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First Grade Tribe

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is anyone interested in forming a tribe?

My dd starts on August 16th, and we're both looking forward to it. Kindergarten was challenging-our first time away from each other and we each had intense separation anxiety, but this time I feel differently. And is anyone else making the transition from half day kindergarten to full day? I'm hoping that dd is able to pace herself well-3 hours of kindergarten each day wiped her out last year!
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My older ds is also starting 1rst grade this fall. We actually have fullday kinder here so he is already used to that schedule. If you get a 1rst grade tribe going I would love to participate as it still seems like a big jump...I noticed little things like not having a bathroom in the actual classroom or going to the music room rather than having the music teacher come to the class that still makes it feel like a big stepping stone.

Barney & Ben
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Leah is going in to grade 1 and is *very* excited. She's has been asking to do practice homework, and asking about what will be in her lunchbox.

Then, she gets all sad because she's going to miss her old KG teacher (who she had for 2 years since we get two years of KG here, junior and senior) and won't get to see the new kids coming into KG. She really enjoyed the mixed ages in her class and loved helping the younger kids.
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we're starting in a week. dd was in full day kindergarten last year in the same building that 1st grade will be in so i don't ecpect major transitory issues but... kindergarten was way more structured than i anticipated. i'm expecting more of the same i guess. i'd be interested in a tribe.
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Hi everyone-then a tribe it is! Look forward to talking to everyone, and others who join in, about this exciting time. They're really growing up too fast.

Oh, and I wanted to add that I put this thread here because I'd like to talk to people who are homeschooling as well-we do a lot of enrichment at home and I'm always on the lookout for good resources.
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Can we join? We were in half day kinder last year and now will be in full day first grade in late August. I'm having a much harder time adjusting than I think ds will; he's in the same classroom with the same teacher and same friends, so it will be a breeze for him but I'm having the HARDEST time...
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i'm interested in hs too but since i'm working two jobs right now and dh is about to start one its not somethintg we can do full time right now.
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dd was in 1/2 day K (afternoon) and starting 1st the end of aug. She's always been very easy to separate so I don't anticipate any problems there. I will have a hard time being away from her. Preschool was 6hr/week and K was 15 so 40hr/week will be a big change. Our biggest issue is the academics. dd didn't learn all she should have in K and there's a good chance she will repeat 1st. I been preparing to go back to work for a while. Dh just got a job that should include lots of travel and with the potential stress 1st grade might bring to dd I'm not sure how that will go.
Our second conern is getting awake. dd and I have been night owls all summer and she is currently waking 2hrs after she will need to for school.
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we'll definitely have a challenge getting up early, too. dd stays up until 11, and sleeps until 10 am.
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Starting 1st grade here. DD loooooooooved kindergarten - she is at a wonderful private school which is based on Montessori principles. She can't wait!
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I have a dd starting first grade too. I'm scared of homework and trying to make that fit into our life.. She loved Kindergarten but I'm nervous first grade is going to be a little more intense.
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My dd is starting first grade just after Labor Day. She can't wait!

DD is super social and always wants to be on the go. I really think that she will do well with all-day first grade.

We have gradually moved up her school hours;

At 3yo she was in school 2 mornings
4 yo 3 mornings
5 yo (kindergarten) 5 mornings
6 yo (1st grade) All day!

Personally, I am having a tough time with the idea of her staying at school all day. No more lazy afternoons and spur of the moment trips.

Moms of older kids have told me that you shift from busy days to having busy afternoons and early evenings with the kids. Now we will be running to dance, soccer, playdates, etc. after 3:30.

Can't believe that some of you are starting so soon! Didn't summer just start?

Mata~ Just read that you wanted to talk to homeschoolers on this thread. Do you want me to delete my post?
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oh, no, averysmom-sorry if I wasn't clear. I meant that it would be nice to hear from everyone, not just those of us who are sending their children to school

How about a little poll today?

