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What a surprise!

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On Thursday my friend called to remind me about our playdate for Saturday with a couple other friends. I didn't remember but I put it on the calendar. She asked if my dh could come help her dh with a computer problem. I told her I wasn't sure but dd and I would be there for sure. So on Sat. dd and I were getting ready to go and dh did too. It was weird for him to come so willingly but I thought it was really sweet so I went along with it. When we got to her house we were all outside the kids were having a blast running in the sprinkler. Fun! Suddenly my friend remembers that she was supposed to drop something off to somebody from her church and it has to be done now. She goes in the house to collect up whatever it is and I hang with the guys and kids. She came out to say goodbye and asked if I wanted to ride along. So I hopped in the van with her and left the guys with the kids.

Well about 5 min down the road she tells me that I'm the package she has to drop off and gives me a little Pooh bear outfit and tells me to try to guess what we are going to do. Then she drives me all over town and we end up at another friend of ours house where my mom, mil, aunts, and a bunch of friends were gathered for a surprise shower. They all were in on it including my dh!! It was so much fun and such a surprise. The funny thing was that it was a Poo themed shower. Everybody bought dipes of all sizes and kinds. Some people brought wipes too. The games were funny (pee & poo related) and she even had a cake shaped like a diaper with chocolate poo filling.

With my last pg I missed one shower due to bedrest and the other was a couple days after I got out of the hospital and a was sore and miserable and couldn't bring my baby because she was a preemie and there was a respiratory bug going around. I was sure that I wouldn't have one this time since he's a 2nd baby. I'm still in shock and giddy about how my friend, my mom, and my dh pulled it off.

Thanks for letting me share!
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How fun! I am so glad you got a shower with this babe. Every babe deserves some sort of celebration!

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That sounds wonderful...I love the theme!!!
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Oh my goodness, that's about the sweetest thing ever! No one has ever thrown me a suprise anything so I am very jealous of you Sounds like you had a fun time! I bet the cake was funny (and hopefully delicious!).
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AWWWW what great family and friends you have!!! Sounds like sooo much fun! You definately deserve it!
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Aw, I think surprises are so fun! Glad you had a great time!
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That is so nice! I'm insanely jealous, you are so lucky to have such thoughtful friends and family!
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How nice to have such good friends! I'm so glad for you!!
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How sweet! I'm jealous too!!! You have some really amazing, sweet and thoughtful friends!
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Oh, that's adorable! There's nothing better than a sweet and random surprise! You deserve it!!
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What a nice surprise! Glad you had a great time and great job to your dh!
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How wonderful! You are a lucky lady to have friends and family like that!
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What fun! I think that's the first pee/poo themed party I've ever heard of! Not only are your friends kind and thoughtful...they're creative to boot!
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what fun.. you sure have great friends and family

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That's so sweet. Every baby deserves a celebration. My friend is going to have a Blessingway for me this weekend. I was so touched, I started to cry when I got off the phone with her.
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How fun! I love the theme idea.
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How cool! My job threw me a surprise shower too, aren't they great?
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Thanks everybody! I really am fortunate, it's the 1st surprise party I've ever had. Now looking back I see some clues, but they were all so random when taken out of context and not knowing what was happening that I never put them together as anything but random conversations.

The pee/poop theme was actually a blast, so if you want ideas for one let me know and I'll give you all the details.
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so cute!!
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