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EC bashing

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Over in "Talk among ourselves" they are talking about the "Why I Hate Dr. Sears" article that appeared in Brain/Child.

The article has a couple of prime examples of EC bashing including this:

Oh, I'm sure you've heard the stories: women in Asia or Africa or Australia who carry their children close to their bodies all day, breastfeeding them every twenty minutes or so. These women intuitively know when their baby is about to eliminate, the story goes, and they pluck the baby out of the sling to do its business in a tidy, efficient manner.
If only she knew....

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And Sears doesn't discuss EC in his writings at least that I've read....it was a weird article.

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If only they knew how common EC'ing is? It took FOREVER for the U.S. to get hip to the game.
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That's too bad, because otherwise what I've seen of Brain, Child mag, it is a good read. Oh, well. Not everyone can be as enlightened as us.

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that woman has issues :
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That article was ridiculous posturing by a woman who obviously felt defensive and guilty about choices she made in the name of "self-realization and self-fulfillment."
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AUSTRALIA?? I just saw that. Ok, I admit, it's probably full of good mothers...but what, it's a continent of primitive, attached, EC'ing moms? Does she travel? Does she think Australia is only aborigines or something? Oh, and they all live primitive attached lifestyles in the outback.
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