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Please welcome Tori ! UPDATED w/ birth story

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Our little girl was born Wednesday, July 19th at 9:46 am (@41 wks).
7 lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long
Here are lots of pics.


Here is my long , drawn out birth story! Just skim to the bottom to get the details if you dont feel like reading! LOL I didnt proof read very well yet so just overlook any mistakes, I was in a hurry!

This is a very long , probably too detailed birth story but I unfortunatly didn’t get any of it on video like I did with Taylor’s birth. It all happened to quick & no one was there to video! So, I want to remember it all

Our little girl was due on July 12th, 2006 and that day came & went like any other day. By that weekend everyone but Michael & I were getting anxious as to why I still felt just fine & wasn’t even feeling any contractions. Everyone wanted to know when I would be induced but that wasn’t even a consideration. I knew my body would do what it needed too when it was ready. We stayed busy the rest of the week swimming & going to Taylor’s ball games so I didn’t think much about being overdue … except when I had to tell the people that asked I was past due. Saturday night I started having irregular contractions but I had to sit still to notice & the same thing Sunday evening. By Monday I was beginning to get impatient & didn’t want to go anywhere b/c I was tired of comments & people feeling sorry for me when I felt just fine! I had contractions that evening too & tried timing them but stopped after about an hour, they were about 10 min. apart & I could barely feel them.

Taylor went to a water park all day Tuesday with a friend so I went shopping for things I wanted to have in the house if I had the baby. This was the third time I had stocked up on groceries & stuff. I then worked in my garden for awhile to pass the time until I couldn’t stand the heat any longer. I had been having contractions all day but didn’t feel them unless I sat down & paid attention. I laid down to rest and continued to feel them & I was getting a little excited b/c I finally knew I was close to the real thing! I continued about my evening, cooked dinner, made cookies, took a shower & them sat down to a movie w/ my family. I timed my contractions the whole time & they were 5 mins. apart. I decided I better get some sleep & went to bed around 11 pm.

I woke up at around 2:45 am to use the bathroom & noticed I was still having contractions & they felt stronger. I decided to time them so I turned on the TV & timed my contractions for an hour & they were 4-5 mins. apart lasting about 45 sec. They didn’t really bother me yet but I knew I better get rest so I went back to bed & within 20 mins. I was uncomfortable and I decided it was time to wake Michael. We went out to walk to pass some time. The entire time we were walking it wasn’t so bad. I really didn’t even have to stop during a contraction. So I convinced him that I still had plenty of time & it was too early to go to the hospital. We timed them at 4 – 5 mins. apart, lasting for almost 60 sec. still so I told him to take a nap and I made myself something to eat. I tried to lay down to rest at 5:45 & my contractions seemed to get strong suddenly. I decided I was ready to go to the hospital now so I get dressed, Michael gets ready & gets Taylor up. I called my parents and we got our bags in the car. By the time we were ready to go its 7 am & I am having to close my eyes & relax during my contractions, they were every 3 mins. & defiantly lasting a minute by this time. We decided to go thru a drive thru for breakfast on the way there. We get to the hospital about 7:30 am & we sat in the car to eat out breakfast. My contractions were regular but I was handling them very well & didn’t feel like they were painful enough to be productive. I walked into the hospital & to the maternity floor while getting the “oh poor thing … and she’s still walking” the whole way there! I knew that I had have EFM for an hour & decided I should get my walking in then. We were in a room by about 8:15 am & I was hooked up to be monitored. I had been drinking tons to avoid the IV so I kept having to get unhooked to go to the bathroom and by the second time there I was feeling the pressure when I sat on the toilet.

My parents left w/ Taylor to have breakfast in the hospital café b/c they figured it would be awhile. My midwife gave the nurse permission to check me at 9 am b/c she wasn’t there yet & was told that I was complaining of pressure. At 9:00 am I was checked & told by the nurse that she “thinks” I am 8 cm. She said she couldn’t tell b/c all she could feel was my bag of water. So she leaves to call my midwife & Michael and I sit there in shock!! I call my parents & tell them they better get in a hurry!!

