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Loose Stools anyone?

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I've been having really loose stools off and on for a few days, I can't imagine it's anything I've eaten - which has been nothing out of the ordinary. I was wondering that this might be a sign that labor is closer than I think?

I'm 35 weeks, but the baby is measuring a few weeks ahead.

Any ideas?

: Natx
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I had that, but it was pretty much the day before labor birth.
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eeek....well, I hope it's not that close!
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I've had that so far this morning, but I've had it off and on for a few days now. Coupled with annoying prodromal labor, I keep thinking I'm going into real labor. *sigh*
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I've had that the past few days, along with more intense and frequent BH contractions... but I just can't imagine I'd be lucky enough to have the baby before I'm overdue, so I'm not going to let myself get excited over it. However -- I DID dream I told everyone I was going to have the baby this coming Sunday. :-)

Maybe our bodies are just making sure we're not all stopped up, which is far more uncomfortable!
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I've been having it for a couple weeks now, but I had the same thing for weeks before dd1 came.
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I *can't wait* for this problem!! Just as I dream of a cool night's sleep on my back, I dream of a BM that is not comprised of granite. : (said as I chew on a pile of All Bran Buds by my computer...)
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Originally Posted by the_lissa
I've been having it for a couple weeks now, but I had the same thing for weeks before dd1 came.
Ditto. I told my doctor just to be sure and he said not to complain, at least I was going and to keep drinking my water!!!
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I had 4 or 5 days of super loose stools last week (I am also 35 weeks), but they seem to have gone back to normal for the past couple of days. I read it could just be hormones shifting a bit, not necessarily labor... Or, it could be that I am craving and eating all these lovely summer fruits in a bit way?
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I've had it for weeks now, but I am chalking it up to the fact that a majority of what I have been eating is straight from the garden. Lots of salads, snap peas, squash, spinach and fresh veggies....
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Me too. I think Friday it was something I ate that made me feel yucky, but that with bh sure made me wonder.
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I don't have this issue this time but I had full on diarrhea for a couple of weeks when I was about 35-36 weeks with my daughter. I was freaked right out about PTL, but she arrived 5 days late. All I could find online was stuff about 3rd tri constipation so it was unnerving.
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Joining the loose stools club. I've been like this for a couple of weeks now. I guess it's better than being constipated.
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I have to say, I agree...I've been through the constipated thing too and that's no fun. Although, (and I'm sure this is tmi) but I still get piles even with the loose stool thing! How lame is that!
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mine started about 4 days ago. I also have "morning sickness" queasiness on and off. Stronger Bh as well. I'm expecting her to come this weekend!
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Every two hours when I woke up to pee last night, I had bad diarrhea. Ugh.
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