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My rule of thumb is, if they don't fit in the designated drawers and closet space, there's too much, and if the too-big and off-season stuff doesn't fit in a seabag, there's too much of that. This still leaves DD enough clothing for triplets. But I do make sure it's all in good condition, has things to wear with each other, etc. I need to do a re-purge and put some stuff away that's still too big on her (we have that problem with pants BIG TIME). My biggest anti-clutter thing with DD's clothes is making sure I don't hold on to things she's outgrown. I've only saved a couple of my fave outfits per size for the next baby. The rest goes to clothing swap, hand-me-downs to other families, or goodwill.
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We also have loads of clothes.

We have 3 girls and they like to change their clothes a few times a day.

Living in the country also requires more clothing.

Then with distinct seasons requires more clothing.

Very frustrating IMO.

We have more clothes that the girls closet will hold. Out of season clothes are pretty much in storage.

I throw out clothes that are damaged, as in missing a button, ripped ect. I also get rid of clothes that aren't liked.

The more kids I find the harder it is to tend to their clothes.

I also save all good clothes for the next child in line.

I am of no help :
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my daughter (almost 4 years) and son (2 1/2 years) each have a large drawer in the dresser in their room. when they get too many clothes to fit in that one large drawer, i purge. i keep really nice clothes hung in their (VERY) small closet for special occasions, and the rest of the closet has our rarely used cool weather coats and jackets since we live in Miami.

I'm thankful for the warm weather and not having to store those out of season clothes after reading other people's posts!

also: a GREAT idea for the clothing that your kids grow out of is to do a "clothing exchange"...invite a bunch of friends to bring all their used clothing to a get together and everyone just takes whatever they can use. the left overs are taken to a charity. This is awesome for adult clothing as well as kids! LOTS of my clothes have come from these gatherings. One woman's trash is another's treasure is really true.
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This is a hard one for me, because I've always enjoyed dressing my girls up and they like it too. Now that they are 5 and 7 I allow them to have more control over what outifts they choose. We also put a closet organizer in their closet and that has allowed them to have more room for outfits, we have 3 hanging sections. One is Amaree and one is Chloe Roses, and the third hangs their Christmas/Easter/party dresses and stuff we find on sale for the next season. We break it down into this list:
Tees/long sleeved tees - stored in dresser
Sweats - stored in drawers underneath the bed
Track suits - hang in closet
Party dresses - hang in closet
Church dresses - hang in closet
Outfits(top and bottom put together on hanger) - hang in closet
Jeans - hang in closet
Little jackets - hang in closet
Play clothes - stored in dresser
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