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Your sleep environment??

Poll Results: Your sleep environment

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 21% (11)
    no covers
  • 60% (31)
    partially covered/lightly covered
  • 5% (3)
    still sleeping under my usual amount of covers
  • 11% (6)
    I'm not even sleeping in the bed anymore!
51 Total Votes  
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I have at most one leg up to my knee covered at night. Anything more and I'll sweat to death, even with the a/c on all night. And you?
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Definately no covers. Too dang hot. But my first thought on seeing this topic was "what sleep environment?" . Honestly, I don't really sleep. Lately sitting on the birth ball at the end of my bed leaned over onto my bed over 3 pillows. WICKED comfortable. Sense the sarcasm. At least I am encouraging the baby to be anterior!
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Just 1 square foot of sheet over my exposed bits, but it usually falls off. I sleep about 2 feet from a fan, too.

Last night was the first night that sleep was really unbearable, and every time I woke up (12, 3, 5 on the dot), my thought wasn't "yay, more sleep!", it was "ugh, more sleep". Oh, I am so ready to have my body back!
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I usually have a bit of sheet to cover my middle, though last night was the first night I was tempted to go with nothing. I asked DH this morning if I had kept him up last night, and he said, well something kept me up, and I said good. Boy, I'm getting bitchy in these late weeks

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all I can stand is a sheet...
and I wake up about 5 times each night for about 30 minutes each time so it really doesn't matter anyways
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Last night I fell asleep on the couch and slept till 4am. aaahhhh. My dh keeps teasing me about throwing the blanket on him but the sheet is all I can stand and my feet have to be sticking out, lol.
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coop mom: HAHAHA! I agree with that! My hubby didn't get up for church on Sunday morning because "he didn't sleep all night" and I had to wake him up when I got home at NOON. I was PISSED at him all afternoon for having the nerve to think HE was tired. WAAA. Cry me a river. Want to see tired? I am sleeping on a BALL! You ain't got nothing on me, babe!
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i can honestly say last night was the most horrible night of sleep i have gotten being pregnant. i woke up at least 10 times to reposition myself. dh went to bed before me and was smack dab in the middle when i joined him so i had to half lay on him to even have enough room. then of course ds wakes up and has to be changed even tho i changed him before bed......then he wakes up at 10 till 7 in the morning when usually i can count on 7:30 but not that it helps cause i wake up at 7 to pee and then the baby wakes up and kicks for 15 min and then ds is awake....ugh....

usually i am just under a sheet but last night i got pretty hot and turned the a/c cooler....this morning tho i must have been in a curled up ball (as well as possible anyways) cause dh put the comforter on me too.

ugh. i have got to get more sleep.
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I usually HAVE to have a blanket on me, even in the hot weather (I just point a fan directly at me) because I guess I need the weight of it to help me sleep. Now? Oh heck no. I pull a teeny, tiny corner over my backside and even that's too much most nights. Add into that a husband who likes to spoon, a toddler who likes to snuggle and 6 unruly cats who need to sleep directly on top of me and I'm sweating buckets most nights.

I may resort to that ball thing, I'm not going to lie. At least no one would be able to touch me!!! It's just too darned hot for all of this.
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I sleep with the a/c blasting directly on me. I have to have a little blanket on my upper half but I can't stand to have my feet covered. I wake up every 1-2 hrs to go to the bathroom and I can't get comfortable AT ALL when I come back to bed. My hips are killing me. I cannot wait to sleep on my stomach and back again.
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HEHEHE... I'm only able to laugh to keep from crying! I haven't gotten decent sleep in at least a month. I normally like to sleep with a sheet only, but it is entirely too hot for that. I sleep completely naked with about 7 pillows surrounding me and I nap for an hour or two at a time. My feet started to swell over the weekend and I know that I need to keep them up, but I am just way to uncomfortable lying down or sitting down for long periods of time. Baby's head is right there...i'm not sure that it could be any lower without coming out. sorry to vent...
What makes matters worse with the sleeping/or lack of....
Our a/c unit is from 1976 and I KNOW that it is about to die at any moment... and the fan above our bed is broken, so I think I would end up dying...literally. Luckily DH just bought a window unit for the garage so that he can actually work out there. so, if push comes to shove and our unit goes out in the house, we could pull the window unit to the bedroom until we could buy a new ac...: it will last us another few months...

