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We didn't keep our cake... I don't really like cake.

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im back from vacation and glad to see mdc is back up and running
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Our cake top was NASTY! It had real flowers on it. They did not age well.
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nak... happy belated b-day max... fellow late july b-day mama (mine is the 27th). i'm soooooo glad that we all popped in april/may/june, b/c can you imagine being SUUUUUUPER pregnant in this heat like our mothers were???? arrgghhh.. i can barely tolerate it carrying a baby around, and i'm in Wisconsin (although it's like 90 every day with like 80% humidity). i moved away from Cincinnati b/c i hated hot humid weather, and what did i get??? now i'm just surrounded by cheese-heads in hot, humid weather. : :

anyway, glad to hear everyone sounding happy though! i've got mixed feelings on the AF issue. I have zero sex drive as well, but i don't want to fool myself into thinking it'll come back in case it doesn't. i had some trouble with that before we got preggo and i always thought it was from the pill, but i'm not on it now, so if it doesn't come back, then it's just me and not the pill.

as for hair, i just got mine cut really short b/c i was tired of making such a mess shedding so much. me, my yellow lab, and my yellow tabby cat are all doing some SERIOUS damage on our house. it's nasty. i felt bad once when i pulled one of my hairs out of Adia's neck fold. :

we didn't even do the cake thing, so no anniversary stuff for us (we both forgot our anniversary this year ). we had a somewhat of a non-traditional wedding anyway, so we weren't heavy on the traditional stuff, although i sorta-kinda regret that. at least i was wearing an actual wedding dress!!! i'm not sure i'd be up for actually EATING the year old cake. perhaps just sit it on the kitchen table and let it defrost while you look at wedding pics, or something that reminds you of the day... then look at your munchkin, and i think you'll feel really happy.

and, hey for all that were talking about Moby wraps, THANK YOU!!!!! everyone was talking about them and Adia has been wanting to nap on us, so we finally bought one from another mama. it has REVOLUTIONIZED my life. lol. i'm serious, i get sooooo much more done now b/c she'll sleep on me while i do all the housework, and i don't worry about whether she's ok or whether she's going to wake up any second. it's AWESOME!!!

oh, and our EC'ing is going really well. last night she peed a tiny bit in her super nighttime dipe that i put on her, but when she woke up today, i took her to the potty, she peed enough for an adult (seriously, WOW!!!!), took a little poo, then we went back to bed with no dipe and nursed!!! i felt silly putting her in that super dipe when she didn't need it. i love the nakey bum!!! baby butts are so cute, it's a shame we always cover them up so much!! let 'em hang free ladies!!!

wow, that was a long post. sorry all! everyone be careful with all the heat. ciao!
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RE: Anniversary cake, we ate ours. It was actually quite tasty.

Lil Lainers and I have to runny poos. Mine is baaaad, I start getting cramps, and must RUN to the loo.: Emma had a temp on Sunday, about 102, but only lasted 8 hours, now she's fine. Weird, but this little virus has made it's way through the daycare, ick.

Bamboomama- I actually have tried doing the EC a couple times to no avail, but I am going to keep trying. Great concept, even if I don't do it fulltime.

Mom2nat&will- How was your vacation? Glad to have you back!

Cindycaz- Happy belated anniversary!

dharmama- When do you think you will TTC? I will be sooo jealous!

And yes, last Thursday and Friday I had major cramps, thought for sure AF was on her way, but maybe I was just ovulating??
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mamatheheart-you asked a couple weeks ago if Eli is very spitty-do you mean lots of spit-up?If so,YES!!!!!I really need to narrow down this issue,as it affects our sleep, and he spits up so much, he is fussy and hungry again,so we nurse and burp a good 75% of our lives,the rest is sleep,fart,poop,change,pee,change,laundry,and back to nursing,then spitting up and you know the rest....He's been cueing poop for a couple weeks now!So young!
He's not a fussy baby,really,which is surprising with all the gas.He did just get over a 3 day colic spree though.That was no fun.

Thankyou all for your sympathies regarding our pets.

