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Check out dona.org or cappa.net to try to find a doula. If you can't find a doula, see if you can find a lay midwife in the area that is willing to act as a doula for you in a hospital birth. Even though the status of lay midwifery in Indiana is what it is, lots of mamas still birth at home with midwives.

Welcome to the April DDC!!

Originally Posted by SashaBear
Hi! I had my first baby 3.26.05, a boy, Michael. I had PIH and was on bedrest. My labor was 24 hours with pictocin, epidural, episiotomy, and vaccuum extraction. I hated every bit of it. While I was open to drugs and just wanted to see how everyhting went, this was not the labor that I wanted. I had horrible back pain from the epidural. I couldn't hold my baby with out support. I was so swollen I could barely walk from them pumping fluids into me for so long even though I was already retaining water! And then I can't forget that the hospital switched my baby and he was giving to another mother for breastfeeding. Luckily she noticed before anything happened. They failed to tell me this. She recognized me a few months later in a restaurant and came over.

So for my next baby we are going natural. Unfortunately there are no midwives in this area and midwifery is illegal in Indiana so I'm having an OB. Its a different one that last time. I've only met him twice so he will be grilled with questions. If necessary I will switch.

So I'm due at the end of April. I'm still breastfeeding DS. Not sure what is going to happen with that. Just winging it right now! Dr is fine with me breastfeeding though!

Hope you all can help me have the natural labor that I want!
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It's really common, especially with your first to be in a "But I don't feel pregnant" stage at this point in your pregnancy. I bet that you are feeling some things but aren't attributing them to pregnancy (I did that with my first pregnancy).

At seven weeks you should be able to see the heartbeat via a transvaginal ultrasound. If they have the technology, they should be able to focus on the beating heart and amplify the sound into the room for you to hear, too.

Welcome to the April DDC.

Originally Posted by Debbielbc
Hi all,

First time on this website. Want to add myself to the April, 07 due date club.
Hope this is the way to do it!?

I'm 44 and pregnant for the first time. I'm a little worried because I don't really feel much yet. A little bit of pulling in my abdomen, but not much else. No morning sickness, not very tired.

We are due April 15. We had a blood test a few weeks ago and it doubled as it should of but I'm still a little concerned. Next Tuesday will be 7 weeks and 2 days and we're having an ultrasound. What should we be seeing on it? A sac, a heartbeat?

I'm really glad you're all here. I'll be in touch.

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Hey, Lauren! Glad to see you in this forum with me now!
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I've updated to here - please check the first post and PM me if your information is incorrect! I try to update the list every evening.

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my name is Jamie, I'm 25, and am due april 14, 2007.
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Originally Posted by CorbinsMama
Hey, Lauren! Glad to see you in this forum with me now!
Hi back atya Megan! I, too, am glad to see you here!!!!
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hey, ladies,

my name is liv i am 26 and expecting #2 around the end of april
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I dont think I ever got added. I am due April 13th.

Edited because i put the date i think I'll actually have the baby instead of my actual due date
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I'm due April 21st~

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Thought I was due in May, but checked and am due April 28th...mine if I join y'all! My name is Kim and this is baby #5 for me
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My name is Julia and I am 27 and my DH is 28. This is our first baby so we are very excited! I am due April 22. My first appointment with the midwife is Augut 29th. We are using a birth center but everyone I know IRL (except one person) has used a hospital and an OB so I some people don't understand why I would want to do it this way but DH and I are very happy and comfortable with our decision. I would like to CD but DH isn't comfortable with that at this point but maybe over time he will come around. He was very anti birth center and midwife when we first got married but I have convinced him over the year's it is a better choice and now he wholeheartedly agrees with me. I'm also planning on BFing and making my own baby food. I already have a cousin who I just found out does that so I am excited that I will have someone IRL that I can ask questions to about it.

Wanted to add that our 5th anniversary of being married is April 20 so we may end up having our baby on our anniversary!
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Congrats to all our new members! I think I added all of you

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Hi there, I'm Lesley and I am expecting my second baby around April 28th 2007!
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I'm expecting my fourth baby in April, or very early May, depending on which calculator I use.

We are planning our third homebirth. My first was a hospital birth, and my second and third babies were born at home. I'm excited to hang out with my midwife again! She is awesome!
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I'm new here, too!

I was holding off on joining any boards until I'd told my mother, but I'm sick of having nausea and sore boobs and I need camaraderie. I'll see mom this coming weekend and will tell her then.

I'm 30 and have been married to the lovely man I call "boy" since October 1999. We live in central Virginia and have a rambunctious standard poodle who is normally named Jericho, but today has earned his nickname Ralfie Yakitori (ugh). This is our first and we're excited and terrified in all the good ways. We planned the pregnancy, but never expected to get knocked up during the first cycle! Wowsa!

Anyhow, I have my first prenatal appointment today. I was unable to get in with the really cool midwife in our town (I called early last week and she was already booked for April), so I've got an OB that I've heard nothing but good things about.

I'm due April 23ish, or so the doctors think. I have a 20-day cycle, but first babies are often later than late in my family. I'm torn between being completely honest with my OB and just not mentioning my cycle length, since I really want to avoid artificial induction if possible.

I was vegetarian (lacto-ovo since 1992!) until the morning sickness hit. Now I can handle nothing but really spicy chicken dishes. o_O I've always been pragmatic and I figure that if my body desperately wants chicken and scotch bonnets, I'll give it chicken and scotch bonnets.
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Hello, my name is Michelle and I am expecting first baby in early April. Beginning this fall I will be living in an intentional community setting with dh, and starting a Holistic Natural Nutrition program. I am very excited and glad that I will be living with my friends as we try to create a sustainable home. I feel very lucky to have such a great online group of mothers and mothers-to-be to share ideas with!
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Hello mama's! I am due mid April. I have a 16 month old ds who is still nursing (ouch!). We had a lovely homebirth last time with minimal intervention (midwife broke my water) and a great postpartum period and I'm hoping for the same this time. It only took us one cycle to conceive, but I've had three m/c's, so we're hoping this one sticks. So far, so good! I hope everyone has joyous and healthy pregnancies!
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Kelsi, take me off the list again. I know I won't be back this time. Went in for a 2nd u/s and this time there's no hb.

Good luck Mamas. May you all grow beautiful round blissful healthy bellies.
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I'm so sorry :

I wish you all the luck in the future
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Hi! I'm Jenn, mom to a 26 month old ds and due April 1st. I was originally told March 31st for a due date so I'll be going back and forth between these two ddcs. I have a feeling I'll deliver in March, but who know, right??

Anyway, we are delivering at a local hospital, attended by an ob and assisted by a doula. Going for a natural childbirth with few interventions!
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