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just subscribing to the thread. We homeschool and my daughter is somewhere between K and 1st. she is just turning 6 in November. I do know about waking up and getting going in the mornings because for a month i am taking my 3 yr olds to a tot class for 2 hours so my oldest and i can get all set up for school and get into a routine. Its hard getting out of the house in the morning and then picking up again. I really love the weekends now because our weeks are so busy with soccer, girl scouts, and playdates. I dont know what we would do if we had more then a couple of hours of school and homework to deal with. Do you find your kiddos are having to stay up later to get everything done?? Mine seam to be going to bed later and later and they dont understand that they need the sleep to deal with another busy day tomorrow. Luckily we have the flexibility to do nap time, yes even the 1st grader takes a nap or a 2 hour rest.

anyway, we might not have tons in common but i love reading all your posts.
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Originally Posted by flyingspaghettimama
Yeah, but I got a consolation prize - she said she'd ask her daughter again later in the year if she wanted to do it. Yippee, boy am I excited about that possibility. Now I have to explain to my daughter that she's not going to have a playdate with this girl and make up some dumbass lie.
That sucks. : I am so sorry for your DD. Some people just : me.
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welcome Angela-I'd love to hear your homeschooling perspective. I keep things very simple after the school day is done-dd isn't interested in doing organized activities, so we do quiet things at home. I'm also very conscious of the whole rest thing-dd used to be a night owl, and is slowly cycling back to falling asleep at 8 or so. I also breathe a sigh of relief when the weekend is here and we don't have to be anywhere!
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