No house-selling yet,Our best neighbors just sold theirs though-they moved today and we are all bummed.They had kids the same ages as all ours!Dd1 was best friends with the girl her age, and keeps asking to go over to play SO sad!She then asks what other kids live by us,but none do!We hear the new folks have 2 kids,but no idea what ages.I SO hope one is a 4-5 yr. old girl!The house is trashed now,Dd1 has just made 2 firework pinata'swith streamers and gummie bears taped in a bubbles container and a toy boat,and taped an ark toy into an empty pinata-we are now out of tape.Now it's dinner time.What fun!!!
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Originally Posted by Sydnee
dharmama- When do you think you will TTC? I will be sooo jealous!
i haven't even convinced dh that we definitely are having another...i've just made up *my* mind that we are!

seriously...if he agrees (which i'm pretty sure he will ....i'd like to try for 2-2.5 year spacing again. life is totally right now but i think it's going to be a lot of fun having kids who are fairly close in age. i'm already totally loving watching them interact. ds gives the biggest smiles of all to dd!!

happy anniversary cindy!! our baker made us an anniversary cake...a mini version of our wedding cake...so we didn't have to worry about saving/freezing.
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erin we want to ttc in 2, 2.5 years also. maybe we'll be in the same ddc again.

i hope you enjoyed your anniversary cindy! we skipped our happy heinies on down to the courthouse, both sick as dogs with the flu , dressed in our street clothes with a best girlfriend of mine and her 2 little ones in attendance so no tradition here! this was about a week after the courthouse shootings here in atlanta so getting in there was nutty and the judge was late b/c the other judges there were taking up the cases of the judge who was killed, so tragic. crazy huh?

michelle bite your tongue! how dare you not like cake!

bamboomama I'm thinking all our little ones will be spring babies. well i suppose we'll see how that works out. if i were to be in late pg during this heat, oh man, somebody's going down! : i was totally out of my element when dh and i moved back to his home state of wi for a year or so a few years back. summer was great, but winter, good grief! : and yes, DS and i live in our moby. i want another one cause when i have to break down and wash it, i'm lost! : oh, and i have been catching a decent amount of pees and just started catching poos yesterday. i love ec! the nekkid baby bum is the tops.

krs i hope your dd finds a new playmate soon!

m2n&w i'm glad you guys enjoyed your vacation!

i just started watching some neighbors son last night and that was some crazy stuff! he's 10 months old and boy can he move. with 2 babies cranky at once, insanity! i'm glad to be bringing a little cash flow into the house and still be able to stay with my son though. it did feel kind of weird not focusing all of my attention on my little guy.

happy wednesday all!
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omg mcb, getting married with the flu?! :

I'm totally with you guys on spring babies... dd1 was a January babe, which is better than a summer babe since I can't imagine being preggers in the heat but I loved my April and May births. And I love the 2 or 3 year age gap (2 years was perfect between dd1 and ds and 3 years was perfect between ds and dd2). I'm hoping I can talk dh into one more in either spring 2008 or 2009. After that we'd be done though because dh just celebrated his 43rd birthday.
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My hair's starting to fall out, too! I got it cut supershort two days before ds was born, but it grows so fast that I'm ready to get it chopped off again. Too bad I don't have the time!

This week/weekend has been spent cleaning the house! We've been decluttering like crazy & I finally cleaned the shower (an hour job) like I've been meaning to do for...I don't know how long. :

Simon's just started doing this little shriek laughing when he gets REALLY excited. So cute! And he's been rolling to one side trying soooo hard to get completely over. The bulk of his little cd bottom is keeping him down, though. heehee.

I'd write more, but it's naptime!
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Spring babies are awesome! DS was born in October and that was one long, hot, pregnant summer.

No significant hair loss here yet, but mine usually starts around 3 months pp so I have a few weeks of hair to go .

Michelle, our DHs are the same age ~ mine turns 43 in October. I'm thinking we are actually done with kids right now. As much as I'd love 4, I'm just not so sure about doing it all again when I'm 40 (I'm 38 now).

It's so funny, Kirsten behaves exactly the same as she did in utero. Remember how quiet she was, and how rarely she moved? Well, she's just as mellow on the outside. She's content to just hang out in the pouch or even in the bouncy seat and watch the world. She naps a TON (still, like 18 out of every 24 hours) and is most active in the evening, just like when I was pregnant. She's by far the mellowest of my three.
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So we tried the year old cake... EEEEWWWWWWWWW.

Funny, but eew.

Thank god we bought backup-auxillary cupcakes....
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Hey Mamas...

Judah is getting so big. He is getting such a little personality. He just melts my heart when he smiles. Today I tied a playsilk on the fan and he just loves watching it. Older ds got a kick out of it ....Things are going pretty good here on the baby side...

Sorry no more time
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Kristina- I understand! I'm only 25, dh robbed the cradel so I'm not feeling done at all but I also don't want to totally wear out dh or anything. I've always wanted four but three may be our compromise, we'll see I guess.

andiflipping- good idea with the playsilk, I bet Dree would love that!

