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I'm Kate.
I'm 31. Married to Chuck who is 37. This is our first.
We've been TTC since a vacation in early June. SHOCKED at how quickly it all happened!
I'm pretty crunchy and want to be as healthy as can be and hope to learn lots about natural childbirth as well as how to maintain my healthy vegetarian diet during my pregnancy.
I live in lovely Omaha, Nebraska.
Happy to be here! (Omaha and on this board, I mean)
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Hi I'm Danielle, I am 23 and dh is 28. I have two daughters Ivy and Chandler. I have been wanting a third child for so long and it's finally gonna happen! My due date is around april 9th but that doesn't mean much. I am planning to have a home UC. My first two births were in the hospital and thats another story but I'm hoping for the "perfect" birth this time!
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well I guess after 4 positive tests I should feel comfortable coming over to the dd club!

well I'm Susan, I'm 33yrs old married to dh for 5 yrs we have two beautiful daughters Sophia 3.5 & Emma 2.5 and I have a stepdaughter soon to turn 13
we have been debating the 3rd baby for about 2 yrs and now have finally gone ahead and done it!
my family is very unsupportive and its nice to come here and have lots of support from others!
happy and healthy 9 months ladies!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!
oh my edd is april 20th
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I'm Tarah (34), married for 8 years to Jason (34). We have a 2.5 yr old son, Forrest. We've been TTC for 9 months and I was excited and unbelieving to get that BFP. I'm a neonatologist at a University medical center, and my DH is a SAHD. EDC is April 7th or so.
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Hello I'm Kimberly #3 on the way...

Hi Ladies!
My name is Kimberly, I live in Oregon. My husband and I have been together for 8 years, married for 3 years and we have 2 kids. We just found out last weekend that we are expecting baby # 3and are very very surprised. We weren't expecting to get pregnant because I'm still breastfeeding our 1 year old and we were using preventative measures (condoms) so we didn't expect this at all!: My due date is being estimated as either late March or early April, but we don't know yet because my period wasn't regular yet since having my last child. I have my first ob appointment tomorrow and will probably get a vaginal ultrasound to find out how far I actually am..exciting!

Oh, I don't feel good....I'm sure some of you can relate



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Hello! My name is Barbara and I live in Japan with my DH and two wonderful children, age 5 and almost 2. I just found out this morning I am pg and am a little overwhelmed with the information. I actually had an appt for an IUD next week and DH and I have been discussing him getting fixed, so this is pretty much a big surprise. Don't get me wrong, I am happy--just still digesting! What's funny is for DD I tried for three years to get pg and with DS I tried for at least 1.5 years. This time it only took the one time of fun the day before ovulation-- I can't remember when my last moon was but I am guessing middle of June which puts my EDD April 2. I am nervous to be having a babe in Japan. I am trying to find a midwife but am not having any luck. I would like to go uc, but with DD being a c-sec and DS having to be turned during transition, I think I would like someone with experienced hands to be there. We will see what happens as I get more familiar with the territory!
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Hi! I'm so excited to join all of you in the April '07 ddc. It happened faster than we expected and thought we would like to have a baby next July or August, but it turns out April will be the month.

I'm Michelle. DH is Jeff & we've been married for 8 years. Maddie is 5. Ellysia is 3 and Claire just turned 1. She won't be 2 by the time this little one arrives. Ellyisa has been telling people for weeks that she has 3 sisters.

I have a job outside of the home. DH is a SAHD. This such an awesome situation to be able to have one of us stay home with the girls.

We haven't told anyone yet. My secretary at work is due one month before me and she told people right away at 4 weeks. The day she took the test. That's not me. DH and I enjoy giggling about it for a bit on our own. (Other than the on-line friends)

I would like to get an u/s in the next couple of weeks. I have to pick a new provider because my family doctor isn't doing deliveries anymore. Which I totally understand. She's in her late 30's and is due to have her 1st in the next month or so.

I'm due April 16. I tend to go a week or so past my dd which would put me within days of Ellysia's birthday.
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Hello everyone!

I'm 37 and live in the east of England. I had my DS by emergency c-section after failed induction for PIH (don't even get me started!) Expecting #2 in early April; going for a home water birth with an independent midwife.

That's my lot!
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I can't believe I am joining a DDC!!!!

I'm Elizabeth, DH is Chris. We are 27 and 26 respectively and this is our first pregnancy. We just started trying officially last cycle, so it happened pretty quickly, but I have been charting and buffing up on fertility for a year and a half.

