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We were away for a long weekend, and on Sunday night I became engorged, tried to get my sleeping 9 month baby to eat, she wasn't interested. The next time i woke up, I was in severe pain, baby ate a little bit, but then i quickly progressed on to shivering, headache, feeling like i had a migraine in my breast. By morning, I was mildly better. I kinda thought i had food poisoning and engorgement, so went on with my day. Anyway, we flew home last night, and i decided not to go to the doctor because from reading about mastisis (which made me realize i did not have food poisoning, but mastisis) I realized I wouldn't need antibiotics.

So, after my ramble there, my question is this... is there anything i should be drinking (herbal teas, etc) or doing (other than warm compresses which i already know about) to help clear up the infection and the huge "rock" in my breast?
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Nursing often is the best thing you can do as well as massage the area. Let your baby nurse in different positions and try to get your babies chin in the direction of the lump. this may be an ackward postion but can be very successful at releasing the pllugged duct.

If you continue to feel flu like symptoms you may very well need an antibotic to clear the infection
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Lots of nursing, water and REST.

I have had mastitis three or four times. I haven't taken medicine, just gone to bed for a day or so. It has always worked, especially I think because me laying in bed is just and invitation for someone to nurse whenever they see me
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