Dree was sooooo active in the womb but she's pretty laid back now though she still moves a lot. She prefers being held most of the time so my baby carriers come ever so in handy for that!
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Hair loss? Really? Ay, caramba.

Happy belated bday, Max! And happy anniversary, Cindy!

I almost killed my dh this morning. Samara went to sleep at around 9:45. Dh wakes me out of a deep sleep at 3:15 to tell me she's awake and ready to eat (she sleeps in a co-sleeper on his side of the bed). She's not making a sound or moving. I tell him to give it a couple of minutes. Baby falls promptly back to sleep, and dh does, too. I, however, have some sleep issues and it's very difficult for me to get back to sleep once I'm awake. So I spend the next 3 hours lying in bed awake and SEETHING with anger that I missed out on my big opportunity for 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep.

Of course, I realize this was not dh's fault--if anything, the opposite, b/c he's been trying to improve his "response time" to baby when she stirs. But, man, am I tiiiiiiirrrrreeeed. Anyway, dh did make it up to me by cleaning the apartment this morning and offering to make me pancakes. So I guess he's forgiven.
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its funny to hear all the TTC talk... we're shooting for concieving spring of 08 if (and this is a big if), DH gets a job with health insurance after he graduates. i want to have #2 after i graduate from grad school, and take a year off to be with babies before starting the rest of my career.

we'll have to just wait and see how we all do! from the sounds of it, this will go from ddc to life with babe, and then back to ddc!!! lol
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It IS funny to hear the TTC talk! I guess I'm in a different space than many of you. I LOVED being pregnant, I LOVED my homebirth, and this newborn thing is pretty freakin' amazing, but for now I am content knowing that those things were wonderful experiences that happened once. DH definitely thinks that if it was all this good this time around it couldn't possibly get any better, so why tempt fate?

I'm also amused by the wedding cake discussion. We had a tiny wedding and a small homemade cake (blueberry spice with cream cheese frosting decorated with flowers--had to have blueberries in late July in Maine!), so there was nothing to save. Instead we had a smaller version made by the same person for our first anniversary, which was pretty memorable since we were living in a VW bus that summer. We had to eat the cake pretty quick with no refrigeration!

My hair is falling out too. This is especially troublesome because it is really long, so I find 2-foot strands of hair wrapped around Phoebe's toes and fingers all the time. At least she doesn't seem to mind.

I am so impressed with those of you having successful EC experiences. I haven't tried it, and although I spend just about every moment with Phoebe, I can't tell when she's about to go. How do you girls do it? Nice work!

Well, this is about the most disjointed thing I've written in some time... Oh, well! Time to get Phoebe's nighttime diaper on. Cross your fingers for us for another 9-hour night! (I can't believe it either!)
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9 hours!!! Lucky you! Simon is STILL nursing through the night.
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Yeah, SHE might be able to sleep through the night, but with all the mosquitoes that manage to get in my bedroom, *I* can't! And Phoebe ends up with red dots all over her forehead on really buggy nights. Thank goodness they don't wake her up. I killed at least 5 mosquitoes that were trying to bite me in the last hour. In my OWN BED!

(as my dad always says...) Know what I hate more than mosquitoes?

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Oh, I hear you about the mosquitos. I so want screens on our windows. They love me and leave enormous welts on my skin. They leave my baby alone, though! So happy for that.

My hair didn't fall out last time. (Well, it did when I was on Paxil for 3 weeks, but that's another story.) I've heard of it, but only with women who have low thyroid, which is common pp. Is it accompanied by anxiety for any of you?

We overdid it today. Went to storytime at the library at 10:30. Then to the local kids' consignment shop to get diaper covers (this is where I went wrong). Then Iris need to be changed. And Clara was hungry but for some reason I had no snacks in the diaper bag. Then Iris needed to nurse. Then we went to the grocery store to get lunch in the deli and pick up a few things. Then we barely had time to eat and had to rush to Clara's hair appt. at 3 PM (bobbed her luscious curly blonde hair--so cute!). By then I was completely sacked. So was Iris, without a proper nap all day. Came home and threw myself at the mercy of my friend to let Clara play with her kid so I could finish my lunch. By then it was 6 PM! I warned dh on his way home that we were all tuckered. I put Clara to bed with a bottle of goat's milk and her new library books, put Iris to bed, poured myself a 1/2 glass of white wine...and here I am! Probably should go make dinner now. Must get to bed early tonight.

Our 10 year anniversary is at the end of next month. I really need to plan somthing nice for us. Too soon for an overnight. What I'd really like to do is have a nice dinner party with friends. Wonder if I could pull that off...Potluck maybe?
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