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YEs. What will happen is this. You knit the cuff at the top, then the leg. When you get to the heel you'll leave the instep stitches alone, and simply knit those heel stitches back and forth (like flat knitting). This creates a heel "flap." Then you "turn the heel" which makes it curve and cup along the heel. The next thing to do is connect your heel flap to your turned heel, and get everything joined together with the stitches you had abandoned when you started your heel. You'll knit the "gusset" which is the area you make a little larger to accomodate your instep and then finish the foot. Basically.

Look also here: http://www.cometosilver.com/socks/So..._Beginning.htm and you can go on a photo journey of all the sock knitting steps for a cuff down sock - very helpful if you are a visual learner and want to "see" what's going to be happening with your pattern.

~amey (making the mate to the toddler sock I started yesterday - gosh these things are fast)
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can i get in with an already started pair? since i've got the baby sweater, oh jan dress, sea silk shawl, assorted cloths, and ellie's fall jacket going all at once, i just can't justify a whole new pair of socks, but i'm halfway (one sock) through basic "knit socks" in cascade quattro for me let me in, please!
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I'm down to the heel on the first of my baby socks. It's a short row heel, which I'm enjoying. I bought some Brittany needles, size 0, for this project, and I broke one of them already : I'm having a lot of trouble keeping my hands loose while knitting on these tiny needles. It feels like knitting with toothpicks. It's getting better, but I bought some aluminum needles yesterday just in case. I hate aluminums though because of the danger of them sliding out while in the knitting bag.
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I hear Brittany are very good at replacing broken needles, Laura.
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Brittany is very good at replacing needles! Are you using all 5 or just 4?

I'm a little over halfway on the legs. I am making both at the same time using magic loop. It seems to be taking forever but I keep reminding myself that there will be no second sock to do once I finish.
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I got nothing done! My dad is really sick, so my 74yo grandma and i spent the weekend trying to get all of the farm jobs that he normally does finished before he goes in for surgery on monday.

but, i did get a couple rows done last night, so on my first second sock, i am now past the instep decreases. only the foot to go
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Whew! We got to move in two days early so everything is thrown about our new place. Come tomorrow I plan on getting some knitting done! I'm still les than an inch in.
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Help! I was cruising along...thinking "This isn't so bad!" but now I'm totally confused. I just realized that the copy of the pattern my LYS gave me (which I now notice is date 12/02) is slightly different and a little more vague than the on which is currently online here.

The directions for which stitches to use for the heel flap didn't make any sense. The pattern calls for working the flap over 20 sts, but my copy said this:

I worked my heel on the 20 stitches from Needles #4 and #1 and placed the 30 instep stitches from needles #2 and #3 on a stitch holder.
But the cast on directions called for placing the stitches as follows, 10 on #1, 10 on #2, 15 on #3 and 15 on #4. If I took the stitches from 1 & 4 I would have 25 sts. So I just used the sts on needles 1 & 2. Does that make a difference? Should I rip back to where I began working the heel flap?
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It sounds like that was just a mistake in the pattern. I would work the heel flap over the 20 sts and ignore needle numbers. I always do.
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Great, thanks! Now I just have to frog back to where I turned the heel...something got waaaay messed up and since the new directions are slightly different than the old, hopefully things will make more sense if I follow the new heel turning directions! I'm sure I'll be back for more help soon!
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no problem. the one thing you will have to watch is to make sure your ribbing is on top of the foot, and the toe lines up, but deal with those when you come to them
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Ok back already! So I re-did the heel turning and the new directions are a little clearer and look a little neater than the old, so I'm glad a went back. Now I'm ready to start picking up sts for the gussets.

The pattern reads:
With needle #1, pick up and knit stitches along the left heel flap.
With Needle #2 and #3, knit the 30 instep stitches from stitch holder.
With Needle #4, pick up and knit the same amount of stitches along the right heel flap as left heel flap.
Next round, I knit all stitches around.
I get th pick up & knit on needle 1, then knit across the instep stitches, which I never moved onto a holder anyway, so they are already on 2 needles. Then with needle 4 pick up & knit again. But I still have 16 sts left from the heel....which needle should I be knitting onto...I have no free needle. Should I move the heel stitches onto one of the needles where I picked up sts from the heel flap? Does it matter which one?
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Never mind. I just winged it and it's working out fine! I'm starting the gusset decreases now and so far so good!
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Andrea, glad you figured it out

Throkmorton, I've been thinking of you, how's your dad?

Well, I'm a couple inches into the socks now and I've updated my blog here with pics. BTW, how do I join the MDC knitting blogring?

I've decided to do a shortrow heel, more specifically a Sherman heel, which is making me very happy because picking up stitches rates only slightly higher for me than seaming (which I loathe )

Here's a pretty good link for different sock techniques for you all
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I should be done with the leg part of mine today. The pics are not showing the colors accurately but I am in the middle of a row and don't want to deal with the tears if I go outside to take a pic. Here's what they look like so far.

I'm thinking of your dad as well Throckmorton. I hope he recovers from his surgery quickly.
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Woo hoo!!! We are finally moved in and tomorrow I should be done unpackig. Which means.....I can knit and stop updating you all on my moving progress.
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I switched to dpns to work my heel flaps and heel turns. I just transferred both socks to the circular this morning and will start the gusset decreases next. I should be done with them early next week, yay!
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I've got a missing needle so I'm stuck til I find it. Dss thinks they are swords....:
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The only thing I have knitted is a booga bag is it hard to learn to knit sock? is there an easy pattern for a womans size 9 sock?
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Socks aren't as mysterious as one might think they would be. However, knitting socks out of sock yarn is sort of equivalent to knitting a sweater for each foot , not quite, but almost. Plus, sock yarn involves teeny tiny needles and quite a few of them. It is best to start with a pattern that calls for larger yarn/needles. I did several pairs of Knitty's Fuzzy Feet befoe attempting regular socks. This pattern gives you all the fundamentals of knitting socks and on big, easy to use needles. In fact, the whole pattern (except the toe decreases) are done on size 10 1/2 16" circulars. They go super fast and really teach you about sock construction. I highly recommend this pattern for beginners.

If you are comfortable with double pointed needles, then doing socks is not difficult. If you don't have experience with dpns, then I don't think I'd pick socks as my first project to try on them (oh, wait...I did do that...didn't go so well). I just finished my first complete sock in actual sock weight yarn this week. Now, the challenge will be to see if I will persist to complete its mate.

Good luck!
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