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21 wks., 3 days

Here are my latest:


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Here I am at 22 weeks. I feel quite large this time, but probably am because my DS just turned 1
22 weeks

Hehe here i am at 34 weeks with DS, of course DS is alot higher than DD is, and she is more out front than he is.
34 weeks
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So if any of you are getting sick of my pictures, feel free to tell me to "shut up"

Here's my 20 weeks:



Heads up: I'm in my bra and panties here, so if you're offended by that sort of thing, or anticipate being grossed out, feel free to skip this one
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Here I am!

Here I am hoola-hooping!

This was taken at my 5 yr old's birthday party last weekend:


And one more:


P.S. I'm at the halfway point...20 weeks (gestationally, not medical weeks).
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You look great! All of you!
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My first belly pic post. I took some around 16 weeks but I lost them. Not sure how that happened!

Here's my belly at 21 weeks 0 days. It's a bit fuzzy (the focus, that is, not my belly! lol!)

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the bellies ladies
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22 w 4 d:



Warning, they're huge again. I was too lazy to resize them tonight. At least I warned ya!
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I FINALLY got belly pics taken with our new digital camera!!! So now I can share! These are 24 weeks, although we didn't take any that are just sort of normal belly shots, so it's hard to see a little bit. Hopefully I'll be able to post some more soon! My belly is much mushier than most of you ladies! DS doesn't seem to mind, though!

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25 wks. + 3 days

Here are my latest:


A stranger offered to let me go in front of her in line for the bathroom this weekend, so I guess I must actually look preggo now, eh?
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Originally Posted by blessedmind View Post
Blessedmind....aren't you a beautiful and smiling Mama : )

I love all of these pictures! We are BLOSSOMING GODDESSES! ALL OF US
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thanks. I'm definitely more accepting of the changes my body is going through. In the beginning it was rough. I'm loving it now and so anxious to meet the little one.
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Here's my latest:

29 weeks + 4 days-

Happy Halloween!
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30 Weeks :)




We finally got around to taking belly pics. :
I look like I am holding a gigantic white pumpkin in the first one ..and the other two are with my DS talking and listening to the baby..
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