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Ava's Birth Story

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On Tuesday July 18 I woke up and felt a little trickle- went to the bathroom, and it was green! Sorry if TMI. I was a bit worried, but kind of brushed it off, I didn't really think it was my water breaking. It happened a few more times over the course of the day, with a sharp pain and a slightly bigger gush happening when I was walking around the mall, lol. I had a midwife appt. in a few hours so I figured I would just go in early, as I was now sure that my water had been breaking throughout the day, and that there was probably some meconium staining . When I got to the midwives, I was told that my water had indeed broke, and that I was 2 cm dialiated. She sent me home, and told me to go to the hospital when contractions got regular....they never did. I went in to the hospital around 10 p.m. and nothing was really going on, a contraction here and there, not really painful. My midwife told me to walk around and try nipple stimulation, but that by midnight she was going to give me 6 Calephylum every hour to try to get things going. If nothing happened by 7 the next morning, they would have to induce with Pitocin.

I was really upset at this point, my birth plan was flying out the window with every passing second. I really wanted a natural unmedicated birth, but with the way things were going, it wan't looking like that was going to happen. I didn't really question the necessity of inducing, because it had now been 24 hours since my membranes ruptured, along with the meconium staining. At 7:00 a.m. I was only 3.5 cm, and they started the IV and the Pit. I felt so defeated, like my body had failed me. About 30 minutes later contractions started, and OMG can I just say it was the worst pain I have EVER experienced. I stuck it out for about five hours, and then advised DF that I needed somehting for the pain NOW. Poor guy, I had talked up a drug-free birth so much that I practically threatened his life if he let me get any pain relief. I decided to try Stadol, only because I was hell-bent against getting a needle in my spine. WELL, I was able to sleep between contractions, but it did nothing for the pain...I ended up getting the epidural. It actually hurt less than the darn IV they stuck in my hand.

It kicked in immediately, and I felt soooo much better. When the midwife checked me an hour later, I was 9 cm, and literally 5 minutes later, I could feel DD pushing herself out. When I was checked again, her head was 2 inches from being out. I pushed for about 10 minutes, taking it easy, and she was out, kicking and screaming! I was so happy that I was able to experience what it felt like to push, and wasn't completely numb. I had a few natural tears, got three stitches, and started breastfeeding about 15 minutes after she was born, which we both got the hang of right away She was perfectly healthy, had no meconium aspiration, and is absolutely beautiful!

I thought I would be depressed about the way things had gone- being strapped to the bed, antibiotics, IV, Pit, Epidural, Stadol...it was totally the birth I DIDN'T want. Looking back though, I have NO regrets. I have a healthy happy baby, and to me it doesn't matter how I got her, just that she is here.

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Congrats to your Ava! I have an Ava too! I know what you mean about no regrets when you get a perfect baby-I feel that way too and my birth was NOTHING like my birth plan.
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Glad to hear it all went well, even though you had to change your plans - you shoudl be proud of yourself for being so flexible
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Congratulations! She is beautiful. It sounds like everything went well, despite the changes in plans.
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Congratulations on the birth of Ava! There is no feeling like holding that baby for the first time especially when it's the first. Nothing to compare it too. (it's still as amazing with the next ones, but with the first you just can't imagine feeling that way). Good job!
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