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Lost Mucus Plug-He's here!!!!-see post 11

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OH BOY-I am on such an emotional rollar coaster ride. Yesterday I was ready to kill, so sure I would be pregnant forever. And then today I woke up, used the restroom and to my suprise I LOST MY MUCUS PLUG!!!! I am so happy and excited right now. I called my DH at work to tell him and he called me back from his car on his way home...I told him, NO I'm not in labor right now...did you listen to anything in our Bradley classes?

At least now Im filled with some hope for things to come!!! Although I told my DH last night I was going to aim for 1 of the last 5 pregnant in the July DDC. My luck I'll still make the cut....
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hope things get rolling for you soon! sounds like your hormones are gearing up for the task ahead. did dh go back to work?
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Yeah Kirstie, I told him to turn around...poor guy! Not only is he ready for the baby-hes ready for a 2 week vacation.
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Sending you gentle labor vibes

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Originally Posted by ice_chick
Sending you gentle labor vibes

Wow-I was so excited to see that (finally) written for me, I have happy tears. Thanks!!!

I just went for a walk-got home and had the bloody show!!! Its official!
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Yay yay yay!!!

I am so very happy for you. I've been having all these rotten prelabor symptoms, just enough to keep you hoping, and every time I go to the bathroom I'm disappointed when there's no blood. Good for you!!!!

Easy labor vibes coming your way, and hoping for an update soon!
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OMG, how exciting! I'm more excited for you about the bloody show than the mucous plug, since that can happen weeks before, but true bloody show usually indicates within a few hours, or a couple days at most. I actually got tears in my eyes for you! I lost my plug this morning too, I've been lurking on this DDC since *my* due date (by that I mean, the one I know I have since I know when I conceived, not when the drs say) is today. Here's hoping you and I both have happy, healthy labors today and we get to meet our little ones!
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How exciting!! I'll be thinking of you!
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Congrats!!!! Happy birthing! I hate you I had a full HOUR of what I was sure was the beginning of labor this morning. I got up, drank some RRL tea, and yeah that's right it stopped. Nothing. Nada. My DD isn't until the 31st, but this is for the birds. I've had false/prodromal labor for weeks, I'm 1-2 and 50% as of Monday, I feel like an overripe watermelon. I had a teeeeny tiny, like the size of a fingernail clipping piece of 'mucus' :

So yeah uhhh, happy birthing to you!
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So exciting!!! Wishing you an easy, smooth labour!
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Arlo Safren was born at the birthing center July 27th at 10:04pm after 25 hours of labor. Interesting note-I was born February 27th at 10:04pm. That has to be a sign he'll be a mamas boy, right? That and he looks like me!!!

We are working on nursing, but I keep thinking he's not getting enough colostrum. I cant wait until my milk comes in, I think both Arlo and I will feel much better.

I will post pictures soon-it was a great birth-but really exhausting-as I guess all are. Alright, back to the family bed for some sweet baby cuddles.

I almost forgot-he weighed 9 pounds 9 ounces and was 21 inches long!!! It was hard to believe seeing as how he was only 4 days late! He came out with his hand by his head, and I only have a small skin tear to show for it!!! NO STITCHES NEEDED!!!!
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Congratulations mama! 9 lbs. 9 oz. with a nuchal hand, wow!!!!
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Congratulations!!! Good job, mama! So glad everything went well (if long), and everyone is healthy. Enjoy your snuggles!
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Congratulations to you and your family! And welcome Arlo! Sounds like you had a great birth experience

They usually nurse alot at this stage so don't think you don't have enough. Just let him have at it. But, also give yourself time to get used to nursing, and soon you'll be nursing like a pro This is your first, and it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job!
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Congratulations and welcome Arlo!!!
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Congrats! Welcome Arlo!

And on the 25-hour labour. That's how long mine was too this go-round.
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congrats! Sounds familiar - we had a 24+hr labor too, and baby was 9-9 too!

Love that name - Arlo was on our list for a long time - I bet it really suits your babe
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Oh wow! Congratulations Ashley! Adorable name too! Have a wonderful babymoon!
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