thanks for letting me rant!
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jeez jesamin, I'm too hot just reading your post!! we do get visitors (one kitty, one doggy) in the middle of the night, too, but they usually stay at the foot of the bed (unless kitty decides to be adventurous and climb up my side...crazy kitty!)

I say go for the ball, at least you'll have some privacy
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Wait, wait... what is this "sleeping on a ball", and is it comfortable? Does it work? I'm getting desperate here!
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Just a sheet lately, with a fan or an ancient a/c trying to beat the heat. I'm on the 2 hour get-up-and-pee, switch to other side, reposition pillows, try not to wake up dh schedule. Having serious fantasies about sleeping on my back in a few weeks...aaahhhhh
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Magpie: See my comment. But NO it isn't that comfortable but it is a good last resort- won't last the whole night though. I put the birth ball next to my bed, straddle it and then (depending on the height of your bed) put a few pillows piled on top of each other on my bed and lean over belly first till my head rests on the pillow. That way I am "technically" laying on my tummy but my tummy is barely even touching the bed and the rest of me can relax. Also great way to encourage anterior positioned baby!
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Pregnant and hot!

Yeah, I totally relate to the being too hot, especially at night. I'm always too hot, anyway, pregnant or no, but pregnant, it's much worse, all day. I was the same way with my first pregnancy, too. I have no a/c, but like to keep the window open and a fan going. We do live in Alaska, and we've had a cold summer, yet still..... it's too not, yes 54 to 60 degrees has me sweating, especially on humid days. Husband hates it because he doesn't have an internal baby furnace burning inside of him, and he gets really cold at night, so I tell him, you can at least put an extra blanket over your side of the bed, I can't get any more naked than this!
Oh, and daughter Abigail, who prefers sleeping between us, is a little combustion engine herself, she's is so hot when she sleeps, which doesn't help me at all since she has to wrap herself up all around me at night.
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Forgot to add

Besides the heat....
the worst thing is trying to get out of bed to pee every couple hours, and I can't hardly roll over because of the ligament pain in my crotch. Unless I fall asleep with a pillow between my knees, I feel like an invalid trying to get out of bed. I'm on the side of the bed that we have the crib up against, so I have to scootch down to the end of the bed, sit up, and roll over, to get out from between daughter and husband. Sometimes it's such a chore, I'll partially wake and think, I don't want to have to fight to get out of bed, so maybe I can lay here a bit longer, but then I can't sleep anyway, because I have to pee so bad.
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I can totally commiserate with getting up in the night being a chore. We had the terrific(insert sarcasm here) idea of breaking down our bed and putting the mattress on the floor when I found out i was pregnant. On top of that, my side of the bed is against the wall. It will be perfect for co-sleeping once the baby is here but it is quite a feat to get out of 5+times a night.
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our bed is against DD's so I also have to climb all the way out every 1-2 hours to go to the bathroom. Then when I return I can't get comfortable, it seems really cruel to not be able to sleep the last few weeks we have without baby here

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Lord, I second what PP said about DH crashing DIRECTLY in the middle of the bed... WTH?! Scoot!! Plus, we have a weiner dog that NEEDS to have bodily contact with at least one of us UNDER the covers to sleep (it was just TOO ADORABLE as a puppy, now there is no breaking her of it. She seriously will sit up all night if she can't get under a blanket). So... I have DH smack dab up against me, and a weiner dog who either wants to spoon my belly or curl up in a ball between my legs... which makes for a very WARM bed!! Hooray for AC when I need it!!
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