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I haven't found a real gool nickname for Eli yet.We sing "There was a boy who had a...(whatever we want,arm,leg, fat roll...dog,mess,fart,toe,kiss...)Eli-Eli-Oh!"
I keep calling him Dd's nickname of shmuncie or shmoopsie,so I need a good one for him quick.
I wonder if any one else has some good ones for their babies?
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Well, with all my kids I have called them peanut butter pumpkin pie, why I don't know, and I feel really bad, because DD#1 is allergic to peanuts! But mainly, Alayna's NM is Lainers. Emma's has been Emmers, and Rachel's has been Rach, or Rachy
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Oh yeah,DH calls him "Eli the guy".
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OMG, Sydnee, I've called DS Peanut Butter Pumpkin Pie since he was a tiny baby !!!! I call Kirsten "Babers". Kay is "The Burger"! DH came up with that one
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How funny is that??
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We call our little guy Niblet or NibNob... did it while I was pregnant and it just stuck...
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We call Judah..Judah Buddah or just Buddah....

Adrock is toots....
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Patrick is aka Paddy-Cake, as in "pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man". I also call him Fatrick in honor of his many rolls. I better cut that out, though, before big bro picks it up.
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DH has called me Queen Bugaboo for years, so now Phoebe is Princess Bugaboo. Sometimes I also call her Princess Eye-Goo in honor of her blocked tear duct.
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We are big on nicknames here. These are only the nicknames that have stuck around, there's tons more.

Elana goes by Ellie but we also call her El Belle and we used to call her Twinkles because her eyes sparkle

Jeremy goes by Bubby or Jeremy/Jer but we also call him Hubba Bubba or Jer Bear

Audrey is called Audrey by almost everyone but my mom and I who also call her Dree. My mom calls her Dree Pea and I often refer to her as my Snugglebug (she laughs with delight when I stick her in the pouch)

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