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I'm due April 20th!!
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Hi all, I just found out that I'm due with our new wee babe on April 11th! I only just tested a couple days ago because I realized, hey...I haven't seen AF in awhile... :
I used to be a very active diapering board member, but haven't posted at MDC in while since my DD potty learned about a year ago.
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Hi everyone!
Well, I am adding myself on without any test to confirm, but some good 'symptoms'!

I am Michelle (28) & my DP is Jacob (30), who is currently transitionning female-to-male. After 5 inseminations, we are hopefully here to stay! Our EDD is April 24.

It'll be nice to get to know you all, and it is also great to have some familiar faces from TOT (megan & sacha, arismomkoofie, mclisa, etc). And yes, I have been lurking for a while!
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Michelle, what? No test? What are your symptoms?
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Hi Megan!
Well, first there are a few reasons for no test, the strongest being that I had a shot of ovidrel just before the insemination to help with the timing. The shot has HCG in it, which could affect testing. Second my symptoms...
-bigger boobs, aka: balloon boobs
-queasiness & more burping (esp after eating)
-occassional pain/discomfort in lower right side near hip
-peeing more often
This at 11DPO, and have been for 3+ days.
What do you think?
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Hi there. I am 26 and just found out that DH and I are pregnant w/ #1! I've had 3 BFP's....the 1st two were relatively faint, but definitely there....and the last one was unmistakably POSITIVE. Woohoo! Baby's due in late April.

I'm going to take another test this Friday and then call the midwife I have chosen for my prenatal care and delivery to set up our first appointment. Just the thought of sitting there w/ my midwife discussing the birth of my baby makes me so excited! :
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congrats kewpie! I know what you mean about being excited about finally getting to make all these decisions about the birth of our babes!

Michelle, why don't you test and then test again in a day or two if there's a line to see if the trigger shot is leaving or this is the real deal? I personally wouldn't put too much stock in symtoms since based on that we thought Sacha was pg many times and her real symptoms didn't start until at least 11dpo. BUT, your symptoms do sound promising.
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fair enough megan, esp cause this morning my temp plummitted. i had a couple of these symptoms on month 2, but cause there was more, etc, i really had hope. this morning i am distraught! so yes, looks like we'll test. maybe go to a clinic toda with DP, as other days he needs to be at work.

thanks megan!
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Newly Pregnant!

Hello all! My name is Mara and I'm 31 and 7 weeks pregnant with our first. (husband Kevin is 33) We somewhat tried and are totally shocked that it happened so quickly. I've been reading up and am terrified at all the information that's out there...miscarriages, blighted ovums, etc. Haven't thought much about the birth process yet: we've been too scared about everything that might happen between now and then!! :
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Hi I am Tina... I am 31 and it seems I am pregnant with my 3rd child. This was the first month we tried. Our others were conceived easily as well but I was still surprised this time!!!!
I am due late April ... but I'll say late April/early May..
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hello all...

dp and i are expecting #2 in mid-april (by our own calculations)...
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Due April 25! Miscarried last month, but feeling good about this one! (I think babe won't be born until May in all reality, as my munchkins are always late).
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hi all.

i am 10 dpo and just got 3 bfp's this morning. so i'm very excited, but cautious at this time. i've been married almost two years and this is my first child. i am 29 years old (dh is 36), work as a volunteer coordinator and am working on my masters in public administration.

projected due date: 4/28/2007

yay for babies!:
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hello! joining you all in the april club. we're expecting our 2nd in late april, and i'm still nursing our first (dd 27 mo.). we'll most likely birth again in the freestanding birth center where we had DD with a medwife. i've always thought about the home option...but DH isn't so keen on it.
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I have taken two tests and although faint they were +. And I am feeling MS and exhastion! I think I am in denial bc I teach 3rd gr and school starts in one week!: I am very scared to go through MS at school and to be sooo tired and about my water breaking at school!!! It gushed with DS, at least I was at home. Does that mean it is likely to happen again? Oh yeah, I am 31 in 2 weeks and DS is a full time student studying to be a Dr. I think we are due around 4/20.

BTW, what is DPO and BFP?
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Hi, I'm Amy. Due April 23rd with our second.

DD just turned two at the end of July.

Planning a waterbirth at a local hospital with the same CNM that delivered DD. Definitely having a doula this time and stepping up more for my rights.
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Thread Starter 
Hi everyone and

Please double check the first post to make sure I got all of our information correct. If you want your first name added, just post here or PM me!!!

Congrats to all of us!

Originally Posted by MonTana Mama
BTW, what is DPO and BFP?
DPO = days past ovulation
BFP = big fat positive, or something to the effect of a + preg test
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ok, no more lurking

Hello everyone! I'm 25, from Ontario, Canada and have one ds who is 20 months old. I am due around April 12, I believe, and look forward to chatting!

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New Mommi

Hey Future Mommas!
My name is Ashley and I am going to have my first baby, my due date is April 17th and I am so excited!
I was pregnant once before but lost it, so I hope this is a happi and successful pregnancy....
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Oh yea, my name is Elise and I think we are due around 5/20. Did I already say that??
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