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When did Dad/Partner/Others feel baby move?

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I was wondering if I could get some feedback on when others were able to feel the baby move? My poor Dh really wants to feel the baby, and we know it'll be awhile (I'm only 14 weeks along now) but wondering when we could expect it. Sites say 28-32 weeks along, but I hope we feel it sooner since I felt movement myself at 12 weeks and the baby hasn't let up since then!

Also if it isn't too much to ask, could you let me know about your general size/shape? If you're not comfy with that, don't worry about it... I'm just concerned cuz I'm a big girl and know that can affect things.

Thanks for any replies!
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I felt both babies move at 13-15, and outside movement was visible/feelable at 20 or 21. But I was very thin the first time, and the bottom part of my belly still has little fat, and you can only really feel baby in that low-fat part (22 wks now).

Still, 12 weeks is promising. For both babies, I got the outside moves before others did ~ when it starts, you kinda need the confirmation of feeling it inside as well.

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Steve could feel the guys rumbling around in there at around 21 weeks...but these two are like rabid weasels.

He didn't feel our daughter until around 24 weeks, but that was mostly because her placenta was in the front, up against my belly, AND she didn't kick a whole lot--she liked to stretch and it was hard for him to feel that until she got more active.

It won't be too long.

Edited to add:
I am by no means a very thin girl. Even before I got pregnant with Fiona, I had a pooch I was trying to get rid of. I guess what I'm trying to say is that having some extra padding front and center didn't prevent my husband from feeling the babies. Though it's really embarrassing now that the boys make it JIGGLE when they start jostling around now.
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Originally posted by Tigerchild
Steve could feel the guys rumbling around in there at around 21 weeks...but these two are like rabid weasels.


My DH felt my son moving at around 20 weeks, I was skin and bone back then, and didn't even LOOK pregnant. A few weeks after that - you could see the movement going on in there......

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I guess I'm in the minority, but my husband felt the baby at 18 weeks. It was unmistakable. I had my hands on my belly and suddenly felt the baby kicking very hard. I yelled for my husband, and he felt it too! He had such a shocked look on his face. Since then, he hasn't felt the baby a lot (maybe 5 or 6 times) because it usually requires patience and a little bit of pressure. (He is scared to put pressure on my abdomen.) Now, at 22 weeks, I can see the baby kick when I am in the bath looking down at my stomach. I am fairly slender, but I do have belly fat! Good luck!
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I am about your size and shape and Mike felt it later with our first baby then this time. I think he felt Xiola move somewhere around 18 weeks and Spawn he first felt at about 16 weeks... of course this was some very subtle squirming, when you're still like "is that the baby or my lunch rumbling in there?" In a few more weeks though it is pretty unmistakable. And you felt movement sooner then I did so it should'nt be too much longer for the baby to be big enough for him to feel the kicks.

Trust me, pretty soon your little bean will be putting on quite a show for DH!

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Thanks XM! I hope we get there soon (16 weeks tuesday yeah!) because Dh SOOOOO wants to feel the baby move!! I can feel him/her rumbling around in there SO much already!!
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I felt dd move at 12 weeks and dp felt her @ 18 I think. I have a prenatal listener that still works really well. It's a good excuse for us to get together. If you lost my # then pm me. Robbie used to listen before he could feel and he really liked that. You can hear the heartbeat for quite some time, but you can hear hiccups and stuff. This early it takes some work to position it right. You can have him listen to his own abdomen and then yours to pick out the baby sounds. We could hear the whooshing of the umbilical cord and little hiccups this earl yif I remember correctly. I was gonna sell it in the Pennysaver, but it's yours if you want it. I have lots of stuff to sell in there and you can only list 2 at a time anyway. Congrats again, I'm so excited! OT, my midwife was in the CCTimes, I ahve the article, it's about the Birth Home. I know you were looking for a midwife awhile back. I LOVE my birth team.
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I've felt the baby move since 14 weeks and hubby felt it at 16 weeks.
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hi LL-
well, my DH really has only felt the baby move a couple times & has seen it move some, & I am 32 wks! However, it isn't bcz of my size or anything, he just really isn't patient enough! I know it sounds awful, but he can't tell what is me & what is the baby & gets frustrated. I tell him it's like waiting for a shooting star, you just have to keep watching! But I do have an anterior placenta, so I feel the baby strongly inside & down low, but it's alot softer in front & on top. Silly daddy! He is also very squeamish about stuff in general & I wonder if he's being freaked out! Well, we start childbirth classes tommorrow nite, so we will see what he thinks then!
I am sure that if your DP is excited about feeling the baby he will feel it soon!
blessings, Maria
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I first felt movement at 13 weeks.
My husband first felt it at 21 weeks.
It took him so long to feel it because every time the baby was kicking, he would run over and place his hand on my abdomen and the pulse from his hand would be so strong that the baby would instantly stop and listen. LOL
It takes patience, and he just didn't have it. Plus the baby's active time is between 10am-11am and then 1pm-2pm, and he is at work during these times.
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I felt movement at 16 weeks and dh felt it at 19!
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I just wanted to thank everyone who answered my question! Hopefully Dh will be able to feel the baby by the end of this month (we hope!)... my placenta is on the left side, pretty out of the way (at least thats what the 1st ultrasound said... no one bothered to tell me about it at today's) so I think that won't affect things...

Thanks for answering again!!
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