nummy was your year old cake?
Happy Anniversary!

Our cake top was GNARLY one year later ! Hope yours fared better.
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