What is your wish list for your child's first grade year?
What sort of experience would you like to manifest for them (type of teacher, friends, etc.)
Do you have any worries or concerns (doesn't matter if they're irrational-get them out now !)

I'm also mindful of how much of our downtime will disappear-it just does not seem like there will be enough hours in the day (for me, at least.) I agree with you who say it will be harder on mom!
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My son will be starting first grade in Sept. He is
7(we held him back from kinder when he was 5). I'm a little apprehensive because they are hiring a new first grade teacher at his school. I am just hoping he/she is a good one. They hired a new one last year also and she was not very good and didn't last. His kindergarten teacher was fabulous and I know he will miss her, even though she will just be down the hall!

He was in a full day last year so not anticipating too much adjustment there. Full day worked out really well last year.

I'm actually looking forward to a little less downtime!! It's hard to find cheap stuff to do with my kids all the time. I should have enrolled them in swimming or art classes but I procrastinated : (.

mom to 7 yr old Neil and 3.5 year old Reid
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I'll join! My oldest starts 1st grade on Aug 29. It won't be a huge transition for her as she was already used to a full day and many things will be the same (bathrooms, music and art teachers). She's mostly worried that she won't like her teacher (She LOVED her K teacher!) and if any of her friends will be in her class. Personally, I'm hoping that some of her friends aren't in her class.

Actually, my main concern right now is transitioning my youngest back to not having her big sister around all of the time. Last year, she sobbed in hysterics as her big sister happily marched off to her new classroom. I fear the same thing will happen this year. She's big into being with her sister at all times and doing almost everything together.
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My dd is starting first grade, and she's already saying that she misses how much fun PK was, lol!
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Oh, us too. We are going to be your token homeschoolers here. I don't have a real strong commitment to it though - we're on a waitlist for our local public alternative school, which would be perfectly acceptable. There are also a few other schools that would be fine (public Montessori, etc), if we can get a slot.

If not though, there is a very large, organized homeschool org here in my city; and the school district also has a program that provides classes, support, and cold hard cash, baby!

She has been in Montessori so far, and it was OK but got too expensive and rigid for her.

Your questions:
What is your wish list for your child's first grade year?

Uh, that we get into the alternative program. That we have many, many friends. That I can actually pull off unschooling while also making the school district happy if we homeschool, and without alienating the hard-core homeschool org by walking the line.

What sort of experience would you like to manifest for them (type of teacher, friends, etc.)

I would like her to learn through her daily experiences, to try lots of different classes that pertain to her interests (right now - horses, science and art), that her love of learning can be rekindled. She really doesn't want to go to school anymore due to social pressures.

Do you have any worries or concerns (doesn't matter if they're irrational-get them out now !)

Uh, that we won't have any friends. That we will be sick of each other and sound like the cast of "Roseanne." That her brother, who is already a tasmanian devil at eight months, will become a whirling dervish, hellbent on destruction of my personal sanity. That she won't learn anything and I will end up raising the village idiot. That they will tag-team me and I will be found cowering in my bed, muttering, "must hide...must hide...must hide..."
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subbing - I'll come back to the questions later, just wanted to jump in. My oldest is starting 1st grade on 8/25, we actually haven't talked about it much as we are fully immersed in our endless (we wish!) summer. He did 1/2 day k for the first part of the year, and then full day (we moved). The adjustment to full day was hard on us (he was miserably tired and hungry every afternoon), but I do think being a little older helps that. This time last year he still napped a couple times a week, now, never.
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yay! I'm so excited to see this little tribe growing.

ABand3-that's exactly what I see happening with my dd-the whole lunch thing-ugh-good that you've got the adjustment out of the way.

flyingspaghettimama-I can so relate. I'll share my fears & you'll see.
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We homeschooled until January, then DS went to PS kindergarten. He'll be starting first grade Sept 5th I'd love to chat too.
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