I took 1 HPT on Monday night and it turned unmistakably + in about 45 seconds. Then I took a digital test Tuesday and again it said "Pregnant" in under a minute!!

I am thrilled but SO NERVOUS!!!!!!

Like mclisa, I am due April 16th.
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Ok, my turn!! I'm Amber, I'm 22 and this is my third pregnancy, but it will be my first baby. I m/c May '05 pretty early on. Then, I got preggo this past February and m/c at 16 weeks May 25th. So here we are again, fervently praying for a happy, healthy, UNEVENTFUL 9 months.
Oh, and I should be due April 7th.
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I am Jill, this is my fifth pregnancy. (Jeez, I can't believe I am saying that! ) My kids are 8.5, 7, 4 and almost 2. I have had three hospital births and one home water birth.

I don't plan on telling anyone (except online friends) until after the first trimester, we'll see how that goes!

Looking forward to getting to know all of you!
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Kelsi, Please take me off the list. Thanks.
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I am sorry to hear Mother Sunshine...
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Hey Michelle, looks like we made the jump to the ddc togather!

Hi everyone, my name is Angela, Im 37, dh Charles is 32. We have Brandon, who will be 15 next month, Katie who was three in May and Todd who is 19 months. My period JUST came back last month and I started charting to get back in the habit of temping and to find my pattern. I never expect to catch the egg on the very first cycle. After dd, my first several cycles had very short luteal phases, so I figured that even if we caught the egg.... Not to mention that being my first pp cycle, it was erratic, I geared up to O twice before I actually did. In fact, I thought I HAD by CM and ff which is off and had my coverline too low, so my temps were all over the place and I coulnt tell a dip from a spike. Then I plugged my info into the ovusoft s/w and saw that my temps really did spike, but about four days later than what ff said. We had done the bd that morning (like four am, I know tmi) but thought we were past our chance but low and behold the next morning my temp spiked and here we are!! I tested + this morning, 11dpo and have already told dh, fil and the kids so it has to stick!

Im due april 21st so I'll be late april I guess with starbound!!

My mom is very unsupportive of us having another one so I have sworn everyone to secrecy. My oldest ds thinks I should tell her because she'll be mad that I kept it from her, but frankly I want as many peaceful months as I can get before I have to hear everyday why we shouldnt be doing this (and its not like we are destitute or my kids are deprived of anything they need or most of what they want!)

This is so awesome! I didnt know about the ddc before....I actually found mdc from the mothering magazines in my midwifes office. LOVE those!

I havent even schedule a prenatal apt. yet. I may have to go with an ob/gyn, although I have a new one that I like alot, but I have quite a list of questions for her. I used a midwife last time, but my insurance didnt pay,despite saying that they would, so I still actually owe them money and cannot afford to do it again. But am terrified of hospital "procedures" that I dont want, like vit K, hep B, etc.

So we shall see. Greetings everyone, Im so happy to be here!!!

Oh yeah, btw, MY bday is in april too!! (yeah, so I'll be 38 for the birth)
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Woohoo! Yea Anglyn! I'm so glad you are here too!!
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Hi all :)

I'm new here - I just recently got a positive after over two years of trying! I've calculated my due date to be 4/13. I'm 33 and DH is 35. This is our first.

I know I want a natural birth and cringe at all the hospital horror stories I've heard - so I am on a quest for the right caregivers to help me have the birth experience I desire.
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hello everyone!
i picked my username b/c i've been feeling extremely tired ever since we conceived this little miracle. i know it sounds crazy, but i'm surprised with how quickly symptoms have set in.
i live in ontario, canada - have a son who is 3 1/2 - and am married to a great guy.
we are very happy to be expecting again, but as i say surprised that i am having symptoms this early.
seem to be expecting around april 16th.
wishing you all a happy and healthy pregnancy!
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Hello Everyone!

Hello! My name is Candi (24), My DH is Sean (28), and DD is Lilith (7). We got married on May first, and now are expecting a little one on April Fools Day 2007. So happy to be having our honeymoon baby!

I have been on and off Depo in the past and it took 5 months after my missed shot to get pregnant. I have been charting- but have had crazy AF because of depo withdrawl. So I expected that our dates might be a little off- and I was right. My due date is now April first, so Im jumping from the March DDC to the April DDC.

We had an ultrasound yesterday and everything looks wonderful. I am so happy and blessed!
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Welcome Candi!

I am due on April Fool's day too w/#4 for us! Who knows when we will actually delivery.
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