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Weaning following baby's cues

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Hi! I lurk here and need some advice, please.
My son will be one next month. He has been such a different kid from the other 2 girls I have, and our nursing relation ship is no different. I have a strong desire to nurse as long as my son needs to, and I also don't want to nurse just because I want to. I really want to follow his lead on this. However, it seems that he may be ready to wean, but I can't imagine how he could be at such a young age, and I am not ready to stop! He rarely nurses to sleep, he will just as easily now fall asleep on my lap when he is tired. He also doens't co-sleep. (I always thought all kids would co-sleep til I had this one. He hates being in our bed and tosses and turns until we put him in his crib that we never expected to use!)He wakes maybe once a night a couple times a week, but sometimes nurses back to sleep and sometimes doesn't. He won't initiate nursing even though he knows the sign for it. He only nurses when I offer, sometimes for 5 mintues, sometimes for 30 seconds. We only nurse 3-5 times a day, sometimes as few as 2. He really seems to be disinterested and like he wouldn't care less if we quit.

So, I don't want to wean him so young, but I also want to follow his cues about this. Can anyone shed some light?

Thanks so much!
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I'm no expert with a year old ds myself!! But, have you contacted your local LLL leader, to see what she has to say about it? I thik at this age that they are very very busy and learning so much that yes, sometimes, these guys arent the feverish nursers that we hear 1 year olds can be!!! My guy doesnt always initiate nursings, but I offer as I know he is too young to wean. He nurses about 4 times a day, maybe 5 if he is real cranky in the early evening he will want to nurse. He does nurse all night long, but prefers to sleep alone, so I am left to bump into the walls as I cruise the hallways in my midnight stupor!! As you can attest, all kids are different. I think, if he doesnt protest, keep offering. I wouldnt ever force my ds to nurse, but I wont stop offering for the time being. He isnt very verbal anyway and real real busy!!
Good luck and hopefully a more experienced mom will answer.
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I would also continue to offer. Your ds is at a very easy age to wean, as children are very busy - often too busy to stop and nurse.

But I also think that a year is too young...according to Katherine Dettwyler's research, the age of weaning for humans would fall somewhere between 2.5 and 7 years of age (generally speaking). So my goal with both of my girls has always been a minimum of 2.5 years.

My oldest was down to nursing only once a day when she was just a bit older than your ds (I was pregnant at the time, so had very little milk). But she also would fall asleep without nursing and rarely asked to nurse. I just offered every morning and that is what kept things going (didn't tend to offer more often, as it was sore to nurse during pregnancy)...

But as soon as the new baby came along, dd1 picked up her nursing a lot. She stayed relatively constant with the nursing (3-5 times a day) until fairly recently. I would say that since the beginning of the year, she has dropped her morning nursing, as well as the daytime nursings (she is 3.5 years old now), and just nurses at night time (something she never did when she was around a year old).

Anyway - long answer to a short question...I'd just keep offering. You can't force an unwilling child to nurse, so if your child is still nursing 2-5 times a day when you offer, I'd say that he isn't in any danger of weaning any time soon.
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What about supply?

I am always concerned with him nursing so little that my supply is crummy. He seems content when he nurses, so I assume he is getting plenty, but I feel so *empty* so much of the time!

You would think I would have this figured out after 3 kids!!!!!
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I am in a similar situation and MY ds is only 11 months!

But he is not interested in milkies during the day at all.

He does nurse all night still, so I have been just going with that.. nursing in the morning, in the evening when I go home from work.. and all night as much as he wants..

But I have stopped pumping at work because he doesn't want milkies during the day.

So far my supply is ok, but I am terrified.
And I am not sure.. is he weaning? Or just changing his schedule?

I need to call LLL I guess.. but any advice would be appreciated.
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Sorry, wasn't trying to hijack your thread.
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I just wanted to add that I have almost ALWAYS felt empty!! Ih ave NEVER felt let down but obviously when I nursed him exclusively for 8 months and he grew and thrived, I had PLENTY of milk. I always wonder what this "let-down" feels like!!LOL I do feel a bit full in the am if he doesnt nurse quite as often at night ( very rare), but I have NEVER felt engorged, not even when my milk came in. I kept telling the LC that my milk hadnt come in, she leaned in, gave my nipples a pinch, and milk squirted everywhere!!!! She laughed, sweetie you have plenty!!! I was leaking white milk before birth, but thought it was hormonal ( I had no clue about bfing before birth!!). So, to make a long story longer, just because you feel empty, doesnt mean you are. ANd even if you cant pump milk doesnt mean you dont have any either. If your ds is content, then all is well!!! Good luck and keep us posted!! Before long, I'm sure, he will love his milkies, and you will be posting on how to get him to cut down his nursings!!LOL
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With DD I never had the strong letdown feelings that I had with DS, yet she still got plenty of milk.

I would keep offering were I in your shoes, but if he does say 'no' respect that too. Just offer again next time.
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