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How much to pay a part-time nanny-ish person?

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I have been offered a college level teaching job. I really would like to take it. I would only need childcare for 10 hours a week. I will only take the job if I can hire a care provider that will come to my home. We have someone in mind and she is very interested. She would be bringing her 5 yo dd who is being homeschooled. My dd is 3 and we plan to unschool. The caregiver is very interested in it and is willing to work with us. We have a very simialr parenting style. She does not need the money. This is more of a social thing for her and her dd. She would have to travel 15-20 minutes from her home and be here at 7:15 am for 2 days a week. This is a very low income area. Most in-home day care centers are charging around $2.50-$3.00/hr for children over 18 months and for-hire sitters (usually college age) are going for $5-$6/hr. Because she would be coming to our home and will need to drive here, we were thinking somewhere around $6-$7/hour. Does this sound resonable? We would also be providing breakfast and lunch for her and her dd. She still seemed very interested when we mentioned the pay range but I want to be sure I am not way off base before we formalize it.
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(I'm a nanny, so you know where I'm coming from.)

I personally think what you're offering seems pretty fair, especially since she seems very interested in the position. And I think it is great (no, make that absolutely fantastic) that you have found someone with a similar parenting style and similar values.
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At the very least, make sure you are paying minimum wage for your state.
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I will have a similar work situation beginning next month. I pay $10-11/hour, but I have three children and my sitters are only watching my children.

I think $6-7/hour sounds reasonable in your situation, especially since she will also be caring for her child. The nice thing about starting lower, is it makes it easier to raise the amount over time.

Congrats on the job!
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I've been a nanny for 2 years and honestly I wouldn't take a job for only $6-7/ hr. The average pay for occasional babysitting is $9-10/hr. I've never heard of for hire nannie being so cheap-do you live in a low-income aarea? I almost took a couple nanny placement services and they paid *at least* $10/hr up to $15/hr.
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Yeah, this really depends on the going rate where you live. Around here, you'd pay about $15 an hour for what you're describing. Can you check with any other families to see what they are paying?
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I think it sounds fair considering the cost of living up there. She must also think it is fair if she is excited.
You could also draw up the contract with a contingency plan about raises every so often.
Suzy- the troll under the bridge.
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My part-time nanny-ish person works out of her home and she charges $40 a day (I leave dd there 5 hrs a day 3x a week).

My sitter charges $11 an hour.
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I did what you're describing for $9 an hour.
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I paid 10/hr to a retired (30yrs exp) pre school Kidnergarten teacher for PT. She did some over nigths and we paid her 8hr after the baby was in bed.
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