Michael wants to know why I waited so long; he can’t believe I am 8 cm; … blah blah! I really didn’t feel like I was that close to labor!

The nurse comes back & is frantically trying to get my admission paperwork filled out in between contractions. I was still in shock because I didn’t feel like I could possibly be 8 cm. In my head I was thinking she was wrong & just hoping my midwife would get there soon! At 9:20 I told her I need to use the bathroom again & when I got to the toilet and half way bent over my water broke & I screamed! It felt like something exploded inside of me. So I am half bent over, holding onto the railing & couldn’t move. On a scale 1-10 my pain during contractions was about a 3 & immediately went to a 10 right then. It came with the sudden urge to push. I know if I would have sat down right then I wouldn’t have made it back to the bed before she came!

I think it took about 5 mins. to get me back to the bed & thankfully my midwife came thru the door. I think I was holding it in but when I saw that she was there I relaxed & as soon as she asked if I felt like pushing my “yes” came with a grunt. She helped me up into the bed on my hands & knees so she could check me since I had too much pressure to sit. All I heard was “your ready, go ahead & push” and I don’t think I stopped from that moment until she was born about 15 mins later. I heard her tell the nurse there was light mec staining when she had checked me… so that worried me & I knew I had to push effectively & get her out! I pushed leaning over the bed & squatting down for awhile until I was too tired. I turned around & laid down and they kept telling me they could see her head but I didn’t feel like I was making any progress. They then brought the mirror (which had been forgotten since things were going so quickly) & as soon as I saw her black hair showing with each push it gave me the strength to get her out. I could feel her kicking my ribs the entire time!!
My midwife stood to the side so I could see & literally cheered me on to get her out & waited to catch her. They suctioned her well when her head came out & then the rest was just relief! She came out with a hand by her face just as I had suspected she would! We had planned to delay the cord cutting until my placenta was delivered but we had to cut it b/c it was too short for her to reach up to my chest.

She then proceeded to finish pooping all over me while Michael & I held & talked to her. I keep her on my chest for the next hour & half & nursed her while they finished up with me. I did have to have 2 stitches.

She weighed in at 7 lbs 14 oz & 21 inches long.

Taylor & my dad had left the room when my water broke in the bathroom to get out of the way while they brought in all the equipment. They didn’t expect it to happen that quickly so Taylor didn’t get to be in the room with us as planned.

The hospital stay wasn’t that bad & I was actually ready to go home by that evening. I am so thankful that my labor was quick & I was able to avoid most all of the medical interventions & give birth naturally! My midwife really pushed my birth plans so I had no problems getting what I wanted from the nurses.

Tori hasn’t been the best at nursing but it’s getting better each day. I forgot how painful it could be!! She doesn’t open her mouth enough to latch on correctly so it usually takes several tries. Thankfully my milk came in quickly & I haven’t had that bad of a time with engorgement b/c she does it often. She has no patience like her mommy so that also causes some challenges with feeding. We also figured out by the second night that she did not want to be swaddled at all … she has been sleeping with her hands on her head, just like she was inutero & during delivery!!

Sorry this is such a long story ... even though the actual birth was short!
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Congratulations!! What great pics, she is such a cutie!!! Can't wait to read your birth story, sounds exciting! Enjoy your babymoon.
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Congratulations! She is beautiful! Does not look like a newborn....looks like a little girl!
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congratulations !
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congratulations to you and your family! And welcome Tori! So glad you made it off the toilet in time
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Congratulations!!! And I second that she doesnt really look like a newborn. Such a cutie-right from the start!!!
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Congrats on your gorgeous girl Tia!
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Congratulations and welcome baby Tori! Great pictures!

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Congratulations, and welcome, Tori!!! :
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Congratulations, she's a cutie!
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How precious! Congrats!
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Congrats mama!
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What a pretty baby!

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She is beautiful! congrats!
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GORGEOUS,gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Youguys look great, I am happy for you!

p.s. Mine was almost born in the toilet too!
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Added birth story
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Great story, Tia...well done! She is GORGEOUS, by the way.
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